IKEA Girls Bedroom Hack

A year ago we downsized into a townhome from an almost 3,000 square foot house in the burbs. We went from four bedrooms, to three much much smaller sleeping spaces for our family of five.

Why did we downsize?

In short, less mess equals less stress.

We also wanted to move to a different town within walking distance to the kid’s schools and local restaurants.

Also, having less things allows you to focus on the things that really matter – like God, family, friends and adventures.

But, living in a smaller house has a few fun challenges.

I decided to put two IKEA kura beds in the girl’s bedroom with two IKEA trofast storage units that act as stairs to their “princess beds”.

This is what I came up with in their small bedroom – and they adore it!

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You can clearly see from the picture the different personality of my girls.

My 4 year old is a true minimalist with one toy on her bed.

My almost 6 year old sweet girl is a true maximalist. There is no end to her love for stuffed animals!

There is enough room under each Kura bed that they can put a little table or doll house there. This particular cute table I bought at Aldi, and that cute doll house was a gift from my sweet sister in law.

They normally don’t allow their little brother to play in their room – but sometimes he sneaks in and pretends it’s a jungle gym!

The bed railings are also high so they won’t roll out. Just be sure to get a thinner mattress – like this one.

Their favorite activity is to toss toys from one bed to another.

This IKEA Kura and Trofast hack is seriously the best! I think I’ll keep the room like this until the are teenagers!

Did you like it? Would you do this too?

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1 thought on “IKEA Girls Bedroom Hack”

  1. I love this! I wish I had found this post before re-doing my boys’ (6 and 4) bedroom. We put bunk beds in but they didn’t like them stacked so now they are side by side and take up a lot more room than the queen we previously were using. ‍♀️ This is a cute and clever way to save space in a shared room.

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