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I am thrilled to begin my blogging journey.  My mom once told me about 2 years ago that I should create a blog to showcase all of my plant-based recipes I cook up in the kitchen.  I said, “No way!”  Deep in my heart, I knew it was too much work and I didn’t really think that it was a solid path for me.  I am so glad I changed my mind because I’m at a point in my life where I need to generate and build more income to support my family so my husband isn’t the main one paying for everything. (Though, he doesn’t complain about it.)  I’ve always been a doer without waiting for someone to tell me, and I want to contribute to our household in a BIGGER way that will totally catch my husband off guard.

I have felt stuck, depressed, hopeless, and lonely for so long as a homeschooling mom of 8 years.  I’ve always wanted a mom to relate to, talk to, and share my challenges with, but I’ve never really found that.  This is exactly what I hope and aim to accomplish with my blog.  I want to encourage mama’s that they can be mompreneurs and homeschooling mamas too!  I want to be a support system for them when things get tough.  I want to hear their pain, their struggles, and their concerns and I want to encourage them through it.  I want to build a positive and supportive community of moms and teachers.  I want to be able to provide resources, tips, and advice that will teach them how to be creative and hands-on in their own unique way.

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