How to prepare for the Ring of Fire during Birth

Giving birth is an incredible experience. There are many options for how to give birth and every woman has a different birthing story, no matter what they choose. Choosing the delivery method that’s right for you will have an impact as you enter into motherhood, so it’s important not only to be informed but also look back at your decision with positivity in mind!

Before we get into all the steps of birth, you may be wondering most about this one very exciting event during birth – the ring of fire.

What is the ring of fire during birth?

The Ring of Fire is a burning sensation that happens when the baby’s head presses against vaginal tissues. It means you’re fully dilated and your baby is passing through the birth canal.

But wait, how did we get here? Let’s go through the phases of giving birth so you’re well prepared for your big and wonderful day!

There are three stages of birth, early labor, active labor and transitional labor.

Early Labor

When you’re in early labor, , the contractions will be mild and last 30-60 seconds. They’ll come every five minutes, but you won’t feel like doing anything other than sitting in a comfortable position with your partner or loved ones.

How to know when you’re still in early labor.

-The contractions are coming every five minutes

-You’re still feeling painless pressure in your abdomen. You may feel a little discomfort when you cough, sneeze or laugh.

This stage of labor can last for hours!

Active Labor

When you’re in active labor, the contractions will be more intense and come closer. They will also become more intense and longer lasting – they might even peak at an interval of three to six minutes.

Other signs to show that you’re in active labor are that you’re feeling pressure in your lower back and pelvis.

Transitional Labor

What happens during transitional labor?

The transitional phase of labor is the most intense phase. Contractions can last from a minute to a minute and a half with every intense peaks.

There is not a lot of rest between contractions, so it may feel like you can not relax for a second. .

The baby’s head should be crowning, meaning it will come out of the vagina. The opening to the cervix (or birth canal) may become wider and longer, as well.

This is when the ring of fire happens, which is when the baby’s head becomes visible in the birth canal. This also means you are fully dilated.

During this phase, you may feel an intense burning sensation as your cervix stretches open to allow for the baby to pass through.

Birth plans: Is it a good idea to have one?

As your pregnancy progresses, it’s a good idea to start thinking about what will happen when the big day arrives.

What is important for you during labor and delivery? Who should be present at this time of great transition in life as mother or father-to-be?

A birth plan is an invaluable resource for new parents. The more detailed, the better! Consider what you want your labor and delivery to be like from start to finish; this includes who will attend, how much pain relief you prefer during labor (or none), positions of baby at time of birth or C-section, etc.

In addition to these guidelines about childbirth itself there are also topics that may not seem directly related such as breastfeeding preferences – if any – circumcision preference for boy babies …etc., but all have their place in helping determine one part of parenting process which can feel very overwhelming with little knowledge.

These are questions that need thoughtful consideration well before birth occurs.

The Birthing Process is Just the Beginning

Don’t be afraid of giving birth to your baby. There are doctors, nurses, doulas, midwifes and your family to support you. You are not alone.

You do not need to have a natural birth to be a wonderful mom. No matter how your baby comes into this crazy world, the most important is that they are received with love.

And do remember, birthing is just the beginning of motherhood, so get the support you need, it’s going to be a long journey. Good luck momma!

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