Meet Leo

Hi, I’m Leo from One Happy Widow. I created my blog as a resource to help other widowed people who are in the grieving process. I want to share my own experiences as a widow and how I am working daily to find joy in my life. I am creating a course that will help readers set small, attainable, measurable goals to work towards.

I want my readers to truly believe they can find happiness and joy in their lives, even after losing their loved ones. I want to help others move forward with whatever their goals are: in love, finances, career, education, relationships, mental health, or other goals they have. Lastly, I want my readers to know they are not alone in their pain. We can create a tribe of strong, caring people who can share their experiences of loss, and together we can all move forward to make the most of the life we still have. We will live the life our spouses did not get to live and honor their memories in the process.

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