The Ultimate List of Stocking Stuffer ideas for teens in 2021

The magical days of childhood Christmas excitement have been traded for trying to find a great gift that will excite your not quite grown teen. Older kids are probably not the easiest person to buy for, but that doesn’t mean you should give up. Look no further than the ultimate list of stocking stuffers for teens in 2021 and you’ll be sure to find something they will be excited to receive on Christmas morning.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Teen Girls 

I know it can be hard when your kids have outgrown their childhood toys, but don’t fret- there are plenty of great gift ideas that they may still enjoy that could make for perfect gifts this holiday season. You just need to know what they’re into these days! From fashion accessories to tech gadgets, here are some of the best stocking stuffer ideas for teenage girls that are guaranteed winners. I may have gotten some inside scoop from my own almost 14 year old for this list!

Bath Products 

Girls loved to be pampered and bath products make the perfect stocking stuffer. You can find an array of different kinds from bath bombs, to soaps, bubble baths, body lotions, and body sprays. Some of the favorites my daughter and her friends like are; 

Philosophy Body Wash 

Philosophy products are award-winning body products that cleanse and condition all while smelling heavenly! You can even get trial sizes which are the perfect size for Christmas stockings.

Philosophy bath wash teen gifts

Organic Bath Salts 

Homemade bath salts such as these from Etsy are pretty and smell amazing! 

Homemade bath salts for gifts

Da Bomb Bath Bomb

Watch carefully as this lotus flower bath bomb dissolves because there’s a fun surprise inside. Every girl loves a surprise! 

Bath Bomb for teen stocking ideas

Facial Cleansing Brush 

Your teenager should start to learn about good skincare hygiene if she doesn’t already know. This dermatologist-designed exfoliating facial brush boosts the performance of your cleanser for a deep clean.

Facial Cleansing brush for teen girls

Bracelet kit 

For the crafty girl, get them a clay bead bracelet making kit. These clay beads are all the rage right now. Who knows you could be helping her to start her first part-time business and she could start her own jewelry website or list them on Etsy! If you rather purchased them already made just search Clay Bead jewelry to find some of these trendy bracelets. 

Clay Bead Bracelet kit

Perfume Kit 

If your girl loves to be unique then she will love a perfume making kit! She can create her own one of a kind signature scent from an array of essential oils and fragrances. Me Fragrance will guide you through the online process of making your own unique perfume. 

Perfume kits for girls

Lip Balm kit 

Fun and Practical, a lip balm kit is always essential for the Winter months. This kit has only natural lip balm that includes 100% pure essential oil of peppermint, rose geranium, lavender, and lime; if your lips are real, shouldn’t your lip balm be too! Your young cosmetologist will love making her own fragrances and learning about aromatherapy. 

Burt’s Bees items 

The Burt’s Bees name has certainly made an impression on my daughter and her group of girlfriends. More than just chapstick, they now also have lotions, makeup, skin care products, and hair care items. You can rest assured all items are all organic and with a focus on environmental responsibility!

Burts Bees gift basket

Gel NailPolish kit 

This all-In-One Gel Nail Kit  provides all essential manicure tools – 20 colors gel nail polishes, 24W nail lamp, base coat, and glossy top coat, nail art decorations, nail art tools,gel remover tools,etc. Save your money at the nail salon and enjoy the fun of DIY nail art at home. 

Gel polish kit for teenagers

Color Street dry nail polish 

If your teen loves dry shampoo then they will certainly love dry nail polish! ColorStreet is 100% dry nail polish in a strip that causes no mess, requires no heat to apply, and removes with regular nail polish remover! Your teen can choose from their wide assortment of solids, glitters, and designs. This product can be applied to short or long nails and even will help nail biters kick the nasty habit! They only cost $11-$13 a pack and It’s always Buy 3 get 1 Free on the website too! 

Selfie Ring Light

For the budding youtube star or social influencer, a selfie ring light is a must to get the perfect lighting for your teenager’s videos. You can find them with stands or ones that attach to the phone itself. 

Hanging comb 

If your teen likes to apply conditioner or curling cream in the shower, then this Tangle Free comb with a hook for the shower will be a great gift idea. 

Wet Brush 

Are tangles an issue for your teen, then get them THE BEST DETANGLER HAIR BRUSH! Unlike ordinary hair brushes, the Wet Brush does not rip or pull out the knotted hair. It glides through the hair to gently untangle even the toughest tangles with ease

Makeup brushes

Playing with makeup is always a fun activity for teenage girls. This makeup brush set will provide everything they need to create the looks they want to achieve. 

Travel Cosmetic Bag 

A travel cosmetic bag and makeup organizer is a must for the teen who is always on the go. This adorable leopard print bag is adorable and efficient! 

Tropical Terrarium kit 

If home decor and crafting is in your child’s interest then they would enjoy making their own Tropical Terrarium. This terrarium kit comes with everything you need (including seeds) to build your own plant habitat from scratch. It will also be a beautiful addition to their desk or bedside table and is perfect for the dorm room of college students. 


A pair of slippers is always a gift I give my kids every year. Smiley faces are all the rage this season and these adorable slippers are sure to put a smile on your teen’s face. 

Bluetooth Speaker 

A bluetooth speaker that is waterproof? With a hook to hang? This one is a no-brainer! Your teen can take it with them as it’s lightweight and portable or use it in the shower since it’s waterproof! 

LED lights 

Add some fun aesthetic to your teenager’s room with LED lights. These are easy to install and sync to music and can be controlled by remote or phone making them so much fun!

LED Neon Lights for teen rooms

Photo string lights 

 Fairy lights, plus a string to attach pictures, plus a remote! Photo string lights make the best teen room decor! Heck, I would love this for my office too! 

Glow Photo String Lights

Echo Dot or Echo Show 

Alexa can help your student set reminders, timers, alarm clocks, and answer questions. There will be no excuse for forgetting with Alexa around to help them! 

Name Necklace 

A dainty name necklace is a great gift idea! You can get it personalized on Etsy if you have a unique name. 

Smiley face necklace 

Spread happiness wherever you go with this Smiley face necklace! 

You can find different styles and colors on Amazon or Etsy

Custom Phone case 

Let your teen create a custom phone case with whatever pictures or inspirational sayings they would like to have on it. You can add patterns, blocks of solid colors, icons, clipart, monogram, or even a favorite quote. 


Starbucks is not only known for their coffee but also their legendary logo. You can purchase a gift card, a travel mug, or anything that bears this logo and more than likely it will be a hit! 

Graphic T-shirt 

Your teen may not know a song by these artists, but the graphic tees at Target are largely popular with the adolescent crowd! 

Rolling Stones graphic t-shirt for teenage girls

Travel Mug 

For the girl who loves glitter, she will love a custom personalized stainless steel tumbler that has been glittered and monogrammed! You can find an array of fun items like this one on Etsy. 


A necessity for any teen is a set of airpods! You can even make them extra special with customized engraving. 

Sunglasses for girls 

During any season a fun pair of sunglasses is useful! My kids love to express their individuality with unique sunglasses like these from Quay. If you want a cheaper option check out these sunglass options from Amazon. 

Pura Vida 

My daughter and her friends love anything by Pure Vida. Pura Vida Bracelets provides full-time jobs to artisans worldwide, and donates millions to charity through products that give back. More than just bracelets they also have rings, necklaces, and more! These inexpensive small gifts make great happies for any holiday. I keep a stack in my gift closet for those times when I need a gift quickly. 

Vera Bradley 

The fun Vera Bradley paisley patterns are iconic for teens. From gifts to bags for any kind of travel your teen should like any of these options. This fun charging tag will help keep all of their electronics charged. 

Wireless Charger Stand 

To go along with all of your teenager’s apple devices get them a wireless charger stand to keep their cell phone charged and ready to go! 

C.C. Ear warmer 

The C.C. ear warmer will keep your teen nice and toasty during the winter months. They also have ponytail hole hats as well. 


Help your teen learn proper hygiene with a rechargeable cordless razor. I love to give useful items in the stockings as well! 

Jewelry Travel Organizer 

This cute and useful travel jewelry organizer will be a great addition to the girl who is always on the go! 

Lululemon Hair Accessories 

The active teen girl knows LuLulemon is the most coveted athletic brand. You can get her some hair accessories to help tame her locks while she is doing her sporty thing. 

Hair Shampoo Brush 

Get a deep clean and exfoliate the scalp with this hair shampoo brush. It is made to be used in the shower and will stimulate blood flow to the scalp. 

Teen Devotional 

If your home has a Christian focus, a new devotional focused on teenage issues such as girl drama, boy crushes, and school stresses will be a great gift. This Devotional focuses on tackling their teenage years with the wisdom and comfort of the Bible.

Bible book tabs 

Continuing with our Christian focused stocking stuffers, you can get your daughter some pretty Bible tabs to help them learn the books and navigate the Bible quickly. 

Prayer box 

Let Go and Let God. Help your teen develop a private relationship with God with a personal prayer box

Function of Beauty 

Every girl’s hair is different so should be their shampoo! Let your teen take this quiz to find out which customized formula they need for their hair. 

Dry shampoo 

Dry Shampoo is a teenage girl’s best friend. My daughter likes the Batiste brand that is tinted to match her hair color so she doesn’t get left with white residue. This brand has proven to produce the best results.

Dry Shampoo

Birthstone necklace 

A custom handmade birthstone necklace will be the perfect personalized gift for your special teenager. 

Anime Sketchbook

If your child is a huge Japanese culture anime fan, loves to watch Japanese anime animation movies and really likes sketching, this is the perfect sketchbook for beginners and talented artists to improve your creativity to another level.

Beaded coin purse 

Gorgeous beaded coin purses are very trendy this season. Find different designs unique to your teenager’s style.

Beaded coin purse for teen girls

Smartphone Size Photo Printer 

As a photographer it always kills me when photos stay digital and are never printed. Here is the solution! A smart phone size photo printer! This tiny, compact device prints photos with sticker backing on ZINK film with Zero Ink technology. It connects to devices via Bluetooth, and multiple devices can connect at once — personalized LED lights indicate who’s currently printing. 


A gift card is an easy way to win over a teenager! Choose one from their favorite store or just give them a Visa to use wherever they prefer! You can even make them customized with a special picture. This way they can choose their own Christmas gifts!

Stocking Stuffer ideas for Teen Boys

Your sweet cuddly little boy is now headed for manhood and the days of toy trains are behind him. Browse these fun gift ideas for your teenage boy to find something he will love. 

Gaming Socks 

Anti-slip non-skid rubber fun words printed on each sock. These novelty socks make a great gift for the teen gamer in your life. 

Neon Sign 

Add some glowing decor to your teenager’s bedroom with these fun lights in the glow- in- the dark led neon signs. The bright colors and fun shapes are a great way to bring some uniqueness to their personal space.

Bluetooth Hat

Your son doesn’t have to choose between keeping his head warm and listening to music; a Bluetooth headset is built right into this beanie! He can even make hands-free phone calls! This is the perfect gift for the teen’s stocking who lives in a cold climate.

Phone case 

A durable phone case is a must for the active teenage boy. This slim yet rugged case has all the protection he will need without the bulk. 

Gamer Tshirt 

I love a good, funny graphic tee! This is the best shirt to wear for teenage guys who want to play their video games and not be disturbed!

Mr. Beast  

Is your son into Gaming and Youtube? Then he is probably a fan of Mr. Beast who is not only one of the wealthiest Youtubers, but he makes his millions by helping others. You can find an array of Mr. Beast gifts in his shop. 

Light up Basketball 

Just because the street lights come on doesn’t mean the game has to end. With this light up basketball your teen can continue playing into the later hours! 

Goodr Sunglasses

These sunglasses are the best for function yet are very fashionable and affordable! It will be very difficult to damage them and if they get lost they aren’t terribly expensive. 

Football cards 

For the teen boy who loves to collect sports cards, surprisingly Etsy has a great selection. Football cards became extremely popular in the last year and are very difficult to find in stores. 

Game controller cover 

Personalize your gaming controller with your son’s favorite picture or image to make their gaming experience unique. 


Help your son with bullying, self-esteem, and teen issues by providing him a Christian devotional he can read daily. This devotional for teen boys  helps them cut through life’s distractions and rely on the one thing that is truly important–a relationship with God. 

Shave Kit 

You may have purchased cute cartoon themed bath kits when your son was little but now it’s time to get him a useful shave kit he can use as he learns to shave. This bundle includes all four elements of The Perfect Shave; Pre-Shave Oil, Shaving Cream, Shaving Brush and After-Shave Balm. 

Star Wars Bath Bombs 

Bath bombs aren’t just for girls, kids of all ages love them! My son loves to use them also. These adorable Star Wars themed bath bombs come with collectible figures. 

Star Wars bath bomb kit for teen boys

Bluetooth Tracker 

Does your teen boy constantly misplace the remote? You can order him these tracking stickers to apply to his electronics and use the free app to search for them. You can even connect it to Alexa and ask her to find it!

Harry Potter 

For the Muggle in your life get him/her a Harry Potter -inspired sweatshirt with their favorite characters in an assortment of different colors you can choose.

Harry Potter inspired sweatshirt for teen Christmas

BlueTooth Water Bottle 

A water bottle with a speaker?? How cool is that? This 3 in 1 bottle glows to remind you to drink and can play your fave tunes while you are using it! 

Blue Tooth water bottle

Portable Charger 

A portable charger will save the day when your teenager’s electronics are about to die on them. You can find an assortment of different kinds just be sure to check the reviews. 

Electric Toothbrush 

Philips Sonicare Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush

Every teenager needs a useful gift such as a new toothbrush in their Christmas stocking! Unlike a manual toothbrush, Philips Sonicare uses dynamic cleaning action to gently and effectively reach deep between teeth, for a superior clean that you will see and feel.

ESPN Trivia Game 

Test your sports enthusiast’s knowledge with this fun ESPN Trivia board game. There are even some dexterity challenges to test your athleticism. This is a fun way to get them off of electronics! 

ESPN Trivia Board Game for Teen Christmas gift

Phone Mount 

If your child rides their bike to school or around town this Bicylce phone mount would be a great idea! This particular mount can be used by people of different ages as it fits any handlebars of different types of bicycles, motorcycles, stroller, shopping cart, electric scooter, indoor treadmill, spin bike. 

Phone mount for bicycle


I hope you enjoyed perusing this unique gift guide for the ultimate stocking stuffer list that ranges from meaningful gifts to useful gifts. Christmas may be more fun with younger kids but I am sure these gift suggestions will help make Christmas eve a little less stressful as St. Nick arrives to fill your teen’s stockings that were hung with care.

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