Easy Tips To Organize a Small House On a Budget

Cheap organization ideas in a small house.

This bargain hunting technique will help you to organize a small house on a budget. There is nothing like a good bargain and when that bargain can help make your life a little easier well, that’s killing two birds with one stone as they say.

Small spaces can get out of control fast therefore it is easy to get disoriented and feel clustered. This is where the term “there’s a place for everything and everything in its place” becomes a necessity. We have recently down sized our home. Finding a place for everything has been tedious, but can be done.

Organizing an entire house on a budget seems impossible, but I can assure you that it can be done. You may even make a little money!

Where do I Even Begin?

How to organize a small house on a budget? This is a question I ask myself daily. Deciding where to even begin can be the most difficult step. Looking around at everything that needs to be done will make you want to head for the hills. Take a deep breath and just pick a place to start.


The first thing I would recommend when you are trying to organize a small house on a budget is to start off by getting rid of anything you don’t need. Less is more.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is it broken?
  • Are there missing pieces?
  • Do you ever really use it?

If you answered yes to any of those questions chuck it.

  • Is it still in good condition but you no longer have a need for it?
  • Has it been sitting in your closet for months?
  • Do your kids still play with it?

Take these questions into consideration because you can donate them. You can even sell them on buy and sell sites. This would be pocket money I was talking about!

  • Does the item hold sentimental value but you don’t “need” it?
  • You know you’ll need it again one day
  • Are you saving it for your kids when they are older?

If you answered yes to any of those then I suggest really considering the value of the item and either get rid of it or pack it up and putting it away. Out of sight out of mind.

Maximize Space

This is like the golden rule to organizing a small house on a budget. Maximizing any space you can will really help you out.

Now here is something that a lot of people might not know. I know I didn’t. You can find almost anything at a discounted price with bargain hunting. This seriously changed my life. It gave me freedom.

When we moved out on our own for the first time it was so overwhelming. I remember thinking how are we ever going to have anything, buying a couch was out of the question. When I found a couch on swap for $200 I was over the moon. That’s where it started for me a couch. It may seem silly to think bargain hunting has changed my life but it really has. The thought of having to purchase a big ticket item (like when my son broke my tv) isn’t so overwhelming.

Use under the bed for extra storage.

Under the bed space

So I’m totally going against my parents here when I tell you this. The always told me not to hide my stuff under the bed, and that’s exactly what I’m implying that you do! There are tons of under the bed storage options.

  • Garment bags – Instead of taking up space hanging in your closet these can be used as under the bed storage for pillows, sheets, blankets, out of season clothing etc.
  • Cardboard box – Simple yes, but also free. Recycle your old cardboard boxes. Store things you want out of sight in there. You can also use contact paper ( that you can get at the dollar store) to cover the box and make it look a little nicer.
  • Under the bed drawers – If your a little more crafty and want a bit of a project under the bed draws can be a great project for a DIY weekend.

Wall Space

  • Utilize built ins –Does your area have any built in features? Use those to your advantage.
  • Shelving-Shelving doesn’t have to be expensive. There are dollar store options. Did you know the dollar store even has a mini hardware section, that blew my mind!
  • Coat hooks -They are not just for coats! Use them behind doors, In the bathroom for towels. You can even use them in the kitchen for mugs!

Bins, bins, and more bins!!

Bins are seriously my saving grace! They can seriously be used for everything and they have a huge, glorious wall of them my local dollar store. And to top it off they are all $1.25.

  • In the fridge-Use clear bins in the fridge and freezer to maximize space. I like to have a quick grab bins for the kids to easily grab a snack.
  • Under the sink– Under the sink is my least favorite cupboard. With a few bins under there I can organize my cleaning stuff so its easily accessible.
  • Pantry– The dollar store even has glass container options. I prefer glass for the pantry area cupboard. It makes it easier to see what you are looking for. I put everything in glass container, flour cereal pasta etc.
  • Bathroom– Bins are great in here for make up, hand towel storage, toiletries. Can all be organized into bins, they can sit on shelves and don’t forget there are bins that will fit in your drawers.
  • Misc. basket– Probably my all time favorite. I like to have a large basket on top of the fridge that I can just throw things in for now and sort them out later.
  • Closets– Bins can also fit into closets. Its a great way to store lots of things, without it looking messy and clustered.
  • Toys– Bins and toys go together like peanut butter and jelly! Here is why I like toys in bins. You can categorize them, I cant stand toy boxes for the reason that everything is all piled into one big box and if the kids want something guess what? Yup, they dump it. I find it easier when my kids can just grab the basket that the toy they are looking for is in.

How to organize a small house on a budget


Categorizing your bins will just make your life easier. Especially in areas like the pantry and in the kids room! Some categories I like to use..


  • Spices
  • Teas/Coffee
  • Baking
  • Canned Soup
  • Canned veggies
  • Sauces
  • Rice
  • Pasta
  • School snacks
  • Home snacks


  • Makeup/Nail polish
  • Toiletries (toothpaste, floss etc.)
  • Hand towels
  • Toilet paper
  • Creams/lotions
  • Q-tips/cotton pads

Kids room

The kids room is where I have found bins most helpful because it just makes it easier to grab and go toys, and put them away easier. Now of course you will categorize the toys in your home differently, but this is what I do.

  • Leggo
  • Duplo
  • Playdoh
  • Action figues/people -basically anything with face
  • Vehicles
  • Trains/Tracks
  • Hot wheels tracks – I keep the train track sets and the hot wheels tracks separate, I found that it was overwhelming for the kids when they were together.
  • Nerf – I have a bin for all the nerf accessories, but I made my kids a diy nerf gun wall to hand their guns.
  • Minecraft toys
  • Misc – yes I have a bin to just chuck a few random things in.

Bargain Hunting Tips

A few things to keep in mind when your feeling stressed out. Just take a deep breath, it can be frustrating when you have ideas on what you want for your space but don’t exactly have the money. This is what I do when I want something I may not be able to afford.

Check Swap and Shop or Local Buy and Sell Pages

This is usually the answer to the problem. I have almost always found what I’m looking for on there for a more affordable price. Just yesterday I was telling my mom how badly I wanted those cubby shelves and later that day I was scrolling on face book and I found some for FREE!!! I was so excited I sent my husband to get them right away. Always be on the lookout!

Check your Local Salvation Army

This is a good place to go when your looking for shelving, if I cant find it on swap I go to the SOS.

Can you DIY it?

Would it be cheaper to get the materials and make it yourself? This is something to think about when trying to organize a small house on a budget. The sense of pride and accomplishment when I create something is very satisfying. And you know you saved money!

Living in a small space can be hard, I know I’m really struggling with it too. We have recently moved into a tiny suite while saving up to buy our first home. Five people in 900sqft isn’t easy but we make it work.

I would just like to remind you to take a breath, have a coffee then get started. Its better to at least start rather than doing nothing about it. and when you start you’ll get into a groove and it will get done.

Utilize bargain hunting, and sell what you no longer need or use. This can even pay for everything you want to buy in your organization journey. Like you can actually make money buy getting rid of your old crap because it will clear up space for you and you get some pocket money in return. Win win if you ask me! Here is the kick in the butt you have been waiting for. Now that you’ve had your coffee, get up go do it, just start!

 I am just your ordinary survive at home mom. I am always looking for fun ways to keep my sanity though the creative process and enjoying time with my kids. I’m just doing my best to balance everything while also prioritizing self care.  Mom’s  need that.  survive-at-home-mom.com

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