Everything You Need To Know About Himalayan Salt Lamps

Everything You Need To Know About Himalayan Salt Lamps


By now, I’m sure you’ve seen the craze of people buying Himalayan Salt Lamps. They seem to be everywhere. People are raving about the health benefits.

But maybe you’re still on the fence about it. I mean, you have questions, and there are so many lamps out there to choose from.

Which one do you buy? And what exactly do they do?

You know you want to do anything you can to improve your health, because it’s so important.

“The greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you.” -Joyce Meyer.

Now if that doesn’t inspire you, I urge you to read further. Check out the benefits for yourself.

And I mean, who wouldn’t want a lovely piece of pink salt lighting their work space, or relaxation spot in your home? It’s warm and glowing and so inviting.

Real VS. Fake Salt Lamps - Kristin Skipper

Do Himalayan Salt Lamps Work?

If you do a search for salt lamps, so many results pop up. Tons of ads for you to buy them, but before you do, you wonder if they really work.

Well, sit tight, you’ve come to the right blog.

It’s said, Himalayan Salt is from the first sea. Back from the world’s origin The salt is mined and a hole cut in the center to make room for a light bulb.

The lamps are unique, original, and can be pretty. But do they really work?

Mechanism: salt attracts water molecules to it. So, it’s said, the huge chunks of salt will attract the water in the air to it.

Action: The water in the air might be full of pollutants or allergens and when they hit the lamp, they will be absorbed and filtered. Win for you, right?



  • Not a lot of salt lamp scientific research studies
  • Might need a large lamp to reap the benefits of the negative ions
  • Finding a reputable seller

Now, you’ve decided to purchase a salt lamp. What are the next steps?



Spotting a Fake Himalayan Salt Lamp-Is it difficult?

Hold onto your pants, it’s not hard if you know what to look for.

  1. Real Salt Lamps are dim. Think about it. A huge piece of salt, which contains so many minerals all pressed together, should be thick and dense. Opaque.
  2. The Himalayan Salt Lamps come from mountains. They get their hue from the area they are mined from in Pakistan. Sometimes there are white ones, but they are rare. Most common is a pink or orange coloring.
  3. These Salt Lamps are fragile. Often they can be easily damaged in shipping. If you get one that is really durable, you most likely have a fake.
  4. Since they can be easily damaged, make sure the company you buy from has a good return policy. If they do, then it would mean they sell the real deal.


Now that you know how to spot a fake, before you go out and spend anywhere from $55 plus, there are a few other things to consider before buying.


Are Himalayan Salt Lamps Safe For Pets?

Curiosity killed the cat. I’m sure you’ve heard that statement before. Am I right? Yet it makes sense. One day you put a different glowing large object on a table and expect them to ignore it?

Not likely.

As a cat owner myself, there is almost nothing I can put out that our cat won’t go explore…and possibly knock over. A vase of flowers, a Christmas tree, with their favorite shiny hanging balls they love to knock off, a glass of water, just to name a few.

But what about salt lamps? It seems like a inconspicuous thing your cat wouldn’t bother, right? And maybe they won’t, but please take note of the warnings and recommendations when deciding if you should buy one.

The Ever Curious Kitties

For adult cats, the recommended daily dose of salt is at 42 milligrams, according to this article. If they consume more than that, serious health issues ensue. Take into account if you have a kitten, the maximum would be even less than 42 milligrams.

What are the effects of too much salt in cats?

  • Vomiting
  • Seizures
  • Lethargy
  • Excessive Thirst
  • Death

I don’t know about you, but I would want to make sure this lamp was placed in a secure location. Maybe a place your cat doesn’t have free access to.

For example, a good location might be at your bedside table and shut the door while you are away at work. (Of course, make sure you don’t shut the cat in the room too).


Man’s Best Friend

Now, for dogs, the daily maximum dose of salt a dog should have daily is a little more complicated. It is calculated by the dogs weight.

So, if you have a dog that weighs 33 lbs, they would only need about 100 milligrams of salt per day.

If you have a dog, where should you place the lamp? Good question.

For most dogs, they probably wouldn’t bother the lamp or worry about it if its placed in a location they can’t easily access.

For example, you might want to place your Salt Lamp:

  • In the middle of a tall table
  • On top of your Tv Stand
  • A bartop kitchen counter, or even the kitchen counter if you have a dog that doesn’t like to hop up there.
  • On a table in a room your dog doesn’t have access to normally.

If you have a high energy dog, or one that loves to explore your counters and tables while you are at work, have a conversation with your vet, just to be safe.

As always, consult your pet’s vet if you have any question about how your pet might interact with a Himalayan Salt Lamp.


Okay, your set. But do you wonder what it takes to keep one of these Himalayan Salt Lamps in tip top shape?

Never fear, I’ll share a few tips with you so your fully prepared before you buy.


Care Tips for Your Himalayan Salt Lamp

Can You Wash Your Salt lamp?

A quick answer. No.

When water and salt mix, salt usually dissolves in the water. If you expose your lamp to the running water repeatedly, it will make it deteriorate.

Best Practices

  • Turn off the lamp and allow it time to cool down.
  • Take a small sponge or cloth and apply just enough water to make it moist. If you’re unsure, wring it out a few times and make sure there is no water dripping.
  • Gently wipe the lamp down.
  • If there is an area with stuck on grime, you can use a scouring pad to remove it. It shouldn’t harm the surface.



How Long Will Your Salt Lamp Last?

Forever. If you treat it properly.

Never submerge it in water, as it is salt, a naturally occurring substance, it will dissolve in water.

Be care when moving it. They are fragile and will break if dropped or mishandled.

Other than that, you might have to replace the bulb every once in awhile, but the Himalayan Salt should last forever. That’s helpful on the pocketbook, am I right?


Now, I hope you’ve moved off the fence and made a decision with all this delicious knowledge.

I’d love to hear about your experiences with your Himalayan Salt Lamp, comment below! Extra points for pictures.

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  1. Salt lamps work by themselves. However, the researchers found that if they heated the salt, it would systematically cover a larger area. As a result, the salt has been transformed into lamps and chandeliers. We leave our lamps 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, some people do not like to sleep with light; that’s good too. Just light the lamp during the day and turn it off at night. It will work to purify the air throughout the day

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