Meet Kashina

My name is Kashina and I am a wife and homeschooling mum to triplet girls and an adorable son. I
am based in the UK and I created my blog to help mums go from a place of overwhelm and
frustration to a place of fruition and balance. I love to share time management, productivity tips and
self-care tips along with ways to help mums be the best versions of themselves, so they can be the
best for their families.

I have created a mini course that allows mums to create a personalised routine for themselves and
their family. Having triplets first, I felt alone, struggled to get into “the swing of things” and was
constantly feeling overwhelmed and even experienced burnout. I want mums to know that
motherhood doesn’t have to be this way, they don’t need to work harder and be “supermum”, but
they can work smarter and enjoy all that motherhood has to bring.

I have learnt over the years, that when I am 100% physically, emotionally, and spiritually well, I can
give more to my family, I am happier in myself and love motherhood. I now want to teach mums
around the world how to experience this same joy in their motherhood journey.

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