25+ Hilarious Thanksgiving Jokes for Kids

It’s that time of year again! Thanksgiving jokes for kids are the perfect way to entertain your kids — and the whole family.

Not only will they have a blast, but you’ll also get to enjoy some quality bonding time this holiday with jokes and laughter. It’s so funny to hear their little giggles when they understand the jokes.

Instead of spending time on your phone this Thanksgiving, looking up the most hilarious turkey jokes, or Turkey Dad Jokes (puns are my favorite), this article will save you time, and keep you with your family this holiday.

I was tired of looking for jokes only to find things that weren’t exactly kid friendly. Or worse, I already started telling the joke I found on the Web just to realize it’s not appropriate. Yikes!

Thanksgiving Jokes for Kids

Thanksgiving Jokes for Kids

Let’s avoid that scenario, so I put together a whole list of kid friendly Thanksgiving jokes for you.

These jokes are perfect for kids who love jokes. I put them onto a printable for ease of use also. So you can pull these silly jokes out at the Thanksgiving dinner table, or you can pack them in their school lunches.

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Here is a handy list of all the silly, kid friendly jokes about Thanksgiving:

Thanksgiving Jokes for Kids about Turkeys

  • What key has legs and can’t open a door? A turkey.
  • Why is a turkey the perfect drummer in a band? Because he already has drumsticks.
  • A big turkey is called a gobbler, so what do you call a small one? A goblet.
  • What do you get when a turkey lays an egg on top of a barn? An eggroll
  • What do you call a running turkey? Fast food.
  • Why did the turkey cross the road? He wanted people to think he was a chicken on Thanksgiving!
  • What is the most musical part of a turkey? The drum stick
  • Where do you find a turkey with no legs? Right where you left it
  • Why didn’t the turkey didn’t eat dinner? He was already stuffed.
  • Do you think a turkey can jump higher than the Empire State Building? Yeah! Buildings can’t even jump!
  • Which side of a turkey has the most feathers? The OUTside

Clean Thanksgiving Jokes about Dinnertime

  • Why do you never want to sit next to a turkey at dinner? Because he will gobble it all up.
  • What’s a turkey’s favorite dessert? Apple gobbler!
  • Is turkey soup good for your health? Not if you’re the turkey!
  • What is the only thing a squirrel will eat on Thanksgiving? A corn!
  • What smells the best at Thanksgiving dinner? Your nose!
  • What do math teachers eat on Thanksgiving? Pumpkin Pi!
  • What’s the best thing to put in your thanksgiving stuffing? Your teeth.

Jokes for Kids about Pilgrims and Harvest

  • April Showers bring May Flowers, but what do May Flowers bring? The pilgrims!
  • What is a scarecrow’s favorite food? STRAWberry
  • What kind of music did the Pilgrims listen to at the first Thanksgiving? Plymouth Rock
  • What does a Pilgrim call her friends? PAL-grims
  • Which Thanksgiving dish tells the worst jokes? The Corn(y) bread.

Silly Dad Jokes for Thanksgiving

  • My family asked me to stop telling Thanksgiving jokes, but I can’t just quit cold turkey.
  • What always comes at the end of Thanksgiving? G!
  • Where does Christmas come before Thanksgiving? In the Dictionary.
  • What do you call Thanksgiving if you’re selfish? Thanks-Taking
  • Mom wants me to help fix Thanksgiving dinner? I said, why? Is it broken?
  • What do you get when you cross a Turkey with a millipede? Drumsticks for everyone!
  • How long do you let the turkey rest after you take it out of the oven? Well, how tired is it?

Thanksgiving Knock Knock Jokes

  • Knock Knock
    Who’s There?
    Gladys Who?
    Gladys Thanksgiving, aren’t you?
  • Knock Knock
    Who’s There?
    Olive Who?
    Olive the stuffing too!

Thanksgiving Jokes for Kids Printable

I put together a printable for these Thanksgiving jokes too, so you can have them available at the dinner table (without your phone!) or you can even put them in your children’s lunchboxes!

Free Thanksgiving Jokes for Kids Printable

Free Printables Thanksgiving Jokes for Kids

These laugh out loud Thanksgiving jokes for kids will keep your Thanksgiving light hearted and fun this season. I created a printable for you, all of the jokes above are put into a small card (six per page) you can print and add into lunchboxes, or you could set them on the table during dinner.

One of my favorite ways to get my children to take more bites of dinner is by “bribing” them with a joke. “If you take a bite, we can tell another silly joke!”, I’d say it works about half the time.

Click the image below and it will download your free PDF, you can print from there. I recommend using card stock so the paper doesn’t tear as easily.

If you plan to use these jokes for more than just this year, laminate them to get the most time out of them.

Click here for Thanksgiving Jokes for Kids

Looking for more printables for kids? Here is a collection of Autumn themed printables for preschoolers, to practice letters, shapes, and more! Click to grab some!

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