Momcation: The Vacation You Can’t Afford NOT to Take!

Do you ever just need a break? Maybe your alone time in the shower just isn’t enough (no surprise there!). A “momcation” may be exactly what you need to feel refreshed, recharged, and rejuvenated.

Recently, I took a weekend away with 3 of my friends. All of our husbands were super sweet to take care of the kids, and we spent 2 full days doing whatever we wanted!

We got to try out an escape room, eat our dinners without worrying about little people, sleep in, relax at the pool without worrying about kiddos, attend a comedy club show and finished off the weekend with brunch after church.

Yes, it was as magical as it sounds!

Don’t worry, I’ve got a few tips and ideas so you can take your own well-deserved momcation.

What is a momcation?

A momcation is just a vacation…for moms! As much as we love our children, they are not the entirety of who we are. You had a life before them, you’ll have another after they’re grown, and it’s ok to foster your interests and hobbies while they’re still young!

Momcations are a way to give you a break from motherhood and your motherly duties. There is great joy in motherhood, of course, but we all need a breather every now and again to be the best mom we can be.

You can decide to take your momcation by yourself, or with friends. The point of a momcation is to give you a break, in whatever way you choose! Think of it as a very literal investment in your own health.

Why do moms need momcations?

Mama, I don’t think I’ll have to work too hard to convicne you to take momcation – you deserve it! Motherhood is a wonderful blessing, full of joy, happiness, and pride. But it’s also exhausting, frustrating, and full of worry.

We don’t want to just survive – we want to thrive!

In order to be the mom you want to be, you need time away to fill yourself up. “You can’t pour from an empty cup,” remember. I don’t know of any moms who want to just barely make it through motherhood.

Momcation Bonus: Daddy Time!

While you’re enjoying your time away, your children are getting to spend uninterrupted time with your husband (or other family members). One of the dads on our trip took his two sons to the zoo! My husband had a pizza and movie night with our daughters.

Especially if you are a stay-at-home (or work from home) mom, many of your children’s memories will be with you. And that’s a good thing! But it’s also great for them to have time without you and to make good memories with your spouse.

Where should I go for a momcation?

When choosing your momcation destination, consider a few factors such as time, budget, and distance from home. You may also want to consider seasonality. For example, you shouldn’t plan to see the Boston foliage in May.

During these times of uncertainty and heightened travel restrictions, it may be best to either schedule day trips or momcations that aren’t too far from home. You can make a list of dream destinations, and save it for the future (fingers crossed!).

Because I live in central Florida, Orlando was an easy choice because we had many activities to choose from and it was close to home. Plus, Orlando is just a little bit known for tourism 😉.

Momcation Ideas for Everyone

Just as families take different kinds of vacations, you may enjoy one type of momcation over another. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Spa/Massage Getaway
  • Amusement Park
  • Isolated Cabin
  • Sporting Event
  • Concert
  • Beach
  • Shopping Spree
  • Historical Site
  • Roadtrip

Budget-Friendly Momcation Tips

Your momcation doesn’t have to be extravagant (hooray for you if it is!). There are plenty of ways to take a budget-friendly momcation. Use these simple tips to give you a break without breaking the budget.

Go with a group of other moms.

If you aren’t looking for time all by yourself, grab a couple of gal pals and hit the road! Memories made with friends are even sweeter. Plus, you can split the hotel bill, pitch in money for gas, and share a pizza.

Join a hotel reward program.

Creating an account with sites such as or is an easy way to take a budget-friendly momcation. Many of these programs are free to join and give you access to additional discounts and upgrades. After you stay a certain number of times, you may even qualify for a free night!

Use Groupon.

Groupon is your friend! Not only can you save on discounted tickets and attractions, you may also find a vacation package or hotel accommodation that interests you. I’ve stayed at 5-star hotel for under $100…and that included dinner for two as well!

Search budget airlines.

If your momcation includes air travel, check out some of the smaller, more budget-friendly airlines such as Allegiant, Spirit, or Frontier. These “no frill” airlines will typically charge for bags, seat choice, and concessions. However, if you’re just trying to get from Point A to Point B, these are great options to consider!

These airlines typically have fewer scheduled flights, but the savings are well worth your flexibility.

Travel in the off season.

When a destination is “in season,” you can bet that hotels and experiences will be priced at a premium! To really rack up the savings, plan to travel outside of their peak season. The crowds will also be smaller than at other times of the year, allowing you more time to relax and enjoy the attractions.

Your Perfect Momcation

No matter if your momcation is a daytrip to a spa or a week-long adventure with friends, the most important thing is that is for you. Plan your momcation around your budget, interests, hobbies, and a length of time agreed upon with your spouse.

Mama, you work hard and do so much for so many people. You deserve and need this time away to keep being the wonderful mother that you are.

Relax and enjoy!

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