25 Stay-at-Home Kids’ Activities to Give You a Break

25 Stay-at-home kids' activities to give you a break.

Can cabin fever kill you? Thankfully, it doesn’t. But it can make you feel both irritable & restless. Certainly a twin set of feelings you can do without when stuck at home with kids. With three under ten, I have been there many, many times. (And to be honest with you, it’s a minor miracle I haven’t developed a smoking or drinking habit. Only a tiny Kitkat one.)

All joking aside if you feel like your walls inch closer every time you look, let me help with my list of stay-at-home kids’ activities. The best thing is, they won’t need a screen for any of these. To make it easier for you, I have gathered stay-at-home kids’ activities for different ages, so if you have a few children under ten, they can do these together. Meaning you can sit down and do some work, or have that hot cup of coffee you so badly need. (And perhaps a Kitkat?)


You don’t need much for these; in fact, all you need are a few everyday items, such as sponges, tin foil, cardboard, washing up liquid, and any simple arts and craft supplies you have lying around.

Educational kids’ activities

By making these educational activities fun, they won’t even realize they’re learning!

  1. Make your own clock by using a paper plate and some felt tip pens. This is a great activity for any age. In fact, the older your kids are, the more detail they can put in.
  2. This is an excellent way of learning the alphabet or numbers or tables: write down letters and place them in the correct order on your stairs’ steps.
  3. Explain the concept of a family tree and get the kids to draw one. Even better if you have some family pictures (prints) they can cut up, to stick the faces of relatives on.
  4. Let the kids cut up old Christmas cards or double Lego/football cards and cut them up in a few pieces to create fun puzzles.

Creative kids’ activities

These arts and crafts are nothing too demanding. You only need minimal ingredients and not much effort.

  1. Gather some finger paints and make some handprints together. Put the date on it, and make sure they’ll have a memory from the year you’d prefer to forget.
  2. Get your kids to trace your shadow and color it in after. Likewise, if they like doing this, they can do the same with their toys.
  3. Create your own slime with these simple ingredients
  4. Make your own bubbles by just washing up liquid and water. Here’s how.
  5. Potato printing. In fact, you might remember these from when you were young. Grab a few old potatoes that have been languishing in the bottom of your vegetable drawer. Cut a shape, and let the kids use them as paint stamps.

More time to kill? Attempt these!

  1. Create an Under the Sea artwork. Simply use up all bits and pieces you have lying in the house for this, like tin foil, sponges, cardboard, cut-up tights, nets (the kind lemons and limes come in), anything else that would resemble sea creatures.
  2. Make a diorama (viewing box). Ingredients: a shoebox, colored paper, scissors, cello tape, glue stick, felt tips, colored tissue paper (optional), tin foil (optional), shells (optional), small pebbles (optional). Pick a theme (a seascape, dinosaur park, unicorn dream garden, etc.), and off you go.
  3. Copy an artwork with tissue paper in a range of colors. As you can see above, this was more of an elaborate one, but you can make this as easy as you like.

Fun indoor stay-at-home activities

Some of these are messier than others, but if the house looks like a team of tiny bomb-makers had a field day, then make tidying up part of the fun. Simply put an alarm on for ten minutes or longer if required and see who’s done the quickest.

  1. Do a board game marathon, but make sure they go for a range of games, to keep it interesting.
  2. Gather all the cushions you can find, scatter them on the living room floor and play ‘The floor is lava.’
  3. Grab all the teddies you can carry, a picnic rug, and have a teddy bear picnic in the living room. In fact, add interest by adding a doctor set, so your kids can play the teddy doctor game.
  4. Use masking tape to create a hopscotch play in the kitchen. If they have kids’ brooms and tiny teddies, they can turn it into a game of curling.
  5. Paper cups lying around? Do this: get the kids to build a tower and knock it all down with a soft toy or ball.
  6. Make sock puppets from old socks and googley eyes, no sewing required!

Only for the brave-advanced level indoor play kids’ activities

  1. If you don’t mind a bit of a mess, try this: put the paddling pool in the kitchen and fill it. But, be careful. Don’t put as much in as you usually would. Remember, you will have to empty it again.
  2. Only do this if you’re brave. Put a (child’s) mattrass on the stairs and use it as a slide. Kids will love you! We used to do this as kids and had hours of fun.
  3. Set up a tent in your living room and have a sleepover with the kids. 

Outside kids’ activities

Even if your garden is scarcely more extensive than a stamp, you will still be able to do these, and when the kids join you in crawling up the walls, it’s time to get them out!

1. Kids love creepy crawlies, and they adore having a place where they can keep them safe. Did you
know it’s effortless to make a bug hotel? Just fill a flowerpot with empty toilet or kitchen towel
rolls, paper straws, sticks, dry leaves, bark, or pinecones. Make a sign for your house, place it
outside and see which bugs come to stay! If you’re the ambitious kind and want to build
something more significant, have a look here.
2. Do a nature scavenger hunt with your kids; this will keep them busy and teach them something,
yay! Wondering how? Have a look here for some inspiration.
3. Create a little frog pond: put a small dish out with fresh water and a few leaves.
4. Make a chalk painting on the pavement outside

Did your kids have fun with these stay-at-home kids’ activities?

Did you enjoy your well-deserved break while your kids were busy? Well, if you need more, simply hop to bumpsnbeyond.com- home of screen-savvy kids- and download our free WFH Survival Guide, packed with lots more stay-at-home kids’ activities. No screens required;-). So, let your kids entertain themselves, while you have more time for the most important thing-you!.

25 Stay-at-home kids' activities to give you a break.

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