Best Yoga Pants 2020 – What to Wear to Yoga

My heart was pounding hard last week in my hot yoga class. But it was not from my challenging Bikram hot yoga flows, not because the guy next to me happen to be really hot (I am a mom of 2 and happily married).

I worried because I glanced forward in my Downward Dog and I saw all the details under that dear lady’s shiny yoga pants. She apparently did not know and was working very hard to bend her body over, which made her yoga pants really, really see-through.

And that stirred up my monkey mind, should I tell her right on the spot? Should I let her know after class? How embarrassed both of us would be? Wait! are my pants see-through too? I started blaming myself. I should not impulsively shop this shiny, trendy, new pair of yoga pants just because they looked so pretty on the picture.

Best Yoga Pants for 2019 that are not seethrough and best for working out

That took away all my focus and balance in my hot yoga class.

I’ve been practicing yoga 7 years and I usually know what fits me better, but with every clothing brand creates its own line of yoga wear, and all these different styles, patterns, lengths, and fabrics. I sometimes feel freaking paralyzed and could not figure out what to buy.

Do you have the same feeling when you are on the lookout for a good pair of yoga pants? What do you do?

I always have a checklist to go through when I buy big dollar items, such as a computer, car, house, etc.

As for clothing, especially yoga wear, I don’t put it under the alert radar due to its dollar value. Who went through a comprehensive checklist for $20-30 stuff?

Then I realized I was wrong. As the yoga activewear is so trending now, some brands of yoga wear are way over the $20-30 range, it can easily go over $100+ for just one pair of yoga pants. Not mention yoga tops, yoga gear, hot yoga shorts………..all added up, it could go up to few hundreds, even thousands of dollars (thinking about a few sets of yoga outfits) quickly.

To be a smart consumer, it’s wise to go through some kind of checklist in our mind to not unintentionally go beyond our mind and means.

So I finally pulled out my checklist and made some adjustments and added yoga wear on the list to run through. At end of the list, I could get a clear idea of what I should buy for the best fitting yoga pants physically and financially and not become the fancy sale pitch victim.

Today, I want to share with you what I would run through. It will pull you out of the chaotic commercial noises and make your best yoga pants search easier and faster. Plus, your money will not be wasted.

Before we get to the yoga wear purchase check list, you probably want to know

Why Yoga Pants are a must?

  • Yoga pants are everywhere, it’s hard to avoid it.

If we say rack pants are so ’80s. Cargo pants, so ’90s, you must hear the word – athleisure, and yoga pants, in particular, are the trend and future in 21st century. Activewear sales in the U.S. were 108 billion in 2017, and yoga apparel sales exceeded blue jeans sales first time in 2017 and keep growing.

I have to agree with the masses — yoga pants make me feel better than just about any other type of clothing.

Sporting activewear outside the gym has spread to just about every major clothing store around the world. Thanks to heavy-hitters like Lululemon, Athleta and Betabrand, yoga pants offerings have gone from variations on black and gray to a smorgasbord of colors, designs, and styles.

  • Yoga pants can boost your confidence.

As a busy mom of two, I can’t indulge myself in the gym all day and get good shape. The slowing down metabolism makes it really easy to accumulate some fat in the midsection areas. I have some parts to hide, such as the stomach, the thigh, you know…

But when I slip into a pair of high-waisted yoga pants, almost instantly, I feel lean and mean. I don’t really understand how or why it happens, I just like the person in the mirror more and yoga pants make any trace of bloating completely vanish. It’s magic.

  • Yoga pants make you be more active.

Yoga pants help you exercise and move better than just about any other fashion fad that came before them. There is a phenomenon called “enclothed cognition,” research shows that wearing activewear really can make you more active. You are what you wear, clothing holds symbolic meaning, and yoga pants symbolize gym time.

  • Yoga pants are so freaking comfortable!

We ladies all have those toe-numbing high heels, the jeans that you need half an hour to squeeze into, or that forever little black dress that looks stunning on you.

However, if I want to feel comfortable, and sit crossed-legged without cutting off my circulation. I go for my yoga pants.

Not to mention yoga pants are travel-friendly, don’t take much space in your closet, they fit perfectly under your boots……I can go on and on….. OMG, let’s stop here and get into the yoga wear purchase checklist to figure out how to find the best yoga pants.

best yoga outfits to wear

1. How much do you want to spend on yoga pants?

There’s a pair out there for everyone – at every budget. Yoga clothes can be expensive or affordable. You could easily drop $100+ on Lululemon’s yoga pants, or find 2 for $24 from Fabletics.

Then this becomes more of a personal question based on the budget you have- how much do you want to spend on your yoga pants?

Additionally, remember, you probably will not just buy yoga pants, there are yoga tops, yoga shorts, yoga gears, you want to budge them all out so you don’t spend your bread money over your yoga outfit.

Once you find the right price range, you can go on and look for

2. What is the right fit for your yoga pants?

The fit you choose depends on what you want to do with it. Wear something that makes you feel confident and comfortable is the key. Yoga pants that are too loose will have you stepping on excess fabric and may cause you to overheat, especially in hot yoga classes. Yoga wear that are too tight will hinder your movement and make some poses impossible.

Look into the following factors to decide the right fit of yoga pants:

  • Yoga pant Length: The main yoga pant lengths are full-length, mid-calf, and shorts. Mid-calf pants or shorts are great options for warm days or hot yoga classes. If you want to go for full-length pants, make sure the fabric doesn’t excessively bunch up on the ground or else you’ll find yourself stepping on it while moving.
  • Yoga pants waist: You’ll find low-rise, mid-waist, and high-waist as options. Mid and high-waisted yoga pants will compliment your curves and provide a flattering silhouette. A low-rise yoga pants or yoga shorts usually have a waistband below the navel and is preferred by petite body types. If you are concerned of revealing, go with mid or high waist yoga pants.
  • Yoga pants stretch: yoga pants are made with stretch fabrics. Stretch fabrics can either have 2-way or 4-way stretch. 2-way stretch can stretch in one direction whereas 4-way stretch can stretch horizontally and vertically. I like to go with 4 way stretchy fabric which will give you a great range of movement.

3. What are the fabrics for your yoga pants?

Yoga pants fabrics generally are stretchy, but you want a comfortable fabric that performs well in your environment. Here are a couple of fabrics you want to consider:

  • Cotton stretch: Cotton is ideal for mild temperatures. It’s a soft, comfortable fabric and also absorbs moisture. But you want to avoid cotton in hot yoga classes. You want your sweat wicked away rather than be absorbed.
  • Technical fabrics: These include popular fabrics such as Lycra® and Supplex®. Depending on the fabric, you can have enhanced stretch, breathability, and moisture-wicking fabrics. For hot yoga, warm weather, and intense classes, moisture-wicking fabric is ideal. Moisture-wicking material is usually a polyester blend that pulls moisture to the outer surface of the fabric to keep you dry and comfortable.
  • Eco: Eco-friendly fabrics can be made from materials such as plastic bottles, renewable resources, or organic matter. Bamboo, organic cotton, and recycled polyester are popular options. These fabrics have excellent qualities and can include soft 4-way stretch, moisture-wicking, and breathable properties.

4. What to avoid when you buy your best yoga pants?

  • Avoid zippers, clasps, and unnecessary bulk around the waist.

These will cause discomfort, especially when lying on your stomach.

  • Avoid buying yoga pants too long.

Unless you are going for yoga pants that look like dress pants and wear them to work, which is quite popular nowadays, you want to choose yoga pants that fall just below your calves or stop right at your ankle for a workout. So you don’t have to worry to slip or trip as you move from pose to pose.

  • Avoid the wrong size.

Trying them on if you buy in local store, you may take one size in one style and a different size in another – both from the same brand. When buying yoga pants online, definitely check out the size charts because all brands vary in size. Also, consult the return policy before finishing your purchase.

The right fit should be to let yoga pants fit snugly on both your hips and waist, but not so tight that you feel restricted. Your yoga pants should not be too lose so when you do the inversions or bend over quite a bit, your yoga pant don’t slide down.

  • Avoid the see-through material and pattern.

The countless colors, prints, and trendy features like braided race back straps give yoga wear design a nice fashionable twist. But remember what happened in my hot yoga class? If you don’t want to give an unintended R-rated peek at your backside, the color, and fabric are what you need to reconsider for that unforgivable, embarrassing see-through problem.

The black is your best bet compared to the grey yoga pants or white yoga pants if you are not sure.

The plain old cotton fabric will get thinner and thinner after every wash. The reinforced compression fabric such as lycra or lycra-nylon blends intends to stretch over and over and return to its original shape.

With all the basics in your mind, now it’s time to look out what is available on the market.

What are the best yoga wear brands?

It’s true not all yoga wear is created equal even you can buy yoga pants almost anywhere. The good quality ones that are breathable enough to keep you dry, but durable enough to prevent holes from appearing in awkward places, not to mention cute enough to make you feel confident on the mat, or anywhere you like to wear!

Here are the 7 yoga wear brands are the top notch and loved by the longtime practicing yogis ( like me😊). With all the try and test through time, these brands stand out than others for their quality and duration of their yoga wear, especially for women. You are right! Women are the main consumers of yoga pants!

Looking into these brands first will narrow down your research quite a bit and you are on the right track to finding your best yoga wear!

  • Adidas Women fitness yoga leggings.

Adidas warp knit yoga pants


Adidas has a huge selection of yoga clothes and accessories. Adriene from Yoga with Adriene is a big fan of Adidas’s warp knit line. Their yoga pants are not only super moisture-wicking and seamless to prevent chafing, but they are also built to last. The price ranges from $28- 200. You can find your pair of yoga pants in your comfortable price.

  • ALO yoga wear.

Alo yoga pants

Alo yoga specializes in studio- to– street styles that are fashionable to wear about anywhere. Their yoga wear is really cute! The material is definitely high quality, you’ll notice right away how thick and stretchy they are. But they are pretty pricey, almost $100 per pair. And they are crazy long for my petite size. A little trick what you can do is to scrunch them around your ankle if you really like this brand.

  • Fabletics yoga leggings

Fabletics yoga outfit

Fabletics is Kate Hudson’s new company that targets active women who want VIP deals.

Everyone should at least try it out! There are 2 pieces outfits for only $24, such a steal! You can opt to buy individual pieces (outside of the membership) from Fabletic’s site or shop at online retailers like – Nordstrom Rack.

  • Athleta yoga wear

athleta yoga pants

Athleta is a yoga wear brand that emphasizes sustainability and eco-friendliness. Athleta yoga wear use recycled and organic fabrics, additionally, they pioneered a Dry Dye technology that saves an average of 4.5 gallons of water for every garment they make. Their recycled featherweight stretch fabrics are so quick -dry that you don’t need to put them in the dryer, which cuts down on energy use. If you are prone to eco-friendly, definitely check them out! The original price range is around $90, but watch out their sale or clearance time, it can go down 50% or more!

  • 90 degree by Reflex yoga wear

90 degree by reflex

I personally like this brand the most. It’s super affordable and high quality. I love their high waist squad proof interlink yoga leggings. As we age, our midsection is often the biggest “trouble area.” the tummy control function of 90-degree yoga leggings will give your abdominal area a smooth and flat look. This, in turn, boosts your confidence and makes you feel your best. Their price range is also very friendly, around $20-30.

  • Gaiam yoga wear.

Gaiam yoga pants

Gaiam brand has a long history of involvement in sustainable lifestyles – in fact, they literally created the idea of a Lifestyle of Health & Sustainability. Besides their popular yoga gear – yoga mat, block, strap, and many other props, I like their high rise waist yoga pants, which features an anti-drop, high waisted fit that provides complete coverage. You can focus on improving your flow, all while looking great doing it.

  • Betabrand dress yoga pants

Betabrand dress yoga pants

Betabrand takes yoga activewear to another level. Betabrand makes the most popular, ultra-comfy yoga pants looking like dress pants that you will love to wear to work. Their yoga pants combine soft, stretchy performance knit with dress-pant styling, so your professional work wear can double as workout wear, perfect for performing the Lunchtime Lotus and the Power Pointer, as well as other, more orthopedically sound postures.

These yoga pants brands barely scratch the surface of amazing brands out there. But they are a good start for your best yoga wear!

Bottom line

You are what you wear. Find your best yoga pants and fall in love with it. Let your best yoga wear be your friend, move with you, comfort you, be your motivation to work out more, to look good, feel good and transform you to be the best version of yourself!

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