August 2020

Meet Abigail

Hello beautiful moms! I have dedicated this year to becoming the best version of myself bystarting a fitness journey! Since I’ve seen such a positive transformation in myself physically andmentally, I decided to start a blog to help other moms on their fitness journey. I am a mom to three kids and losing weight after …

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When To Tell Your Boss You’re Pregnant

Congratulations on your pregnancy! I remember feeling so thrilled seeing that positive pregnancy test. I wanted to shout my good news from the rooftops. Sharing your pregnancy news in your personal life and knowing when to tell your boss you’re pregnant may be very different scenarios. Even though pregnancy-related discrimination at work is supposedly a …

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Meet Rupal

Hi, my dear friends! My name is Rupal Srivastava & I had started my sweet little parenting & lifestyle blog Totally MOM-Sense back in early 2018. I am a Mechanical Research Engineer turned mom blogger living in Buffalo, NY & mom to my little girl Mishika who is now 21/2 years old. Through my blog, …

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