The Secret To Consistent Blogging Income with Viral Content

Sometimes it seems that it’s incredibly hard to make money as a blogger and there’s some secret code we’re not cracking. Can you relate? I’ve been a blogger for quite a number of years and I’ve just now begun earning blogging income. The best part of this story is that I’m doing this on a brand new blog. Today I’m sharing my best tips with you on cracking the secret code to blogging income so you can finally get the ball rolling. I find that no matter how many similar blog posts I read in the past, it just didn’t connect for me until I got the step-by-step formula I’m about to share with you.

The Secret To Consistent Blogging Income

Just over 30 days ago, I launched a brand new blog. I was becoming frustrated with the blog I was currently running and it’s slow growth. I’d already invested in a number of blogging courses and was putting the information to good use but nothing was happening. There was one piece of advice however that was nagging me in the back of my mind and I couldn’t figure out how to work it into my old blog. So, I launched a brand new one with the goal of testing this new formula. The formula was very simple.

Viral Content + Pinterest = Blog Traffic and Blogging Income.

I’ve always relied on Google and SEO to bring me the bulk of my traffic and was just beginning to jump on the Pinterest train. I was seeing some results from my efforts but the fact is that not all niches will take off on Pinterest. I was itching to start a blog on a topic that does well on the platform just to test out this formula. So I did. And boy was I happy. Here’s what I did.

How to Create Viral Content

Viral content can be viewed as trending content. It refers to topics that have already been tested on other blogs and are doing well. For this part of the blog, I researched other blogs that were doing well in the new niche that I wanted to create my new blog. (Health and Wellness) I made a note of their most popular content and used this to create a list of blog posts I wanted to write before launching my new blog. From this list, each blog post that I wrote met my criteria for ranking well and engaging readers as outlined below.

Criteria 1 – Solve a Problem

All my blog posts are designed to solve a problem that someone might be searching for. These are usually the most useful to a reader and one that has a higher percentage of converting them into an email subscriber.

Criteria 2 – Include a Key Takeaway

I narrowed down problem-solving even further to include having an immediate win. I wanted each post to have a key takeaway that a reader could immediately implement and make their life better. Even if that just means providing them with a checklist, a resource, or a tangible, actionable tip, it needed to be something that they could put to use right away. This helped me to stay away from problem-solving posts that were more feel-good advice and less of an action to take.

Criteria 3 – Includes a Freebie or Email Optin

Finally, since I have researched these topics and I expect any one of them to go viral at any point, I wanted to make sure that there was a way to capture email subscribers should this happen. Each post was written around a specific opt-in or freebie of some kind so that I could convert any traffic received to email subscribers.

Using Pinterest for Blog Traffic

Once all my posts were created, I set up my Pinterest business account and followed my usual steps to getting traffic from the platform. Within the first week of launching, one of my pins went viral and I was receiving over 2000 page views each day! You can see the actual traffic numbers, my Pinterest strategy, what my traffic looks like now and where I earned blogging income from in those first 30 days in my first blog income report.

Viral Content vs Unique Blog Content

Bloggers often mistake writing about viral content as copying other bloggers. I understand the need to be unique however I always relate it to any other business. If you were to open a supermarket, you would want to sell all the brands that people know and trust on your shelves. You may have some specialty items and some local and unique goods up for sale, but the majority of your shelves will be filled with products people know and trust. For me, the same applies to blogging. The advice is not to recreate another blogger’s content in a way that it is obvious you copied. The advice is to take the topic that is doing so well and put your own unique voice and personality in it. Spin it in your way. That’s why people read your blog as opposed to anyone else’s. Because they like and relate to the way you explain things. They’d love to hear your take on any popular topic. There can be 5 supermarkets in a block and you might choose to go to one particular one all the time. And maybe you like to go there because they are the only ones that have a certain unique product that you love. But while you’re there, you pick up all your regular items too. In this example, writing about popular topics works both ways. A reader may come to you for your occasional unique content but will notice a tutorial linked within your post and read it too, even though it’s the same tutorial that can be found anywhere. I always like to say, give the people what they want. If a topic is trending, it’s because lots of people want to know about that topic. For the cute unique stories that you’re wanting to write, my suggestion is to find a way to attach your story to a problem that needs to be solved. This way, you get to relay your story and the reader is still receiving some information that’s of value to them immediately. I really believe that if we stick to this formula, at least until we’ve grown a following and are getting lots of blog traffic, then the blogging income will also come. I’ve found this way to be the quickest and easiest way to earn a living as a blogger since lots of the work is already done for me and I know exactly what to write about. I hope that you will find even more success using this formula to earn blogging income on your own blog.
  Monique Solomon is a blogger documenting her blogging strategy on Shes had great success with blogging using SEO and shares these tips in her free 5-Day Blog Traffic Challenge here. She’s now using Pinterest to grow her lifestyle blog and regularly shares her tips in the Facebook Group, Help a Blogger Out.
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  1. Thanks for sharing your useful tips, Monique! It was very helpful and inspiring. I checked your income report, and I saw that you have been focusing on guest posting recently. Has it been helpful? Do you guest post in different places? I’m considering guest posting, but wanted to know if it’s worth it, since it’ll be more work for me. Thanks again!

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