ECZEMA: How to STOP Flare-Ups in 5 Steps

Eczema flare ups are stubborn. You have tried it all; the steroid creams, all clear and ‘natural’ shampoos and soaps, changing out my laundry detergent, even CLEANING THE WASHING MACHINE with special cleaning of the drum.


BOTH my kids have eczema. So it was non-stop itching & scratching in our house. And it always returned. Did not take a long time for the bleeding to start! We tried the steroids, creams, changing the sheets and washing daily, bath times where twice a week and I was just about to start a bleach bath when I cleared my brain and started from the beginning…..

It all starts in the gut.

When we eat greasy, fatty foods our bodies take a lot of time to cleanse, filter and absorb what we eat and when that food is not clean, healthy, and colorful-it shows up on our skin!

Being that skin is the LARGEST organ of our body, it takes A LOT for all the bad gunk to exit. And guess where all that bad gunk exits? OUR SKIN!

That’s why we have constipation, diarrhea (sorry for the terms but it true) and all that in between. 

So by eating the colorful, healthy, whole nutrition, our bodies have a better time processing, filtering, and absorbing the foods or nutrients. 

But first-What is eczema??

Eczema by definition means: An itchy inflammation of the skin. 

The main symptom is a rash that typically appears on the arms and behind the knees, but can also appear anywhere.

I also learned myself that if one parent or both parents have a history of asthma-in our case both of us do-you are more likely to have it.

Knowing which one you have, will in result, help you understand how to relieve and or reduce the flare ups.

There are several types of eczema:

Contact dermatitis-Contact dermatitis is a rash that crops up on your skin when you touch or have a reaction to a certain substance. It’s red, itchy, and uncomfortable, but it’s not life-threatening.

Dyshitrotic eczema-This common skin disease has many names including dyshidrosis, dyshidrosis eczema, or pemphigus. Similar to dermatitis, it causes red and itchy blisters principally on the hands and/or feet.

Nummular eczema-Nummular dermatitis, also known as nummular eczema, is a condition that causes itchy, red oval- or coin-shaped lesions to form on the skin, usually on the legs, arms, feet, hands and torso.

Stasis dermatitis-skin irritation surrounding the ankles from poor circulation in the lower legs, or other medical conditions which can have poor circulation.

Atopic dermatitis-this is the most common type of eczema, a skin condition that makes you itch and leaves red blotches, usually on your face, arms, and legs. While it happens most often in children, it also affects an estimated 18 million adults. The rashes tend to flare and go away, but then come back again.

So here is what YOU can do to reduce those eczema flare ups!

Stay hydrated!

Drinking water is a great way to clear out the toxins! Keeping the skin healthy and supple will reduce the need for toxins to exit through the skin, which in turn, makes you itch.

Limit or remove dairy

Some people claim it helps, some say it doesn’t. But it worked for us! Limiting and/or completely removing it from the diet helped improved the number of flare ups, which in turn assisted in the healing and reoccurring of itchiness with eczema.

We also changed out our milk products with products which aided in the consumption of the lactose in dairy because well, toddlers!

Limit those highly processed sugary foods or use of condiments

OMG! I know-don’t feed your kid sugary foods-its an easy one. However, toddlers can be challenging when it comes to sweets and snacks. Examples of the not so good stuff can be: fruit snacks, candy, pop tarts, sugary cereals, & juices (you can water these down). Check out some snacks for those picker eaters!

Limit high acidic foods

Acidic foods vs. alkaline foods

Balance that with more alkaline foods like broccoli, celery or green beans. Check out the chart!

Probiotics are a great addition for the gut!

Using a probiotic was like finding the secret sauce for the best tasting burger! Eczema is an immune system reaction so finding a probiotic can very much help! They can help by providing what is missing for healthy digestion to your gut. Because lets, face it, we all all not perfect eaters and these probiotics help with that. Other treatments in conjunction with probiotics can provide the BEST benefits for your eczema flare ups.

Where do you start when looking for a probiotic you ask? Rebecca Bonneteau N.D is a expert in this area and it is also where I found a wealth of information.

So by putting these tips in practice, it helped us determine what and how we could deal with a flare-up and or stop it from happening altogether! AND YOU CAN TOO when you have these 5 step by step tips for reducing your eczema flare-ups.

For more information on how to live the life you love visit me at The Jeeper Mom.

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