How to Make an Easy Lego Table with Storage for Your Little Builder

Legos are so popular, but they get EVERYWHERE!

Any parent that has ever stepped on a Lego piece wishes they had a Lego table with storage.  Am I right?  I know walking into my nephew’s room is like walking on a landmine.  Well, creating a this storage table is super beneficial. You not only get a nice table for kids to have some screen-less play time, but you also finally have a place to put every one of those little pieces.  A 2-for-1 kinda project and that’s a Win in my book!

Child playing with legos

Importance of Lego

The Lego Toy Company has been around since 1932 to provide a well-crafted toy for children to have fun and grow their development.  The creators coined the word LEGO not knowing that in Latin it meant “I put together,” and from then on, we have the colorful, tiny building blocks we know of today. Lovingly, Lego sets out to “Inspire and Develop the Builders of Tomorrow.”  I love it when companies have heartfelt goals.  Ok, Ok, maybe they ARE worth the elevated price of other toys.  Just maybe. LOL

Not Just a Toy

My cute little nephew is obsessed with Lego and I made him a Lego table with storage.  Ever since he was very young, he would carry a bag of Legos with him everywhere he went.  Beaming with pride, he would show me everything he built.  To be honest, I had no idea what I was looking at.  If he said it was an airplane than it was an airplane. “Super cool buddy…Super cool!”

Well, after a few years, we found out that my nephew is somewhere on the learning spectrum.  Ultimately, playing with Legos proved to be an enjoyable activity because it aligned with how his mind processes information.  That’s all his parents had to tell me to get my creative gears going. 

He likes Legos!

It helps his development!

Justly, this crafty Auntie was going to make him a Lego Table to build until his heart’s content.

A table with storage is a MUST HAVE

Knowing of his LARGE stash of Legos, his mother had one request, “Please, by any means necessary, make sure it has storage.”  I could feel her pain and happily obliged.  That’s how my adorable nephew got a Lego table for Christmas that year.

Let’s build a Lego Table with Storage


  • Lack side table – IKEA – $14
  • 16″ Drawer track – Amazon– $6
  • Storage bin drawers – IKEA – $4
  • 1 pack of Building Baseplates – Amazon – $13
  • Gorilla Glue – Amazon – $6
  • Sunnersta rail, hooks and containers – IKEA – $4
  • Vinyl decals or stickers – make yourself with a die cutting machine or purchase from Etsy – Price varies
  • Kyrre stool (optional) – IKEA – $15
  • Screwdriver, screws, sandpaper
  • Clamps or heavy objects
Lego table with storage supplies

Sourcing your supplies

I listed all the supplies I used to make my table, but feel free to customize your table however you see fit. I know I wanted my nephew’s table to be personalized and have bright colors so I used several primary colors.

If you are concerned about getting a white table, because let’s be honest kids are messy, IKEA also has this same table in black. Also, check out this blog post about how to enjoy messy crafts with your kids without the mess. I surely wish I had these tricks before I did finger painting with my niece and nephew in my new white and black craft room. Ugh, I digress.

Here are a few Pro Tips to help along the way:

Pro Tip #1: All Base plates are not the same. Make sure you buy base plates that are compatible with Lego building blocks. It should specify it in the description.

Pro Tip #2: Gorilla glue is very sticky and doesn’t come off hands very easily, so use gloves when applying.

Pro Tip #3: The IKEA experience can be overwhelming if you have never been. It’s a huge store, the showroom is shaped like a maze, and you have to pick your own items off the shelves in the warehouse. My tip, browse on the website and save everything in your wishlist online. This way when you get to the store you are ready to purchase and can bypass the showroom and go straight to the actual products, saving time and money. Lastly, get a cinnamon roll at the food court. They are amazing and you deserve it!

ikea cinnamon roll


Step 1: Follow the instructions to put the IKEA lack table together. The instructions are normally terrible, but this table is easy to assemble. You just have to screw in the legs.

Step 2: Flip the table over and screw the drawer tracks on the back side. Make sure to measure the width of the bin to make sure you are placing the tracks at the correct width apart. We don’t want the drawer to fall out, right?

adding drawer tracks

Step 3: Flip the table back right side up. Take your sandpaper and scratch up the top surface. You can also use a nail file if you don’t have sandpaper. This will help the glue to adhere to it better. Wipe it down with a damp cloth to remove the dust.

Step 4: While the tabletop is still damp, liberally apply the gorilla glue to the top surface, leaving a 1/2 inch border around the edges. Immediately place the flat side of the Lego base plates down on top of the glue. To make sure you get a tight bond, weigh down the base plates to the table with clamps or heavy objects like books or candles. Let the glue dry for 24-48 hrs.

Step 5: Add the additional storage cubbies on the side with the rail set by screwing the rail in on both ends. There’s not much room on the sides so measure and mark the position before you actually screw it in. Once secure, add the clips and storage bins.

Step 6: This is my favorite step, add personalization. Have fun, add things that your child would like and appreciate. I added my nephew’s name with a vinyl decal I made with my Cricut cutting machine. I also put the words BUILD, CREATE, PLAY on the each of his bins in primary colors. Lastly, I added tons of fun superhero stickers on the bins.

This is the final DIY Lego Table with Storage

DIY Lego Table

I mean, look at that cute face!!! My nephew was so excited Christmas morning. What a way to make an Auntie’s heart melt!

This table was one of the easiest projects I’ve done. If you are having doubts, let me encourage you…I truly believe you can make it on your own.

Purchasing a Lego Table with Storage

You may be saying, DIY is just not for me. I get it. If my sister had to make this table, my nephew would’ve never gotten a table. So don’t worry, you are not alone. There are great ready made options out there to purchase.

Here’s a cool 2-in-1 table that you can use for multiple activities – Amazon – $106

2 in 1 lego table

Here’s another fun table that comes with chairs and can grow with your child as they get bigger – Amazon – $80

Adjustable lego table

No matter what you choose, I’m sure your little builder will be very happy. Ultimately, giving your child an avenue to play and development motor skills makes this gift more than just a table, it’s an investment into your child’s future. That makes it 100% worth it.

Until next time…Stay Crafty!

Angie – The Purple Craft Diva

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