Meet Abigail

Hello beautiful moms! I have dedicated this year to becoming the best version of myself by
starting a fitness journey! Since I’ve seen such a positive transformation in myself physically and
mentally, I decided to start a blog to help other moms on their fitness journey.

I am a mom to three kids and losing weight after giving birth is not always easy. My most recent pregnancy
made me work even harder to focus on making some serious changes to my health – through
exercise and changing how I ate.

In my blog, I will share tips and tricks on workouts, foods, and lifestyle changes I have made to help me lose weight to become a better me. What’s so great about my blog is that you won’t just be seeing a finished product… nope, I am still working on reaching my fitness goal, but you will see the big difference in how my old clothes fit me! I would rather lose this weight and reach our goals together. My hope is to create a community of moms that come together to motivate, encourage, and empower each other. One of my favorite quotes says “empowered women, empower women.” This is our year moms, let’s get it!

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