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Hi Mamas!

Once you are pregnant, you never expect to have any complications. So when a problem is found in your pregnancy and you are told you will have a premature baby, your whole world gets flipped upside down. This happened to me! My pregnancy turned into high risk and my son was born premature at 31 weeks. I’m also a NICU nurse for the last 8 yrs. So suddenly, my son and I became patients at my workplace. Being on the other side as a NICU mom had really opened up my eyes to what NICU moms go through. Since being on both sides of the NICU world, I wanted to give back to my fellow NICU parents and moms who have high-risk pregnancies through my blog.

On my blog, I talk about high-risk pregnancies and provide NICU knowledge to parents. I want to empower NICU moms through teaching on what to expect in the NICU and give advice, so they can advocate for their little one. With the knowledge I teach, hopefully, it can be a bit of light to properly navigate and get through the NICU.

Since having my son, who was a preemie, I had another son who was born full term. And this can happen for any former NICU mom. So don’t give up hope!

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