5 Valuable Tips for Moms Working From Home!

Tips for working from home. 

Are you a busy mom looking for tips for working from home? You’ve come to the right place. 

I’m a busy working from home mom and I also homeschool my kids. I am always so busy and I have managed to come up with a list of tips for working from home moms. 

This list is meant to make your life easier and be able to accomplish your workload quicker. 

The key to getting stuff done as a working from home mom is to be efficient. You need to be efficient and be able to manage your time blocks wisely. 

However, you shouldn’t put yourself last. Self-care is super important for moms. 

My self-care workbook is amazing and filled with several pages dedicated to your self-care needs. Overworking yourself can run you down so make sure to listen to your body and the signals it gives you to take a break. 

  • Time blocks. 

The number one tip I have for working from home moms is to manage your time blocks wisely. The way this helps me the most is I use a daily layout in my planner that always me to list my to-do’s in 3 different sections. 

One section is for top priorities so I write my top 3 things I want to get done for the day that are super important or any appointments for that day. 

I also include my workouts there and P.E activities for the girls, etc. The next section in my daily layout is for home. So, any chores that I need to do go there and anything home related. Mostly there, I’ll put clean the bathroom and mop the floors type of tasks. The last section is work. I will just put my top tasks. 

I’m serious when I say, even doing 3-4 tasks for work can really help you. I make it a point to only like 3-4 tasks. I don’t have enough time to do more than that especially on weekdays for my blog. However, I do those 3-4 tasks well. Any type of work you do should be high quality work and it really pays off. 

Don’t set yourself up for failure, just put what you know you’ll be able to get done. 

  • Separate time with your children from work. 

Once upon a time, I tried to write with my kids around. After a year, my head started hurting. Kids are pretty loud! The best time for me to write is in the evening when they are occupied with their yummy dinners, watching a movie. My favorite time to write is when they’re in bed sleeping. That truly helps me because it’s quiet and I’m focused. The words flow easier and it’s a really great time to get 2 hours of productive time in, especially if you put the kids to bed early. Even from 9p.m. to 10:30 p.m. helps me get much work done and I don’t need to stay up super late. 

I still get my full 8 hours of sleep and my work is done. So, just kind of work with your children and create a productive schedule for yourself. It’s a lot of trial and error but if you keep trying (because children grow up) then you will eventually fall into a schedule that you are comfortable with. 

  • Make sure your working space is organized and your own. 

I know that’s easier said than done. But, that’s why I say it’s important to separate work from your children. Try not to work when they’re up and around you. Focusing on your children is very important. For my workspace, I use the desk in my room. Since my daughter started homeschool she does use my desk. Occasionally, I do like to work from bed and just have my laptop and planner out. I tend to accomplish a lot like that but only due to back pain. 

Check out this article on how to keep your sanity as a work from home mom.

  • Have your planner ready to go.

There have been times when I am lucky and get to plan out my whole week. That doesn’t happen as much anymore. Now, I tend to prioritize homeschooling papers first and that puts my pre-planning last. Try to focus on your main to-do’s. Planning at least the night before for your work from home business is so helpful. Even by doing that, you’re setting yourself up for success. Every time I get a spare chance on Friday afternoon after homeschooling for the week is over, that is when I pre-plan as much as I can. Do this once a week and you’re already prepared for success. 

  • Mentally prepare yourself for setbacks and stress. 

As much as I would love to have everything go perfect and well for my homeschooling and working from home schedule, that doesn’t always happen. My toddler could have a meltdown. Or my oldest could just be having a rough day and not want to do her schooling. I could have too many errands to run and I’m booked up for the day. There’s so many things that have happened and could happen. 

Just mentally prepare yourself. Get it in your head that things aren’t perfect and aren’t always going to go as planner. So have patience with yourself. Be kind to yourself and be loving towards your children. 

Accept that mistakes happen and nothing really goes as planned. Keep your spirits up and keep yourself motivated every day. Don’t forget to put yourself first. Take the time to love yourself and be happy. 

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