5 Reasons To Become a Virtual Assistant Mom

5 Reasons To Become A Virtual Assistant Mom


I have been a virtual assistant for 2 years and now I have started a website to help other moms to become a virtual assistant too. It is the best business I know for moms, and I have started up a lot of home businesses. I have listed some reasons to become a virtual assistant but there are so so many more. This is just a few I thought of off the top of my head. Can you think of some other reasons you would start a virtual assistant business?


These are in no particular order, but usually, the #1 reason for a mom to start a VA business is to spend more time with her children so that’s the first one I’ll start with.


1. Be available for your kids

  • Childhood goes by so fast. If you have to work out of the house you may miss some things. We all know that providing for the family is the most important and comes before everything. But with a virtual assistant business, you can provide for the family and be with the kids at the same time. This is the number 1 highest ranking reason that moms start a home business.


  • When you become a virtual assistant you can work your own hours when the kids are asleep or napping, and you can work when they are in school and be available for them before and after. The flexibility is amazing. I homeschool a couple of my children so I work a bit in the early morning if something needs to be done that day, and in the evenings and nights.


2. You can work in your pajamas

  • I’m totally being serious here. I have had many days where I worked in my comfy sweats or PJ’s in the evening and when the kids are sleeping. It’s nice to not have to wear suits or dress up every day to impress customers.


  • I do have to get a bit done up when I have video meetings, which I find fun to do as well. But most of the time it is “comfy city” in my house and jeans or PJ’s are totally acceptable VA work wear.


3. No age discrimination

  • This, unfortunately, is a real problem in some businesses. You are either too young or too old to work. In some businesses, there is a legal age requirement to work there if they serve alcohol or smokes. When you become a virtual assistant you are the boss and if you can do the work then your clients won’t care what your age is. I know a teenager that started her VA business and was doing great at running social media support right from her home.


4. Gain business skills as you make money

  • In this business, you can charge whatever you want because you are the boss, within reason. Most people stay in the general area of $20-$40 an hour for different VA skills. For more advanced jobs you can charge more, and the more experienced VA’s charge higher.


  • But when you are just starting out you can learn as you earn money. If you announce you are just starting your business and list what tasks you can do, and also announce you want to learn new skills you will find work. You will need to charge accordingly, as you are learning as you go. Probably $10-15 an hour to start out if you don’t know anything. But after just a couple months of experience, you can start earning $20-$25 depending on what you are doing.


5. Independence

  • This is a big one for me. I have never been one that likes to be a slave to the system. I have started many small home businesses trying to get out of the 9-5 job. Out of all the ones I started VA work is the most rewarding and fast growing I have had and I love it.


  • If you have the entrepreneur spirit calling you as well you should definitely become a virtual assistant. It is fun flexible and pays well. I make my own rules, contracts, days and times I want to work, and I can take vacation whenever I want and decide if I want to work a couple hours those day and still get paid while traveling, or take them off altogether. The sky is the limit with this business.


There are so many more reasons to become a virtual assistant, now that you know at least 5 good reasons to start A VA mom business you can go check out my other blog post 15 Reasons To Become A Virtual Assistant Mom.


Another great reason I want to help other moms become a virtual assistant is the sheer satisfaction of starting and keeping a successful business going! We are strong independent moms that can do anything we put our minds to it.


I thoroughly enjoy connecting and networking with other VA moms and other moms running many different businesses and making it work while staying home with their children. There is an amazing community of support online. Some moms don’t have much support at home when starting their VA business. Their husbands, family, and friends don’t understand or think it will be successful.


I love it when they tell their stories of how they showed them and they came around and friends started asking them how they can work from home as well. So don’t let the people around you discourage you if they are not supportive enough, they will come around when you show them money coming in!


Hi, I’m Kathryn. I am a mom of 4 amazing children, a Pinterest addict, and author of my new blog, Become A VA Mom. I created the blog to help other moms like myself start a virtual assistant business from home so they can spend more time with their children and make an income. I wrote Become A VA Mom Guide filled with information for any mom interested in starting a VA business.

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5 thoughts on “5 Reasons To Become a Virtual Assistant Mom”

  1. Thank you for this! I woke up today determined to pursue the sahm VA business for real, just didn’t know where to begin. Then the Suzi’s notification email pops up about your article being added! Thank you for these great and completely valid points – I’m off to your blog now, very interested in learning x

  2. There are many reasons one can get to be a virtual assistant. The most important reason to be a VA mom is TIME. Time is of an essence. Many activities can be handled to our kids when there is enough time for them, without even sacrificing your income. Speaking of VA, do you know there are at least 137 tasks that can be outsourced? One can be potential VA, can look at this see if one has this potential: 137 Tasks You Can Outsource To A Virtual Assistant.

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