25+ Best Toddler Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Christmas (That They’ll Actually Like)

toddler stocking stuffer ideas stockings lined up on stone fireplace

There’s nothing better than finding surprises in your stocking on Christmas morning. Even adults like to find treasures in their stockings and enjoy opening presents, but Christmas day is truly magical for toddlers. 

Stocking stuffers are sometimes my favorite gifts at Christmas. Plus, they are less expensive which is something every family can appreciate as prices continue to rise on everything we buy. You shouldn’t go into debt just to buy presents for your family so finding less expensive gift ideas is best. But sometimes, finding the right toddler stock stuffer ideas can be tricky.

Kids are kind of like cats in that they usually like the box the present came in better than the gift itself. But don’t worry! I created this list of stocking stuffers for toddlers, so you know just what to get yours this holiday season.

25+ Perfect Toddler Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Get ready to grab a pen and write down your favorite toddler stocking stuffer ideas, or you can just save this post to refer back to when you’re ready to shop for fun stocking stuffers.

toddler stocking stuffer ideas toddler on floor playing with blocks

1. Fisher-Price Little People Swing and Share Treehouse Playset

This fun playset makes this list of toddler stocking stuffer ideas because the interactive play is really fun for kids. It includes Jack and Tessa figures as well as a cute dog and will provide hours of entertainment for your toddler. 

Push the Discovery Button and watch as Jack or Tessa swing back and forth on the tree swing. You’ll hear fun phrases, songs, and sounds, and the dog has his own Discovery Button. When you push it, you can move the dog back and forth into his doghouse and hear barks.

2. Play-Doh

Kids love Play-Doh, right? This popular putty has been around for years, and this 10-pack comes in pretty, bright colors.

Have fun creating fun art projects with this non-toxic Play-Doh or even just smooshing and molding it into shapes. Keep the dough in the containers with lids, so it doesn’t dry out, and it’s easy to stack up and put away when you’re finished playing. 

toddler stocking stuffer ideas boy hanging ornaments on tree

3. Egg Shakers – Musical Percussion Instruments for Toddlers and Babies

Child-safe egg shakers are a favorite for many kids because they make noise. These rattle maracas can be your toddler’s first musical instrument as they shake to the beat of their own music. 

This simple toy will keep them entertained for sure. And these are safe and lead-free, unlike some others that contain lead buckshot for the rattling sound. These contain dried beans, and they are easy to shake for small fingers.

4. Crayola Globbles

Crayola always has fun ideas for toddlers, and this cheap pack of Globbles is no different. These sticky, squishy balls are fun for kids and adults.

They come in fun, bright colors, and parents love these squish toys because they don’t leave any sticky residue on your walls or ceilings. Plus, they are easy to clean with only soap and water. 

However, these Globbles are not meant for children under three years old.

5. Do-A-Dot Washable Paint Markers

These paint markers come with a patented large sponge tip and are the ideal size for a toddler’s hands. They have more paint than other dot markers, and all you need to do is take off the cap, and it’s art time.

Do-A-Dot markers are the perfect medium for all children and are mess-free, so you don’t need to worry about cleaning up dripping paint from everything. Your kids will love layering and blending colors for the ultimate art masterpiece. 

bear with Christmas present

6. Bear Stays Up for Christmas Book

The best-selling Bear books are always a delight, and this cute one is no different. Bear’s friends want him to stay up for Christmas, so they wake him from his hibernation.

This cute story will delight your toddler with beautiful images and a fun storyline. Bear helps his friends find a Christmas tree, hang stockings, bake cakes, and more fun Christmas-related activities.

7. Crayola Bathtub Crayons

Make bath time even more fun for your favorite toddler with these Crayola Bathtub Crayons. Let him or her draw pictures all over the tile wall with these hard plastic cases with retractable crayons inside.

They are easy to clean and non-toxic, so perfectly safe for your child. Colors in this box include Firefly Red, Leprechaun Green, Inch Worm Green, Little Boy Blue, Vivid Purple, and more. They take bath time fun to a whole new level. 

8. Construction Plate and Utensil Set

Is your toddler a picky eater? This awesome little construction plate is bright orange, and the utensils are made like construction vehicles. They’ll love moving their food around this plate and won’t mind eating on it, too, when it’s this much fun.

Crayola crayons in red and green totes

9. Crayola Silly Scents Twistable Crayons

Crayola makes this list of toddler stocking stuffer ideas again with Silly Scent Twistables Crayons and Pencils. This pack comes with 36 twistable colored pencils and 36 twistable crayons that make creating art fun and smell delicious. 

They are perfect for writing a letter to Santa next year or creating Valentines’ Day cards and are safe and non-toxic. 

10. Make Your Own Sticker Set

This sticker set comes with 20 animal designs on 100 sheets for the ultimate sticker design. The Make Your Own sticker set is one of the best gift ideas and you can also use it as a reward for your kids.

Kids can mix and match the different animal stickers to create a unique design. The surface is covered with a coating making them hard to rip. Once you take them off the sticker sheets and add them to your face, you can tear them off and put them on again to perfect your face art. 

These stickers encourage creative thinking and creativity, which is one of the many gifts of children.

11. Melissa & Doug Water Wow Activity Pads

These water coloring books are sure to be a hit with your child, and their popularity alone gets them on this cool list of toddler stocking stuffer ideas. This set has two activity books – one with vehicles and the other animal-themed.

You can reuse these white pages over and over again because when dry, they show simple lined drawings, but when they are wet, they show up as colored. The water pen is the perfect size for a toddler’s small fingers.

toddler in bubble bath with yellow duckie

12. Bath Time Stacking Toy Cups

These bath toys are the perfect size for toddlers to play with in the tub. It’s a 14-piece set with stacking cups and linking boats and turtles. They are inexpensive and stack neatly, so they don’t take up much room when your toddler isn’t using them. 

13. Melissa & Doug Stamp Set

This stamp set comes with six wooden stamps and a stamp pad with six bold colors. It helps children develop creativity and fine motor skills, so they are one of the best gift ideas that are for learning and fun.

Small hands can grasp the stamps easily, and the ink is washable. You don’t need to worry about things get permanently dyed as your toddler creates his or her brilliant stamp masterpiece.

14. Finger Lights

These fun finger lights are guaranteed to keep your kids amused and in awe. This set has 48 lights and is perfect for evening parties when you turn the lights out.

They stay on for 12-hours and are the perfect toy for holiday children’s parties. The finger lights come with rubber straps that you can tie onto your pens, pencils, fingers, tools, and other items. Bring the fun with you to any party.

toddler stocking stuffer ideas red ornament and present

15. Melissa & Doug Natural Play Book Tower

This fun tower holds your toddler’s first little nursery books. The ten chunky books are easy for small fingers to grasp, and you can have fun reading the fun rhymes together. 

They come in a cute box that makes them easy to carry, and they’re made from recycled materials and soy-based ink, so they are eco-friendly too. The Play Book Tower is perfect for children 8 months old and up.

16. Learning Avocados for Fine Motor Skills

Your little one will love playing with these fun avocado friends. They are just the right size for little hands and fingers and help strengthen their fine motor skills. 

Teach your toddler about colors and enhance their matching skills with the vibrant colors of the Learning Avocados interiors. And if that’s not enough, these cool friends even help your child’s social-emotional development with their spinning faces that have different emotions. 

17. Brusheez Safari Edition Kids Electric Toothbrush

What better way to introduce your toddler to brushing their teeth than this cute animal-themed toothbrush? It comes with a simple hourglass timer, so your child knows just how long to brush.

The set also comes with a small rinse cup, so they have everything they need to brush like a big kid. It’s specifically designed to make brushing fun and easy for small children and teach them good oral hygiene. It’s one of the healthiest habits for toddlers to learn.

fruit basket

18. Classic Stocking Stuffers Like Fruit

The history of Christmas stockings goes back many years. When our grandparents and great-grandparents were kids, pieces of fruit like oranges were considered the best stocking stuffers. During the Great Depression, even one piece of fruit was a luxury, and any recipient of an orange considered themselves lucky.

It’s a great way to teach your children about history and to appreciate the little things in life. Before there were video games, fruit and penny candy were popular stocking stuffers for kids. Or you could be different and add a unique piece of fruit like dragon fruit or a horned melon to the kids’ stockings this year. 

19. The Original Slinky

Some gifts, popular decades ago, still entertain small kids today, like the wildly popular Slinky. This inexpensive gift makes the perfect stocking stuffer for toddlers or even a party favor.

There’s only one Slinky! Your toddler will be delighted watching the toy jiggle, wiggle, and walk down stairs and across other surfaces just like you did as a child.

20. FunKeys Toy

We all know lights and sounds capture the attention of our kids, and that’s why this FunKeys Toy makes this list of the best toddler stocking stuffer ideas.

It’s the perfect toy for children 18 months to 36 months old and helps them develop hand-eye coordination and motor skills. These keys are designed realistically and make four different car sounds that aren’t too noisy and annoying to adult ears, (unlike other Christmas presents people got them this year).

The keyring has three keys in different colors and shapes. There’s even a working flashlight integrated into the keychain so mom can find her real keys buried in the bottom of her purse.

two pink piglets in a barn stall

21. Olivia Helps with Christmas

Here’s another fun Christmas book starring our favorite piglet, Olivia. Olivia is busy! She has a lot to do. Like making sure her dad sets up the Christmas tree, watching mom make Christmas dinner, and a lot more, all with the anticipation of waiting for Santa to come.

This cute book makes one of the cutest toddler stocking stuffer ideas as your little one is excited about the magic of Christmas too. There are many benefits to reading to your kids, so add this book to your list.

22. Baby Winter Hat and Mitten Set

This cute snuggly hat and mitten set is great for boys and girls ages six months to 24 months old. It comes with a two-in-one hat + scarf to help keep your toddler’s face, ears, and head warm. Plus, the soft knit mittens keep their little hands warm too. 

With the two cute balls on top of the head, it’s the perfect fashionable outfit that keeps your toddler warm and in style.

23. Hershey’s Miniatures Holiday Chocolate

No Christmas stocking would be complete without at least a few pieces of holiday chocolate candy. These fun, popular Hershey chocolates are all dressed up for Christmas, so surely eating a couple wouldn’t spoil dinner, right?

Or you can get some chocolate-covered marshmallows shaped like Santa or Christmas trees. You can make it a tradition every year.

kids in Christmas socks

24. Gwenvenni Toddler Big Little Kids Cotton Ankle Socks

This five-pack of cute little cat socks is perfect for a little girl to wear with her princess skirt, pants, or a cute dress. They come in sizes for kids one to twelve years old and are perfect for everyday use. 

The socks are soft and breathable, and machine washable, so they are easy to clean. They make great stocking stuffers for kids.

25. Manhattan Toy Squeezable Sloth

Stuffed animals make great stocking stuffers, and this adorable plush sloth is so cute! It’s crafted from memory foam and soft plush fabrics. The embroidered facial features make this stuffed sloth a unique animal your toddler will love to take naps with.

It may become their favorite toy – the one you can never lose, so maybe you should buy more than one just in case. 

26. LEGO DUPLO My First Number Train

Now your little one can learn how to count with this train that introduces toddlers to numbers and counting. This is the newest version of this fun number train, and it comes in bright colors, plus the little boy, girl, and dog LEGO DUPLO figures. 

Your toddler can learn their numbers while improving their fine motor skills as they unload, load, stack, and unstack the numbered bricks. The cute figurines and train are easy for tiny fingers to grasp as they learn how to count through play.

It’s essential to help your children learn their letters and numbers at home, so this gift makes that easy.

FAQs on Chalkboard


That do you put in a 2-year old’s stocking?

Toddlers are fun to buy presents for because the simple things amuse them. Here are some great toddler stocking stuffer ideas:

Fisher-Price Little People Swing and Share Treehouse Playset

Crayola Globbles

Egg Shakers – Musical Percussion Instruments for Toddlers and Babies


Crayola Bathtub Crayons

Water Wow Activity Pads

Construction Plate and Utensil Set

Make Your Own Sticker Set

What do you put in a 4-year old’s stocking?

Seeing the joy of a 4-year-old as they open their stockings for Christmas is priceless. Here are some great stocking stuffers for kids that age:

Bear Stays Up for Christmas Book


Do-A-Dot Washable Paint Markers

Make Your Own Sticker Set

Crayola Silly Scents Twistable Crayons

Melissa & Doug Stamp Set

What can I put in a 10-month old’s stocking?

Your baby may not remember their first Christmas much, but it’s a huge event for you! Here are some great stocking stuffers for kids under 12 months old. 

Christmas Onesie

This cute Holiday Sleep and Play Outfit

Playgro Giraffe Sensory Toy

Carseat Toys

Elephant Lovie Blanket

Squeezable Building Blocks

Final Thoughts on Toddler Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Now you have the ultimate list of toddler stocking stuffer ideas so your little one can learn and grow while they play with their fun toys and art supplies. Christmas is the most magical time of year for kids, even as they get older and no longer believe in Santa Claus.

I’m confident if you choose some of these inexpensive stocking stuffers, your toddler will be happy, and opening their stocking may be their favorite part of Christmas every year. Plus, you’ll never run out of toddler activities to keep them busy.

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