What To Do When Your Child Is Sick – 17 Smart Solutions

What To Do When Your Child Is Sick – 17 Smart Solutions

MOM! I don’t feel well…

Ahhh when your child is sick you know about it.

The sore throat, streaming nose, unidentified virus and all night earache… most of us have got the t-shirt on childhood illness!

Ever caught your sweaty, feverish, child’s vomit in your hands to protect the car interior? Or popped them in the bath just as the diarrhea started? Yep, me too.

Let’s face it, kids are going to get stuff and you need to know what to do when your child is sick.

And I don’t mean just running for the Tylenol or Calpol, I mean tools and that actually support their bodies, both in the moment, AND in creating long-term health.

What to do when your child is sickThis is different yet do-able. Totally holistic but highly practical.

Tried and tested advice that relies on nature and supports your child through illness.

So instead of focussing on getting rid of symptoms (or suppressing them) only to find your kid is sick again a few months later…groan… these are safe, easy, effective, affordable ways to treat sickness and cunningly, also promote health.

Are you ready?

First Things To Do When Your Child Is Sick

1.Ban sugar – Yes I know they look like they need energy but white, processed sugar suppresses immune system activity that attacks bacteria. If they want something sweet give them manuka honey not a large glass of fruit juice.

2.Vitamin D Spray – vital for immune function because “T-cells” depend on it and without enough of it they can’t attack bacteria and viruses. Most sick kids are deficient, especially those living in the northern hemisphere. Buy online and spray away!

3.Twist – get them to lie on the floor, keep one leg straight and one knee bent, with arms out to the side, let the bent knee gently roll across the other leg to the floor and then repeat on the other side. Do this simple yoga twist several times to stimulate their internal organs, wring out all the yucky stuff and encourage elimination of toxins. See below

What to do when your child is sick

Germ Killing Things To Do When Your Child Is Sick

4.Change their toothbrush – As soon as they come down with something, change it – even just for a cheapie – and then when they are recovered, change it again. Bacteria and germs can lurk in the bristles and potentially re-infect your child.

5.Wash their bedding – For the same reason as above – especially where there’s saliva, sneezing, dribbling etc.

6.Spray Colloidal Silver – Antibacterial, anti-microbial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory. Buy it online or at your health food store and spray liberally. In their mouths, up their noses, in their ears, on wounds – wherever the pain and inflammation is. Want more info? Here’s what Dr Axe has to say: Dr Axe’s View

What to do when your child is sick

Body Things To Do When Your Child Is Sick

7.Leave a Fever – If it’s under 104 F there’s no need to suppress it if your child appears to be coping. Fever is a sign of illness not the illness. It’s the body doing it’s job, heating up to burn off whatever is attacking it. Keep the head cool by all means but otherwise let a fever run its course.

8.Get their bowels moving – this is a vital part of de-toxing, especially important if they’re not running around as usual to get their lymph moving. Keep them hydrated and topped up on magnesium (see no 9) to ensure regular movements and no re-tox effect. Disguise prune juice if necessary!

9.Try Magnesium oil – rub it into the soles of their feet at night, when the body wants magnesium as part of its cellular cleansing routine. The absorbed oil helps the cells to release toxins, calms and relaxes the child for better sleep and will help bowel movements in the morning!

Want to know more about why Magnesium is so important for your kid’s health? Checkout The Magnesium Miracle on my Rebuild Your Health Library Page

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Food Things To Do When Your Child Is Sick

10.Give them pro-biotics – Now’s the time to support their immune system with some friendly bugs. Go for a multiple strain variety and maintain the recommended dose for 2 months after illness.

11.Increase Protein – if kids aren’t getting enough protein their cytokine production goes down (these stimulate the movement of cells towards sites of inflammation, infection and trauma) so their immunity is lowered. Up their protein, especially at breakfast, even if it’s protein powder in a healthy juice.

12.Stay away from dairy products – Dairy is mucous forming in the body and can have a pro-inflammatory effect. Avoid.

Want to know the best ancient foods to boost immunity and prevent illness? Try this.

Fun Things To Do When Your Child Is Sick

13.Make them laugh – It boosts their immunity. Read about Norman Cousins who was diagnosed with a terminal disease and healed himself with laughter if you need proof. Let them listen to or watch something uplifting, positive and frankly, hilarious. Here are IMDb’s 50 funniest kids movies

14.Listen to music – Scientific studies have proved that music can boost immunity and reduce pain. Just 50 minutes of uplifting music increases antibody levels significantly. Happy dance music and music preferred by your child will have the best effect. More info here

15.Enforce a digital sunset – Screen time before bed can lead to poor sleep and your child’s body needs rest. Turn off their tablets and turn on some happy, soothing music. This is a great time to read to, or massage them.

What to do when Your Child Is Sick

Healing Things To Do When Your Child Is Sick

16.Get hands on – Sound crazy? Roll with me. You have an energetic connection to your child. It’s why you know when something is wrong just by looking at them. It’s why when you hold them to your breast they feel comforted and you can use this to help them heal. Hold them, stroke, massage, soothe them with your touch and as their fear around feeling awful dissipates, their energy is diverted to the important business of repairing and rebuilding. Hands on healing can be that simple 🙂

Want a quick, easy, immune boosting massage for them? Check out my online course on this and the best oil to use.

17. Ask them what’s wrong – It’s never too early to start, because more often than you think, illness is a response to a mental or emotional trigger. What they think affects their immunity and by helping them become aware of how they’re feeling and/or responding to circumstances in their life, you can help them make a mind/body connection that not only heals, but also prevents future illness.

Want to discover how to use the mind-body connection and other ancient natural techniques to boost your child’s immunity and prevent illness? click here

1 Thing NOT To Do When Your Child Is Sick

Run straight for the medication!

You are now officially an empowered parent! You know what to do when your child gets sick and you have quite an arsenal of tools to try!

Different, do-able and super smart 🙂 These are tools for life!

Because as F.Douglass said:

It’s easier to build strong children

than to repair broken adults



Jacqueline Escolme is a mother, author of Rebuild Your Health Reclaim Your Life and a sassy change agent for health and well-being

Connect with her at Rebuildyourhealthreclaimyourlife.com



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  1. You made an interesting point when you talked about how kids are going to get germs and have illnesses. It seems like it would be a good idea to find a good pediatrician to work with if you have young children. Working with a pediatrician seems like a good way to keep your kids healthy in the event they do get sick.

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