Every little princess just wants books full of unicorn coloring pages. Trust me, I know. My girls can’t stop talking about princesses riding unicorns jumping over rainbows.

Just this morning my 5 year old was sitting at the kitchen table singing this song, “Pink fluffy unicorns, pink fluffy unicorns, pink fluffy unicorns jumping over rainbows.”

So instead of fighting her love for this cute mythical creature, I’ve created an entire book for her full of unicorn coloring pages.

I hope your little ones enjoy them as much as mine did!

Unicorn and Cute Princess Coloring Page

Oh it’s so cute!

Unicorn and Princess

Princess Riding a Unicorn Coloring Page

Go uni go!

Unicorn Eating a Donut

What can be sweeter than that?!

Happy Birthday Cute Little Unicorn

What a fun little unicorn to color!

unicorn with a rainbow and balloon coloring page

Pretty Unicorn Coloring Page

Dream big with this pretty drawing!

unicorn rainbows coloring book page

Unicorns are Magic

Can’t wait to color all that hair!

unicorn on a rainbow coloring book pages

Unicorn Horse and Princess

Hair, Rainbows and Magic

princess and unicorn standing cute pretty coloring page

Ah, how did this little Caticorn sneak in?

I just want to be a unicorn!

caticorn mermaid unicorn coloring pages

Cute Baby Unicorn and Princess

Color Until You Smile!

fairytale landscape scene with princess in unicorn vector illustration design

Rock Star Unicorns

Coloring Pages for Unicorns that Sing!

coloring page unicorns for kids
Unicorn Coloring Pages Free Online Book

Simple and Cute Unicorn

Back to coloring basics

cute unicorn color page book

A Team of Little Unicorns

Color your favorite!

cute unicorn coloring book

Big Hair Unicorn

My daughter loved this one the most!

cute unicorn, baby shower card vector illustration

Curly Locks Tea Cup Unicorn

Looks like unicorns like coffee too!

This baby unicorn coloring page is perfect for little fingers just learning how to hold a crayon.

cute unicorn in a tea cup picture to color

Jumping Unicorns

Color. Smile. Magic.

cute unicorns coloring page free online

Unicorn Eating a Donut

America Runs on Unicorns

cute unicorn picture coloring book

All the Mythical Creatures

Spaceships and Unicorns, oh my!

dinosaur and unicorn coloring page

Rainbow. Stars. Unicorns.

Sleeping and cute.

lots of unicorns coloring page cute

Cloud Hugging Unicorn

So this is what unicorns do all day ๐Ÿ™‚

unicorn on a cloud cute smile coloring page
Unicorn Coloring Pages Free Online Book

Majestic Unicorn

Running through the clouds of magic

multiple unicorn and clouds coloring page

Goldilocks of Unicorns

I think the magic is in the hair.

unicorn on a rainbow coloring book pages

Unicorns with Silly Legs

Ice cream, stars, rainbows, oh golly!

unicorn birthday party coloring page

Unicorn on Her Birthday

Happy Birthday to you little one!

This baby unicorn coloring page can be perfectly used for a baby shower invitation or activity at a birthday party!

unicorn with a rainbow and balloon coloring page

Princess Riding a Unicorn Coloring Page

Wouldn’t this be so much fun to color?!


Unicorn Coloring Pages for Adults

Many of the above images can be used as unicorn coloring pages for adults too! Who doesn’t want to lose themselves in the childhood wonder of cute images and pretty drawings?

Not everything in life needs to be so serious. So print out one of the baby unicorn coloring pages and relax!

Maybe you can relate so much, that you even call yourself a Unicorn Mom. Yes, it’s really a thing!

Unicorn Coloring Pages Free Online Book

Free Unicorn Coloring Book for Adults and Kids

Want all of these cute and flying unicorn pictures in a nice little coloring book? Of course!

Enjoy! Let me know in the comments if you like it ๐Ÿ™‚