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Can You Really Use Maalox For Diaper Rash?

When it comes to home remedies for diaper rash, the mom groups online are always overflowing with suggestions. You’ll find a million home remedies from breastmilk to cornstarch to apple cider vinegar to help soothe a bad rash on your baby’s bottom. The one I rarely see mentioned, however, is the one that worked wonders …

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Meet Kelcey

I’ve been married to my husband, CJ, for 8 years. We have a 4-year old, Avery, who keeps us laughing with her silly and outgoing nature, and a 2-year old, Riley, who is definitely not short on personality. I’m a stay-at-home mom, indoor cycling instructor, hater of clutter, and lover of dark chocolate almonds. As …

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5 easy tips for managing your gestational diabetes

5 EASY Tips for How To Manage YOUR Gestational Diabetes

“What do you mean, I can’t do the 3 hour test?” I (mostly) calmly asked my doctor. It turns out, she explained, that since my blood sugar was over 190 after the 1 hour test, I was put into the Gestational Diabetes category and would not be doing anymore tests but instead be taking classes.

I’m happy to state that I am now 9 weeks postpartum, as I write this, and was able to manage my gestational diabetes through diet and passed my 2 hour glucose test, meaning I do not currently have type 2 diabetes. Read below for the 5 big learnings I had from this experience.

When To Tell Your Boss You’re Pregnant

Congratulations on your pregnancy! I remember feeling so thrilled seeing that positive pregnancy test. I wanted to shout my good news from the rooftops. Sharing your pregnancy news in your personal life and knowing when to tell your boss you’re pregnant may be very different scenarios. Even though pregnancy-related discrimination at work is supposedly a …

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Here are some positive affirmations for women who want to motivate themselves through pregnancy, child birth and caring for a newborn

Positive Affirmations For Women On Pregnancy, Labor, And Newborn Care

Positive affirmations are statements, phrases, or mantras that you use to affirm/declare something to be true. They can help you ease anxiety and stress during pregnancy, childbirth, and when facing the challenges of taking care of a new baby. While affirmations cannot change the outcome of your pregnancy, when used well, positive affirmations can be …

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