Elf on the Shelf Alternative – a Christian Christmas For Children

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Are you looking for a Christian alternative to Elf on the Shelf? Do you want to have a Christ focused Christmas season?

There is a solution!

The Wise Men Journey is a Biblical Christmas devotional you can enjoy with your children. It helps your little ones experience the word of God in an active way as they journey to the King on Christmas.

My favorite part about the Wise Men Journey is the three little wooden wise men figurines that can travel all around your home as they find Christ on Christmas.

Here is my interview with Lynette, from WiseMenJourney.com, the mom who started it all…

What is the Wise Men Journey?

‘The Wise Men Journey’ is a 25-day Advent Devotional that guides you on a Christmas journey, all the way to the stable in Bethlehem.

Combined with an interactive fun-filled Treasure Box, it helps kids to learn the true meaning of Christmas.

After hiding the Wise Men and a Treasure Word every evening for the children to find, enjoy reading the Devotional as a family, making lasting memories to treasure for a lifetime.

With a memory verse, the story, interactive questions, and a personal prayer, everyone will be able to participate while searching for the real treasure – Jesus, our King.




How did you come up with the Wise Men Journey?

From the time when our girls were old enough to learn about the Christmas Story, my husband and I only wanted to keep the focus on Christ. So, we would hide the Wise Men for the girls to find, but something was missing!

We realized it was the learning aspect of it all because in life we always need a balance of experiencing and learning. Children learn best through playing. It was on January 1st, 2016 that I woke up with THIS amazing idea of ‘The Wise Men Journey’, but I only knew what the end-product should look like and had no idea how to get there!

I wasn’t sure if I was the right one for this project, but after I read the scripture in Isaiah 41:13 that says:  “For I am the Lord your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you.” I knew I had to put down my paintbrush and pick up a pen.

And so, a THREE-year Journey started for me! This meant spending time in the Word, intentionally listening to His guidance and learning every step of the way.

Describe the Christian Tradition that the Wise Men Journey creates.

The Wise Men Journey will be your best tool to guide your family on a fun journey and treasure hunt, filled with delight, while keeping your focus on Christ.

Children have endless joy searching for the Wise Men and Treasure Word, especially knowing they’ll discover a different one every evening, for 25 nights.

Parents will be able to teach their children the true meaning of Christmas without a lot of preparation, except for hiding the Wise Men and pouch with the Treasure Word.


Do you believe in giving your kids lots of toys for Christmas?

We’ve always tried to teach our girls that the most precious gift that we can get for Christmas, is knowing the love of Jesus! We try to limit their gifts to only three because Jesus got three gifts from the Wise Men, namely gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

Why is it important to have faith-based toys?

Children learn best through playing, and as Christian parents, our biggest responsibility is to guide our children in the Word of God.

So, to have faith-based toys aiding us in the amazing privilege of teaching our children about the love of Jesus is instrumental in achieving this goal.


Is it a good Christian alternative to the Elf on the Shelf?

Absolutely! While enjoying an adventurous treasure hunt, the kids will also learn the true meaning of Christmas and discover the treasures and excitement in the Word of God.


Can this also be a Christian educational toy used in Sunday School classes?

Definitely! After searching for the Wise Men and Treasure Word, the children will learn so much through the Devotional.

Listening to the specific day’s story, then interacting together in a group to answer the questions, would be a great tool to learn by.

The prayers are short and personal, meaning that the children can take turns to read it out loud every Sunday and learn how to communicate with our Lord and Savior.


What has been your journey in creating it?

The most important thing that I have learned throughout this journey, was to spend time in the Word.

Be intentional to hear the Holy Spirit and know that He is never late! I would’ve loved for this Devotional and Treasure Box to be done last Christmas, but then looking back at the past year, I have grown so much in my faith and knowledge of Jesus always being on time!

The story of Lazarus, when Jesus waited four days to go see Mary and Martha, after they urgently summoned Him to heal their dying brother, enlightens the timing element.

The Amplified translation of the Bible describes it so well, confirming that it’s in OUR FAVOR when Jesus waits for His perfect time. This always results in growing our faith in Him, so we can learn to trust and rely on HIM, completely!


 John 11:14-15

‘So then Jesus told them plainly, “Lazarus is dead. And for your sake I am glad that I was not there, so that you may believe.”’


What do your children like about the Wise Men Journey?

My girls love searching for the wooden Wise Men figurines and finding the gold coin chocolate treats that I’d hide in the pouch with the TREASURE WORD.

Sometimes, they will hide the Wise Men for each other – it’s just so much fun! Furthermore, they love finding the two hidden little mice in each illustration and listening to the Christmas story evolving, every night.

My oldest is 10 years old and she loves reading the prayers at the end, while my youngest who is 7, loves participating in the ‘Think about it’-section.


Where can I get the Wise Men Journey? And is it only a book or is there more?

This Christmas, the Wise Men Journey-set will be available on WiseMenJourney.com.

Next year, it will be available in retail stores.

When you buy the SET, you will receive the 25-day Advent Devotional and the beautifully engraved wooden Treasure Box. Inside, you’ll find 3 wooden Wise Men figurines and 25 wooden crafted ornaments, with a memory verse and illustration engraved on the front and back. Also included, are the Treasure Bag and jute string if you’d love to have the ornaments hanging from your Christmas tree or mantelpiece.


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