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7 Ways To Prepare an Only Child For a Baby

Do you have a young child that struggles with change? As someone who is raising a sensitive boy, I get you. My only child, Fitzgerald, is definitely one of those kids who likes a routine, and he likes things to stay the S A M E. Right now, the question at the top of my…

Positive Affirmations For Women On Pregnancy, Labor, And Newborn Care

Positive affirmations are statements, phrases, or mantras that you use to affirm/declare something to be true. They can help you ease anxiety and stress during pregnancy, childbirth, and when facing the challenges of taking care of a new baby. While affirmations cannot change the outcome of your pregnancy, when used well, positive affirmations can be…

The Best Burp Cloths for New Moms in 2020

Motherhood is a messy business and burping your baby requires something to catch all that spit-up and drool. Unless you want to spend the day changing and laundering clothes? Yeah, me either. Having these blessings saved me at home and out in public. So I’ve created this list of the best burp cloths for new…