10 Life Lessons To Teach Your Kids

Positive life lessons to teach our kids.

Some people have to learn lessons in life the hard way. Either by trying and failing or by getting caught cheating on a test. At a very early age as parents, we should be teaching our little ones simple and basic life lessons that will begin shaping and molding them into positive, helpful, caring, and responsible individuals. Below are 10 of life lessons to teach your kids and help you get off to a great start.

Lesson 1. If you are thankful, show it.

Appreciation for other people is often one of the things we don’t show very well. I don’t know about you but I tend to take simple things others do for me for granted. For example, when my hubby takes out the trash. I am thankful he does this but often I forget to tell him I am thankful and appreciative.

Having our kiddos start showing their appreciation and thankfulness at a young age, or any age for that matter can help them make a habit for it. One way to make this even more fun for the kids is to tell them it makes you happy when they are telling you how thankful they are for what you did for them.

Small gestures go a long way.

Saying “thank you” shows that other person you are appreciative of what they are doing for you and will make them feel like they are making a positive difference in your life. When people feel like what they are doing is making a difference they will tend to keep doing that action. Positive reinforcement.

Click here for another post all about thankfulness.

Lesson 2. If you love someone, tell them.

How many times do you wish you could just tell someone one more time how much you love them? I don’t want to tell my kids they need to make sure people know how you feel about them because one day they aren’t going to be here anymore. It is, however, important for our kids to know the importance of expressing our love to the ones we love.

I make it a point to tell each of my girls at least 3 times a day I love them. The number of times increases depending on if I am leaving to go somewhere and they aren’t coming with me. Here are the bare minimums;

  • in the morning as they are leaving for school
  • in the afternoon when they return home from school
  • at bedtime when I am tucking them in. 

Lesson 3. If you are wrong, fess up.

Having our kiddos accept responsibility when they are wrong is one of the greatest things we can ever do for them. Everyone needs to learn this lesson. They need to learn there is no shame in being wrong. Everyone cannot be right every single time. (Except for mommy :D)

It is alright when you are wrong. In fact, lots of growing as a person is done when you make a mistake if you are willing to learn from that mistake. Ben Franklin discovered electricity by accident and now look at where we are today!

Lesson 4. If you are confused, ask questions.

We are far better off if we ask questions then we are to make a huge mistake that could cause serious damage. It is our responsibility to make sure our kiddos know this lesson! There are somethings that we mess up and get wrong that could have been avoided if we would have only asked for clarification.

So many times our kids get confused about their homework and end up giving up on it because they just don’t understand. Making them know and feel comfortable asking more questions until they understand is a great way of helping them become more successful in whatever they do.


Lesson 5. If you learn something, teach others.

In a way teaching our kids these life lessons is doing exactly what this lesson is all about. Sharing our wisdom with everyone is one of the greatest gifts we could ever give, especially if it helps another person be successful in their adventure called life. Teaching our kids to share their knowledge with others will go a long way for them in their lives.

“Share the wealth” isn’t always about sharing money. Knowledge can be just as valuable, if not more at times, as money.


My personal shout-out

One of my greatest teachers has been the one who taught me to be successful with blogging, Suzi at startamomblog.com and the creator of momlifehappylife.com! Her selflessness of teaching others the tips, tricks, and general knowledge she spent so long and hard-working on is truly amazing!

Lesson 6. If you are stuck, ask for help.

Whether it be academically, emotionally, or physically our children should never be afraid to ask for help! Giving them a judgment-free environment will make them feel comfortable with asking for help.

Not only should they be able to ask us, or their teachers, peers, and other family members, they should also receive help with their situation. If we have to outsource the help we need to make sure they know we love them and don’t know the answer for them but that we are going to help them any way we can.

Lesson 7. If you make a mistake, apologize.

I cannot think of anything more hurtful than when someone wrongs me and doesn’t apologize for it. It is hurtful not because they made a mistake, those things happen. It is hurtful when they don’t show remorse or act like they care that they made a mistake and hurt me.

We have to teach our kiddos that it is alright to make mistakes, but we need to apologize for our mistakes. Even more so when the mistake we made hurts someone else.

Lesson 8. If you trip, get back up.

One of my favorite teachers from elementary school always told us “Find a way to succeed, not an excuse to fail.” For almost 20 years this phrase has stuck with me because it is so true. Success won’t always come easy. Some of the most rewarding adventures in our lives may even come from some terribly hard work and dedication. That is what makes that success even more rewarding!

Our kids need to see that when we fail we get right back up and keep trying. It’s a great way to teach by example and continue to be successful ourselves!

Lessons 9 & 10. If someone needs help, help them. If you see wrong, take a stance.

These last two go together like peanut butter and jelly. Our world would be so much better if more people acted on these two life lessons. Not all superheroes wear capes or can fly or have super strength.

The kid that invites the lonely kid to play games with their group of friends, a superhero. The kid that stands up for the kid being bullied, a superhero.

Do we need to teach them to give everything to the homeless person standing on the street? No. Do we need to teach them to give help whenever they can to people who truly need our help? Yes. Do we need to teach them that every time someone asks for our help they have to give it? No, sometimes we cannot help because we don’t know how, cannot spare the time, or don’t have what they need to be helped. We should teach them that whenever we can we should help.


You made it to the end! These are some of the most important life lessons we can teach our kiddos. Want more positive parenting tips and tricks? Consider subscribing to my email list to know when I post or follow me on social media.

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