Hi, I’m Suzi.

I started blogging years ago when I became a stay at home mom. I needed a place to connect to other moms, share my advice and have a creative outlet – all without leaving the house.

I had a new baby and honestly felt a little stuck.

Until I started blogging.

It allowed me to rediscover a side of myself I didn’t know I could have as a mom.

I found the perfect balance between “adult life” and “mom life”.

Through my passion, I started to teach other moms to start their own blogs too. To find their voices online and to share their passions!

But still something was missing.

After more than two years of teaching moms to blog I grew a following of over 35,000 moms.

But they had no place to call a community.

Each mom had her own blog. Her own little island.

I created Mom Life Happy Life as a community for them!

It’s a place where they can showcase their voice, advice and passion to a BIG audience.

Where I can showcase their work and give them exposure – so they can grow taller and shine brighter!

If you’d like to join in and showcase your voice, I’d be honored to feature you too.

As I’m just one mom running multiple blogs, I created a standard operating procedure for guest bloggers, it’s called Post by Number. It teaches you how to write an amazing blog post and allows me to feature your unique voice!

I can’t wait to read your story!

xx, Suzi