Ball Pit for Kids in 2021

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15 Best Ball Pits (Top Rated, All Budgets)

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What little kid doesn’t love a ball pit? 

What parent doesn’t think about all of the yucky germs floating around a communal ball pit? 

In the age of COVID, community ball pits are probably a no-go for the foreseeable future. 

But why not consider purchasing a ball pit for your kids to play with at home? 

It could potentially provide them with endless hours of entertainment, allowing you to get some work done, or simply enjoy a glass of vino in peace for a moment! 

Don’t know where to start? This post includes 15 great ball pit options, plus a DIY version if you’d prefer.  

Ball Pit versus Ball Tent

In my search for the best ball pits for kids, I realized that many items touted as “ball pits” were actually more like ball tents. True “ball pits” tend to be a bit more pricey, but also sturdier than their tent-like cousins, as they are usually constructed of foam. I’ll share both options here. 

Best Ball Pits by Age

You should also consider the age of your child(ren) when deciding which ball pit to purchase. Some will naturally work better for toddler aged-children because they are smaller. You will want to consider a bigger ball pit for your older kids to enjoy. Most ball pits are suitable for ages 3-6 years old. 

Note: Always supervise your toddlers and young children when playing in a ball pit. Do not leave them unattended. 

15 Best Ball Pits!

Let’s get to the ball pits.  There is quite a variety of options to choose from, in many different shapes, sizes, and budgets.  I’ve organized the ball pits by these stores: Target, Amazon, and Walmart. 


B. Play Ball Pit with 42 balls: $18.99.  This is a great “starter” ball pit for your toddler, aged 12 months and up.  Parents like it because it’s easy to set up, as well as portable and foldable. 

Melissa and Doug Turtle Ball Pit w/ 60 balls: $71.99.  Could this turtle be any cuter? Reviewers like being able to unzip the top of the turtle and sit their toddler in it. The turtle is also soft and has crinkly parts that babies enjoy grabbing and squishing, encouraging sensory play.  

Blippi Ball Pit includes 25 balls: $27.99. Here’s a cute, affordable option from YouTube sensation, Blippi.  It also includes 5 mystery surprises as well.  This ball pit does need to be inflated before use.


UHAPPYEE Extra Large Square Foam Ball Pit: $186.99.  This is the priciest option I’ve included in this post, but if you’re looking for an extra large, foam ball pit, this may be the perfect option (especially for older kiddos).  This ball pit measures 47” (side) by 47” (side) by 14” (height).  It can hold up to 500 balls, but you will have to purchase them separately as they are not included. 

Eocolz Ball Pit Tent w/ basketball hoop (no balls included)- $15.99 and comes in two different color schemes. Over 4,000 reviews on Amazon and a top seller. Cheap! Especially fun if your toddler enjoys throwing balls through a hoop. 

Playz Ball Pit Tent Princess Castle: $29.95 and includes 50 balls.  Here’s a cute and cheap option that comes with balls.  Features glow in the dark stars on the walls of the tent. 

MEOWBABY Foam Ball Pit with 200 pastel balls included: $149.49.  The color scheme of this foam ball pit and balls is perfect for a little girl’s room!  The pit itself is soft grey and the balls are grey, white, and pink.  So adorable!

Foldable Ball Pit for Toddlers: $38.99 and comes in two different prints, polka dot or llama 🦙 . This ball pit is both waterproof and 4 feet in diameter, making it a great option for outdoor play.  No balls are included.

Gigglegoo Foam Ball Pit with 200 balls included: $116.90.  Reviewers loved the sturdiness of this ball pit, along with the quality and quantity of balls that come with it.  

Tikolus Pop Up Princess Tent (no balls): $19.99, my favorite part about this one is how adorable it is (love the pink color) and the twinkle light decorations (LED lights).


Little Tikes Hoop it Up Ball Pit and Play Center includes 20 balls: $29.97.  Here is a fun option for your budding, sports- loving toddler.  Not only does it include ball pit balls, but it also comes with 3 soft sports balls (soccer ball, basketball, and football).

Paw Patrol Inflatable Ball Pit w/ 20 balls: $29.97.  Here’s a good option for your kiddo who loves Paw Patrol.  Cute colors!  Must be inflated before use.

Fischer Price Train Ball Pit w/ 25 balls: $29.99 and a Walmart bestseller.  Chugga, chugga!  All aboard!  Your baby will love this train/ ball pit.  

Disney Minnie Mouse Playland Inflatable Ball Pit with 20 balls: $29.97.  This one is the same shape and size as the Paw Patrol ball pit listed above, but is great for the Minnie lover in your family.  Must be inflated before use. 

Little Tikes 3-in-1 Ball Pit/ Basketball/ Bouncer includes 20 balls: $59.97.  I love the 3-in-1 aspect of this ball pit.  It also serves as a bouncer and includes a basketball hoop and soft basketball. 

DIY Ball Pit

If you didn’t find an option above that you liked, there’s always another option- the DIY ball pit. It’s easy, only takes a few items, and will still provide hours of fun at home for your kiddos.

Pick up a small kiddie pool at a big box store. (Many stores have these on deep clearance right now as I’m writing this at the end of summer.) You can either choose a plastic pool or inflatable. Purchase a bag of balls and simply fill the pool with the balls. You can make a DIY ball pit for around $50 or under, depending on how much you pay for the kiddie pool.

Ball Pits for All!

As you can see, there is a lot of variety and selections to fit just about any budget for ball pits.  Any one of these options would make an amazing present for a child in your life!  The gift of a ball pit is sure to be a hit. 

Now, if only someone would invent a vacuum to pick up all those pesky balls ;). 

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