Meet Kayla

I’m Kayla, new mom to one freshly-baked baby boy, fiancé to the coolest Superdad there is, an academic who is a sometimes-student, and an aspiring writer of aspiring best sellers. I have a sardonic sense of humor that I’ve learned to stop apologizing for, and a natural knack for talking myself out of good self-esteem. Nice to meet you! 

I’ve struggled with major depressive disorder for much of my life, and with PTSD as a young adult. My goal in starting this blog was to remind other women, students, and mothers that it is possible to maintain and balance multiple facets of life while managing your mental health. 

I blog about pregnancy and motherhood; mental and physical health; organization and planning; and sometimes the harder stuff, like grief and loss. Motherhood is hard. Being a college student or in graduate school is hard. Working, homemaking, and sometimes getting out of bed and finding a purpose is hard. I’m here to offer support to mamas who are struggling.

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