Dinosaur Costume

This video (at the bottom of the post) had me in tears laughing!! If you want to do this at home, here are the best dinosaur costumes I found online!

The dinosaur costume in the video costs over $2,500 – a bit pricey – so choose one below that will do the job just as well for a fraction of the price!

Just imagine your kids or your dog when you pull this prank on them! If you do, take a video, and share it with me!

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Dinosaur Costume #1

Aarrrhhh I’m going to tickle your belly with my little fingers!

Dinosaur Costume #2

I’ll catch you with my little arms!

Dinosaur Costume #3

Watch out! I’m going to squish you with my fluffy body!

Dinosaur Costume #4

Arrrrhhhhh! Don’t mind the little face poking out of my neck!

Dinosaur Costume #5

Scary? Or just very awkward? I’d run for fun! Imagine wearing this while doing a 5K.

Dinosaur Costume #6

Let’s go dino!

Dinosaur Costume #7

Please, someone wear this while running a marathon! And film it πŸ™‚

Dinosaur Costume #8

Almost life like – this one could do the trick!

Not Dinosaur Costume – but just as scary

Yeah, I’d run! Or start braiding.

Lion Costume

Imagine your dog running down the street with this – how many people will you give a fright?

Baby Lion Costume

This is sooooo cute!!

Zombie Costume

People would run if they saw this chasing them!

Zombie Costume #2

Another scary one for your closet and prank days πŸ™‚

See the funny video here.

Thank you to @youbtube!!

Just imagine a herd of these running down the street!

Enjoy – go have fun and laugh!

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