Meet Kelcey

I’ve been married to my husband, CJ, for 8 years. We have a 4-year old, Avery, who keeps us laughing with her silly and outgoing nature, and a 2-year old, Riley, who is definitely not short on personality. I’m a stay-at-home mom, indoor cycling instructor, hater of clutter, and lover of dark chocolate almonds.

As I look at the world around me, there is no shortage of things to be sad, scared, angry, timid, and embarrassed about. But you know what? There is still a lot of good in the world; things to be proud of and grateful for. That is what I choose to focus on. I started Okie Sunshine as a way to use my life to encourage and uplift others, be it through funny stories, relatable experiences, or Scriptural applications to everyday life. 

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