The Cutest Mom Shorts for 2020

Want to get ready for the summer with some cute mom shorts? Ready to show off your legs and bake in the sunshine?

This list will show you the best high waisted mom shorts, baggy shorts and cutest mom outfits on the Gram!

Get ready to be inspired to show the world your strong and beautiful mom legs!

High Waisted Mom Shorts

Thank goodness high waisted shorts and jeans are back in fashion! Just in time for me as I’m adjusting to my new body after having three beautiful kids!

Here are the most popular high waisted mom shorts right now. Bonus, you can buy most of these shorts online!

Rolled Blue Hihg Waisted Demin Shorts for Moms

Vintage Mom Shorts

Let’s go old school and get a cute pair of vintage shorts to go with your #momlife. The two shorts below are my favorite and look super cute!

Retro High Waisted Mom Shorts with Denim Pockets

Vintage High Waisted Ligth and Dark Jean Shorts

Baggy Mom Shorts

Want your mom shorts to fit easily and not be too tight around your legs? Checkout these baggy mom shorts you can get shipped directly from Amazon.

Casual and Baggy Mom Shorts in Denim with Pockets

Bowknot Tie Waist High Mom Shorts

Mom Shorts Outfits

Alright, let’s say you already have a few great mom shorts in your closet. How do you actually wear them to make them look good in an outfit?

Here are glamorous ideas from Instagram of great outfits to wear with your shorts.

I love that this mom is not afraid to show off her beautiful legs while playing it cool as baby naps.

You can definitely do twin outfits with your kids with your frayed shorts. I love how this momma is playful in her picture!

Oh this is a nice outfit! I love the scarf used as a belt. It adds a lot of class to those cute jean mom shorts!

And if you really want to look summery, get a pair of bright orange mom shorts in corduroy.

I’m in love with this look!

If you really don’t know what outfit to wear with your mom shorts, just go for a plain white tshirt or tank top. It always looks classy!

American Eagle – Mom Shorts

American Eagle has a nice pair of distressed (light destroy wash) denim mom shorts for under $50. It’s pricey, but it has 340+ almost five star reviews!

Here is a link to their entire collection of mom shorts.

Levis – Mom Shorts

I could only find one pair of mom shorts on Levi’s website. They’re light blue with white bottoms. They’re not my favorite as the two toned color can make your legs look cut off.

But you can checkout the Levi Mom Shorts here.

Hollister – Mom Shorts

Hollister really isn’t my type of store. When I was in high school I never had enough money to shop there, and as a mom, I feel I’ve outgrown it.

Regardless, they actually do have a “mom shorts” section, and there are over 20 different types! Checkout the Hollister mom shorts here.

Zara – Mom Shorts

Wow, wait what? These mom shorts from Zara are 75% off! That comes to less than a price of a fancy Starbucks coffee. They may not be on sale when you check out this link, but I sure hope they still are! #allmomslovesales

H&M – Mom Shorts

If you’re looking for cheap (ah, inexpensive) mom denim shorts, checkout these cute ones from H&M! I used to love shopping there – when I didn’t have kids and had all the time in the world.

Now, I do most of my shopping online through Amazon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy shorts online?

The best place to buy shorts online is through Amazon. You can also find great deals at, or any large department store’s online website.

Where is the best place to buy denim shorts?

The best place to buy denim shorts is through Amazon. You can read reviews, compare prices easily and find exactly what you’re looking for. And bonus, if you don’t like it, most of the time there are free returns offered.

Are all mom shorts high waisted?

No, not all mom shorts are high waisted. But high waisted mom shorts are very popular as it hides the very common mom pouch that comes after pregnancy.

Are mom jeans back in style?

Yes! Everyone from teenagers to corporate women to stay at home moms are embracing the mom jeans style!

How do I look good in mom shorts?

You will look good in anything if you wear it with confidence. Put on some mascara, spray on your favorite perfume and wear what makes you feel best.

How do you make frayed shorts?

Here is a step by step YouTube video showing you exactly how to make frayed shorts.

What goes with pastel blue shorts?

Pastel blue shorts can look great on anybody. Pair your pastel blue shorts with a light gray or white shirt for an airy summer look. Wearing a flowing shirt with your shorts is a very classic outfit.

Best High Waisted Denim Mom Shorts

Let me know what you think about the outfits above. What is your favorite way to wear mom shorts?

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