How to Make a Mother’s Day Card

How to Make a Mother’s Day Card – DIY and from the heart!

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Mother’s Day is right around the corner – have you found a card for your mom yet?

As a mom you know moms work hard all year long and since you’ve become a mom, you understand even better how hard your own mom worked for you – her sacrifices, her thoughtfulness, her listening ear, her wise advice, her favorite recipes, her laugh and smile. You want to give her a Mother’s Day card that shows her how much you appreciate her and how thankful you are for all she’s done over the years.

But there’s one problem – you can’t seem to find the perfect card and time is running out.

Can you relate to this scenario?

You’ve finally remembered to stop in the card aisle at your favorite big box store and quickly start scanning the plethora of Mother’s Day cards. One with pretty flowers and an elegant cursive font catches your eye. You reach out to read it. . . .

. . . . and then glance down at your 4 year old who has already taken 10 cards out of their place and scattered them across the floor. At the same time your 1 year old in your arms starts eating a card and your 7 year old is slowly starting to read an adult humor card across the aisle – you run over to grab the card out of his hand just as he sounds out the word, “s – e – x – y” . . . .Help!!

My Experience:

This used to be me when I would look for the perfect Mother’s Day card (or any greeting card for that matter) when my children were younger. I remember trying desperately to juggle my kids, read the details in each card and decide which one was best. Usually I walked away with nothing except frustration. And today I still find it difficult to find a store-bought card that says what I have in my heart to say . . . .


Solution to Giving the Perfect Mother’s Day Card:

So, that is why I often give homemade cards. This Mother’s Day I have a DIY card for you that is both unique and beautiful. A handcrafted card this Mother’s Day will show your mom how much you care by taking the extra time to make something. This easy-to-make design can be completed in minutes – just print out the FREE printables and you’re on your way! It will turn out so special that your mom will want to save it forever in her box of family keepsakes. Plus, I will give you 10 suggestions of what you can write inside to make it the most perfect Mother’s Day card ever!

On a side note – What if Mother’s Day is difficult for me?

I realize Mother’s Day can be difficult for some of us because our mom is no longer around. It’s okay to grieve and miss your mom but you can also still have joy on this day remembering all of the special times you had with her. You can honor her memory by being thankful for all she did to make you the woman you are today.

Maybe you have a strained relationship with your mom and reading all of those cards in the store saddens your heart because you wish you had those lovely things with her. Don’t lose hope – forgiveness and reconciliation could come when you both are ready.

But for now you probably have another woman in your life that you respect and love like a mom. You can make a card for her or for a dear friend or for your own grown daughter who is now a mom and would love an encouraging Mother’s Day card from you!

Let’s Gather our Supplies!

Celtic Knots are Unique!


The Celtic Knot used for this card is called “The Motherhood Knot” because it has two hearts intertwined together which is just like a mom’s heart and her childrens’ hearts – always connected. You may want to make your hearts in two contrasting colors or make them the same – it’s entirely up to you!

Let’s get started on the project:

Here’s a video of how to complete this project with more tips and details inside. Look below the video to see a step-by-step photo tutorial.


Transfer the Knot Design:

  1. Print out the Celtic Knot template found in the supply list as a FREE pdf printable (see supply list)
  2. Transfer the design onto the Watercolor paper

You may use a window or lightbox – Simply lay the template on the glass (or box) and place the watercolor paper on top; Trace the template (which you can see through the watercolor paper) onto the watercolor paper

(This is the lightbox I used : Crayola Light-Up Tracing Pad )

Add Color:

  1. Working along the edges of the top heart, trace along edges of the knot path pressing firmly to get a vibrant version of the color
  2. Color one side of the path all the way around the knot

5. Repeat steps 3 & 4 with the lower heart using a contrasting or coordinating color

Painting – Here’s where the Magic happens!

  1. Dip the paintbrush in the water and dab off the excess water on a paper towel or napkin

Paint along the colored in areas in the knot paths and gently spread the color into the unshaded areas of each path

(Hint – It’s just like those “paint with water” pages you loved as a kid!)

7. Continue loading water onto the paintbrush, dabbing off the excess and “painting” all areas colored in with pencil until all paths are filled in

  1. Let dry completely

Optional: Once dry you may want to outline some parts of the knot with a gold or silver marker


  1. Glue knot painting to a larger contrasting or coordinating piece of cardstock; Cut so there is about a ¼” border
  2. Glue this piece to the front of the card blank

11. Cut out and glue sayings to front and/or inside of card from our FREE pdf printable (see supply list)

12. Add your personal message using ideas from below

Don’t forget to add the date!

13.Tada! Your DIY Mother’s Day card is complete – Congratulations! You’ve completed a work of art that will warm your mother’s heart.



Now wasn’t that more fun than standing in the card aisle juggling all of your kids and coming out with nothing?

10 Ideas for What to Write Inside your “Perfect Mother’s Day Card”:

Having writer’s block? Need help to know what to say in your ‘perfect Mother’s Day card’?

Here are 10 ideas for you:

(This is available as a FREE pdf printable here – it’s a great tool for writing any card to someone you care about)

  • Say THANK YOU – mention skills she taught you and how you still use them today; list all the places mom drove you to (practice, rehearsals, school, job, friends’ house); speak from the stomach – praise her recipes/meals and tell her what you love; list the ways she has helped you with your own kids
  • List her CHARACTER traits you love and how you see them in action; Let her know what you love about her
  • COMPLIMENT her looks
  • Appreciate her ADVICE – tell her which advice you still remember and think of often; let her know how it has changed your life or help you to grow as a person
  • Point out her EXAMPLE – of motherhood, patience, unconditional love, being thrifty, etc. – highlight something you saw her do and how you want to be like her
  • Be PROUD – write why you are proud of her
  • Include INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES or SAYINGS/VERSES – and add why you picked that saying
  • Say, “I LOVE YOU”
  • Remind her that she is SPECIAL – list reasons why
  • Confirm that she holds a special place in your HEART


Don’t forget to pin this project!




Jennifer is a homeschool mom of three girls and loves to design craft projects and teach others to crochet. She incorporates Celtic Knots into many of her projects and offers free crochet patterns and tutorials on her blog, Since becoming a stay-at-home-mom, Jennifer believes it is very important for moms to have a creative outlet and she is all for ‘craft therapy’ to keep moms sane!

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