5 Of The Best Kid Art Tables with Storage

If you are looking for kid art tables with storage (because we all know what happens when there’s no storage!) then keep reading!

In this post, we’re going to take a look at 5 of the best kids’ art tables with storage to help you decide which option will work best for you. So whether you’ve got toddlers whose crafts tend to spread far and wide. Or older children in school who need their own dedicated art space. You’ll find something here.

And if you’re still not decided by the end of the post, then don’t worry! We’ll tell you which one we think is the all-around best, making this super easy for you as the parent or carer!

What do you need in an Art Table for your Kids?

Before we dive into the actual table recommendations, it’s first important to ask yourself the following. What it is you need in an art table for your child:

  • Do you need it to be lightweight so you can move it around?
  • What budget do you have for the table?
  • Does it need to grow with your family?
  • How much space do you have for the art table?
  • What do you want to store in your kid’s art table?

Now that you have an idea in mind, let’s take a look at a few different options:

1. Kid Art Table Storage on a Budget

If you are on a tight budget but would still like to purchase some sort of designated art table for your child, then this Delta Children MySize Kids Convertible Activity Bench is the perfect option. It’s great for little ones as it also comes in character options too! It is a lovely little desk that folds away when not in use and doubles up as a seat (when on a limited budget – going for something that is multi-use is always a great option!)

There are two boxes that slide out from underneath to store all the art supplies when not in use This kid art tables with storage is great if you are looking for something compact and simple for a small child, but will make them feel special.

2. Maximum Storage Art Table 

If your kids absolutely love art and crafts, and you’re forever finding a trail of crafts all over the house, then you’re probably going to want kid art tables with storage that can hold everything all in one area!

You’ll have no trouble storing all your kid’s arts and craft supplies in this Guidecraft Deluxe Art Centre. It has space for a couple of children to work at the same time too. This is definitely an art table that will last a long time and you can easily adapt as they get older.

It has space for a paper roll on the end (great for little ones) and storage bins that fit beautifully on the specially made shelves. As well as varying sized bins and cubby holes for pens, paper, glue, marker pens, paint, and so much more!

This is definitely an investment piece but one that is durable and will stand the test of time well. It also comes with two stools that can be stored underneath saving some space when not in use.

This is a great space for kids to come and dive straight into their arts and crafts. And they won’t have to route things as most supplies are easily accessible!

3. The Best Kid Art Table for a Small Space

If you are tight on space then you will likely need something quite compact. Or you may need something that can easily be stored away. This next kid art tables with storage has both of these features in one!

The Top Bright Wooden Storage Chalkboard is both an art table, and an upright chalkboard! It easily switches between the two. So when you’re done crafting or drawing at the table, simply switch it to an upright chalk/whiteboard and save space.

The storage on this table is not massive. It does have a ‘bucket’ in the side to keep some basic supplies, and you could easily add a narrow storage box underneath the easel.

It has a chalkboard and whiteboard (both of which are magnetic) making this a really versatile option!

4. Kid Art Tables With Storage Hidden for the Minimalist in You!

If you are a minimalist and the thought of art supplies everywhere fills you with dread, then getting a table with compartments that hide away all the craft supplies when not in use is the dream!

This JIAOQIU Children’s Table and Chair Set from Amazon is perfect for this because it has boxes that sit just underneath the table. The boxes are accessible when needed, but everything is hidden away out of sight underneath the actual table!

It comes with 4 boxes, so room to divide up supplies. This is great if you have more than one child using the space, and comes with two chairs.

5. DIY Kids Art Table Storage for Specific Arts and Crafts

And finally, if none of these really ‘fits’ what you are looking for in a kids craft table with storage, then our next suggestion is to DIY it! (Don’t worry there’s no actual wood and nails involved if that’s not your thing!)

What I mean by DIY is to find storage that works for you. Combine it with a table or desk that you either already have, or want to purchase. This can be the best option for many as it makes the art table fully customizable for you and your child. It can often be cheaper too.

For example, we are huge fans of the Raskog Ikea Trolley – you can have whatever you want on that trolley by using other containers within it…here’s how we use ours…

(As you can see it’s crammed full of stuff, but it’s super mobile making it work for us!)

Either keep it alongside a designated art table or move around. Great for if you use say the kitchen table or coffee table. It’s also great for older kids as often kids’ art tables can be quite small. It combines easily with a much bigger table/desk.

Which kid art tables with storage will you go for?

So there you have your options. If you are still stuck and not sure what to go for, then depending on your budget, this is what we’d recommend.

I’d either go for the Guidecraft Deluxe Art Centre if you have the space and budget or alternatively go for the DIY option. You can use storage boxes, trollies, baskets, or sets of drawers – you name it, it’s possible. All combined with a simple desk or table depending on the age and size of your child.

And if you’re looking for more craft ideas when you’ve got your table all set up then take a look at our library of posts HERE

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