Meet Lindsay

I’m Lindsay and I am living and working in Thailand. I started this blog to share some of my life as I do NGO work in rural Thailand, but also to attempt to share resources that allow me to travel. I am currently working with a small Thai NGO doing refugee work on the border of Thailand and Myanmar, and would love to share the stories and experiences learned. I also hope you can find affordable ways to travel and also how to live more like a local while abroad. This blog is about sharing but also about helping others find ways to experience new things abroad, both financially and with confidence.

I love to travel and experience new things, and I hope you can also find some enjoyment through my blog and can also have the opportunity to experience something new. My aim is also to educate on the refugee situation in Thailand and the stories of perseverance on the border. I look forward to growing together and am excited to start this new journey!

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