10 Time Saving Tips for Busy Working Moms

Do you sometimes feel like you are struggling just to stay above water? Do you feel like every day is going to be just another busy day and the cycle is never-ending? Busy working moms try hard to balance their careers with their family life which makes time and energy very precious. For Busy working moms the words time saving and convenience are the best words that we could ever hear. We are always looking to make life as simple as possible. Let’s read 10 time-saving tips for busy working moms

10 Time Saving Tips for Busy Working Moms

busy working mom with her son practicing time saving tips

1. Wake up earlier for an early start

Wake up at least 30 minutes before your kids so that you can complete as much of your to do list as you can. This is a great time saving tips because you can get more things done much faster when the kids are occupied.

2. Keep a family calendar

Keeping a schedule is imperative to staying organized which will be a huge time saver. Have a central family calendar to keep up with all of the family’s activities as well as your to-do list. You can also use the same calendar to keep track of your finances. Some great calendar options include:

Cozi Family Organizer:  This genius family calendar app allows you to keep your family’s appointments and activities all in one place. This free app can be used for a calendar, shopping list, to-do list, recipes, meal planning, and family journal. Just download the app and you can share the same calendar with the whole family.

Outlook: I use my work calendar a lot. Sometimes I put personal appointments on there and you have the ability to lock your appointments so if anyone has access to your calendar they can’t open it up to read it.

I use the calendar in my iPhone in conjunction with my outlook work calendar but for the really important things, I use a physical pocket calendar or a planner to write things down on.

3. Give your kids chores and an Incentive.

This is one of the best time-saving tips because if everyone in the family takes a share in the chores then things will get done faster and the house will be maintained longer. Getting your kids involved in chores will save you time from having to do it yourself and will teach them how to be responsible. Have reasonable expectations and know that their chores will not be done perfectly but appreciate the effort that they put in.

Giving them an incentive to do their chores will also make things much easier for you. It will mean getting them to do their chores will be less of a fight and it will teach them to appreciate the value of hard work much more. You can choose whatever incentive will work. If your child is old enough you can give them an allowance which will also teach them the value of earning money as well as how to save money.

4. Prep meals in advance.

Meal planning and prepping is the ultimate timesaver and money saver for a busy working mom. Try to prep as many meals as you can and you will definitely thank yourself when it is time to cook and you have cut your cooking time in half.

5. Pay your bills on the 1st of the month.

I have some of my bills on auto-pay and I love it. As for the other bills, it can be hard trying to keep up when each bill is due. Instead of trying to remember when each bill is due you can choose to pay them all on the first of the month.

6. Put a load of laundry in every morning.

Don’t let the laundry pile up to be an insurmountable mound that requires you to take a whole day off to wash, dry, and fold. This is another ultimate time saving tip. I work from home so I run a load of laundry in the washer every morning and around lunch I switch it to the dryer, and fold clothes before dinner.

If you work outside the home you can put a load in the washer before you leave work and run it in the dryer when you get off and fold the clothes before bed.  I find that if I put off doing daily laundry then the clothes will pile up and then every time I think about how much time it will take me to fold all of those clothes I just put it off further. If I only have one small load to manage I am more apt to maintain it regularly.

7. Let the kids sleep in their clothes.

If you have a hard time getting the kids ready in the morning and you have to leave the house early in the morning, consider letting them sleep in the clothes that they will wear the next day. Another alternative is to let your child pick their clothes for the next day and lay them out that way they can get ready much quicker in the morning.

Whenever we drive to visit family in Louisiana my husband likes to leave the house at 5 am so I let the kids sleep in their clothes that way they are ready and all I have to do is put them in the car. This is a very good tip for the time that you have to rise very early.

8. Outsource grocery shopping.

If I am going to the grocery store myself for something small I am able to get in and out in no time. When it comes to shopping in bulk for groceries I am not a fan of crowded stores and long lines. I just don’t have time to live in the grocery store. That’s why I love grocery pick-up.

Many grocery stores also offer grocery delivery for a small fee but most of them also offer grocery pick-up for free. I just plan out my meals and order them online. With Wal-Mart you can choose if you want them to substitute an item if it is not in stock. I always allow them to make a substitute because they almost always subbed for a better item. One time I ordered a 12 pack of Coke and it was out of stock so they subbed it for a 24 pack at no charge.

9. “No” is a complete sentence.

You can’t be everywhere and do everything at the same time no matter how hard we try. Sometimes you will have to say no and it is ok to just say no. If you spread yourself too thin you won’t be able to accomplish much anyway.

Let your kids engage in a reasonable amount of activities, and prioritize your errands so that you can get the most important things done in your day. You won’t be able to do everything so just do what you can and leave the rest for another day.

10. Keep Extra Trash Bags in the Bottom of Your Trash Cans

This makes taking out the trash so much easier. After you take out the full trash bag you can just pull out a fresh one and immediately the bag is changed. You will also be able to quickly see if you are low on trash bags. No more looking around for fresh trash bags only to see that you ran out and forgot all about it.

10 time saving tips for busy working moms

As a busy working mom myself, I understand the need for having time-saving tips. We have so much to juggle while trying to maintain our sanity! We have so much that we have to get done within a day so convenience is key. How about you? What are your best time-saving tips and tricks to make a busy mom’s life a little bit easier?

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2 thoughts on “10 Time Saving Tips for Busy Working Moms”

  1. Prepping meals in advance really helps. I’ve mastered a week in advance, and now I’m working my way towards a month worth that can be defrosted easily.

    1. Carolyn Garrett

      That’s awesome Grace! Meal prepping truly is one of the best time-saving tips that anyone can implement. I am a very slow cook, meaning it always takes me forever to cook a complete meal. When I was a teenager it took me an entire hour to complete one of Rachel Ray’s 30-minute meals. lol. So I honestly can’t function without meal prepping because it saves me so much time.

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