Here’s Where to Buy Basal Thermometer (And Why You Need One)

Are you looking for information on where to buy basal thermometer? If you’re a woman trying to get pregnant and interested using your basal body temperature to detect the best days for sex and ovulation, keep reading.

What’s a BBT thermometer?

This device is a special thermometer, which is extra sensitive to track your body’s minutest change. As you may already know, you can use it in spotting and tracking your temperature chart. It can help you predict fertile times when you’re likelier to get pregnant.

The BBT temperature graph/chart shows time that you’ve ovulated. It can help you when to time intercourse. However, you must have been able to monitor your basal body temperature for at least one cycle.

With a BBT chart, you’ll clearly see when you have ovulated not when you’re about to ovulate. It displays data that help you plan the next intercourse for those days that will be when the temperature will increase.

Charting your cycle using a BBT thermometer, you will be able to spot patterns and plan for best times to have intercourse if you want to get pregnant.

On the other hand, there are women who use BBT to prevent pregnancy. They chart their cycle and find out times when they’re fertile so that they can avoid sex.

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Where To Buy Basal Thermometer

Mother with digital thermometer checking temperature

You can find so many BBT thermometers on the market, in pharmacies and online shops.

Even if you’re buying a basal body temperature thermometer online, you should avoid cheap thermometers.
They may not last long even if they have the basic fertility features.

Some of these do not also have an easy to read display, which can be an issue especially if it does not have a memory recall function.

For a better idea on how to choose a BBT thermometer now that you know where to buy one, here’s what you need to know.

How to choose a BBT thermometer

Earlier, we’ve touched on some of the basics to know about finding an ideal thermometer to track ovulation. But in the following, learn about choosing a reliable thermometer.

Check for accuracy

It does not matter if you bought the most expensive thermometer if it doesn’t provide an accurate reading.
To prevent it from happening, you must look for thermometers that can offer precise measurements to the closest 0.1 of a degree and skip those that can measure only to the nearest 0.2 of a degree.

While you might not think of its huge importance, it plays an important role especially that you want accuracy in the monitoring.

Like if you’re taking your temperature every morning, you must make sure that the temperature is 100% accurate.
Bottom line – Trying to compare different thermometers, you should check that the device offers accuracy up to 1/10 of a degree. Or else, more than this degree might not be enough to help with cycle charting.

Consider a digital thermometer

One of the most chosen types though is the digital type that comes with a temperature-plotting chart. It is more convenient and easier to use for many people. It is because they’re easy to use, too.

Many of them have a beep function that lets you know that the reading is done and has been recorded.

With this function, you don’t need to think about how long you’ve been measuring or if you need to take it out.

These thermometers don’t also need to be shaken down unlike mercury types, which need shaking down at night. Digital thermometers are also safer against dropping. They’re not prone to breaking versus glass type models are.
Bottom line – You must look for one that has a beep function, which indicates a finished reading. It helps especially if you have a tendency to get back to sleep before stepping out of your bed.

What consumers are saying

One of the most important aspects of choosing a BBT thermometer is what the customers are saying.

With reviews, you will have a better idea as to whether a thermometer is good or bad. From these feedbacks from existing users, you will be able to make a better decision later.

However, make sure that you focus on reading the actual reviews and find out what cons these customers find in a product.

Price alone isn’t enough

Some people think that the more option is always the better choice or a more affordable one is a bad choice for poor quality.

However, the price is not the only determining factor in choosing a specific thermometer for monitoring ovulation and tracking the perfect timings for intercourse with high chance of conception.

The good thing is that BBT thermometers are not expensive. You’ll be able to get a quality one without spending too much. If you’re buying a thermometer with basic features, you can also spend less.

Besides, what’s important is that the device must be able to measure to the closest 0.1 of a degree accurately.

Internal tracking

There are also thermometers with an internal tracking feature, which can be valuable if you want an auto charting of your temperature daily.

However, types with an internal tracking feature can be expensive than those without. Even so, it can be a valuable feature that you might want for your BBT thermometer.

Also, you might want that one that offers a memory recall when buying the best basal body temperature thermometer. It works smartly that you don’t need to record your temperature. All you have to do is to turn it back on to see the last temperature you have obtained.

On the other hand, it might help to buy one that has sample charts included or one to track BBT on an internal computer. You might consider it depending on how compatible you are with charting.

Consider these things when weighing your options for the best results. Definitely, reading reviews, comparing features and prices and other factors can help you pick the right BBT thermometer that works for you.

Final Thoughts

best basal body temperature thermometer
A smiling baby girl looking up as her mother is taking her temperature

It’s easy to find a place where to buy basal thermometer, but the issue is how to pick one with useful features, including memory recall and beep function as well as sample BBT charts. Take time to do your homework, compare your options, and figure out which BBT thermometer will serve its purpose well enough.

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