How to Rid Mom Guilt and Develop a Growth Mindset in Motherhood

Have you seen the movie, Soul, on Disney+ yet? I couldn’t help but think, when 22 came to Earth and was so fascinated and in awe with the world, that that’s going to be my son because he’s been so sheltered with this season of quarantine. Then the thought spiral started, ‘his whole life has been during a pandemic and this is not what I envisioned his first couple years of life to be.’ ‘I stay home with him so he doesn’t get much interaction as he would at a full time day care.’

Gosh, is mom guilt ever real. But learn how I squash those thoughts and feelings so they don’t spiral to an even bigger mental hardship.

How to rid mom guilt and develop a growth mindset

Mindset in Motherhood

Pregnancy and motherhood teach us so much…

  • getting to know ourselves better
  • mindset shifts
  • changes in perspectives
  • the value in things
  • the gift life really is

I cant even touch on all the things we learn as parents, but one thing I do want to emphasize is when I started paying more attention to how I wanted to feel, I found that working on my mindset was the root to creating a happy, fulfilling, loving life. We all know not all the feelings encompassing motherhood are happy. There’s a lot of deep and dark seasons that we may go through.

  • feelings of we lost who we were before becoming a mother
  • anxiousness surrounding certain things or life in general
  • ‘mom brain’ and ‘brain fog’, being the lighter way to put complete mental exhaustion

There are so many changes of light, love, and growth, but also things we fear to talk about like the hardship, darkness, and loneliness.

But you know what?

  • Talk about it.
  • Open up to someone you trust.
  • It doesn’t make you any less of an amazing mother.
  • You are not weak.
  • You are strong !
  • You’re resilient !
  • You’re capable !
affirmations to speak to yourself as a mom

Your Mindset in Motherhood

There is such a radiant light at the start of the year,

  • thinking of the future
  • reminiscing and reflecting
  • having those butterflies of possibilities and opportunities ahead.

    Mama, if there is a voice inside of you saying,
  • ‘I need to show up for xyz,’
  • ‘It’s time for me to work on xyz,’or even
  • ‘It’s time for me to focus on clearing xyz from my headspace,’

I think that is your subconscious telling you to slow down and focus on healing what needs to be healed so you can release what’s holding you back so you can excel forward. Those words are inspired by the amazing Gabby Bernstein.

So often we shove that voice under the rug because of the busyness of the day to day and the stressors of now. But we have to show up for ourselves and honor listening to that voice in your head.

Three ways that can help that is to:

  1. Release the past year
  2. Develop morning intentions
  3. Measure success by how much fun you’re having and how you feel.

Let go of the past year, mama. Honor what happened, pay attention to the learning experiences, your feelings are valid, but forgiveness helps move you forward. And please, listen to you. Listen to that voice in your head and follow what shes saying.

Developing a Growth Mindset in Motherhood

So raise your hand, mama! – and repeat after me,

‘I’m not a bad mom if I have a bad day.’
‘I am the best mom for my children.’
‘I’m strong, resilient, and capable to create a life [ & mind + body] I love. ‘
‘I am a human too, who needs love, embrace, and care. I show up for myself, too.’

Allow yourself to feel your feelings and those bad days along with the good because they are all justified. We just cant live in that negative, anxious, stressed frame of mind, forever, mama. And something that struck a chord with me the other day during a training I was listening to was, ‘we have a gift that we expect as a guarantee. We go through each day maybe feeling entitled to something, or expect good to just fall into our laps.’

But you know what, our gift is life!

  • Are you still having the same bad day?
  • Overwhelmed by the responsibilities of motherhood?
  • Finding yourself unfulfilled with the same things?
  • Going around in circles expecting different results?
  • Frustrated at your SO or kids for the same things day after day?
  • Resentful toward yourself because you gave up on a goal when you became a mom?

Our life is a precious gift, mama. Go after what you what and don’t stop until you get there. Start that side business that is your true passion. Leave that job that drains you. Speak out to those you love. Say no to the things that don’t bring you joy. Embrace change and honor struggle because through it comes growth. And goodness, you have an identity outside of being a mom. Yes, it’s a big part of our days and I’m so grateful to be home with my son, but motherhood is not your entire identity. Don’t wait for something drastic to happen to ground yourself into knowing you are settling, or taking days for granted, or not cherishing and celebrating every moment you have. Make yourself proud, mama.

Now here’s the thing, FOR A LIMITED TIME, Im offering my Mindset Makeover: Personal Reflection workbook for FREE!

Mindset Workbook

My goal for you using this workbook is to help you find and love yourself again in this beautiful, messy, chaotic life. To begin to cultivate a meaningful relationship and unconditional love for yourself and your life, from the inside out. It’s not always easy, and this growth mindset workbook will get deep, but allow yourself to get deep into it. Allow yourself to feel your emotions, be true with yourself, and work through it, because with awareness comes clarity. And mama, we are not a product of our circumstances, we are products of our decisions and how we continue to show up.

This is coming from the girl who used to turn to alcohol as a numbing vice to the stress and anxiety in life. The girl who looked at herself in the mirror and saw someone who wasn’t good enough. The girl who thought the only control she had was when she obsessed over the food she consumed and manipulated her body. And then I became a mother and had a whole new slew of mental hardships to overcome newly postpartum.

Mama, you are more capable than you may think right now.

There is a way out of your mental downward spiral, I promise. But it all starts with you. No one can make the choice for you. But I know change and where to start is why a lot of times we just don’t start moving in the direction we aspire to be.

Always remember, you are powerful beyond measure, you are capable of anything you are willing to work for, and you can change your life, today, mama. Be a rebel and make today and everyday a great day.

How to rid mom guilt and develop a growth mindset
mother and son

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