Top 10 Christmas Crafts

We love crafting in our home around holidays! It is always a good opportunity to sit down with kids and think about some fun crafts we could make. Christmas crafts are must-do around here! For sure, crafting around Christmas is an amazing way to connect with family.

Pick out a few of the basic crafting supplies for Christmas crafts like:

  • Construction paper
  • Origami paper
  • Scissors
  • Paint
  • Markers
  • Glue stick
  • Printer

Make sure to check an exact list of needed supplies when you choose one of these fun Christmas crafts!

christmas crafts

Christmas Craft Angel Ornaments

  • One of the classic and always favorite themes for Christmas crafting are angels. We love how even the youngest can assist in making lovely paper angel ornaments! This Christmas craft is perfect for siblings in different age groups and it is also one of the holiday projects featured in Easy Paper Projects book. They would look adorable next our traditional orange slices (find out how to dry orange slices today!).
  • Paper toys are a great way to entertain kids on the budget! You will need a printer to print a free template for paper Santa puppets Let kids cut them out and you can assist in assembling them. They will love inventing their stories with new puppets! You can also print full set of Christmas themed puppets for them.
  • As a part of the tradition around Christmas, we usually read stories about baby Jesus. As a way to engage kids to remember, we love the use of nativity story stones. It’s an easy project to make them and it will keep your children occupied for quite some time.
  • Next idea we are sharing here is for a simple to make Christmas Santa desk tidy. It would make a perfect homemade Christmas gift children can make for their teachers and classmates!
  • It’s a tradition in our home to make all sorts of homemade cards! Christmas cards are no exception! We found amazing looking Christmas tree pop-up cards and plan to make one for each of our family members!
christmas crafts tree-ornaments-kids

Christmas Craft PipeCleaner Ornaments

  • We can’t skip homemade Christmas ornaments! Pipecleaner Christmas tree ornaments are quick to make and as a bonus, kids get to work on their fine motor skills as they make them. 
  • When the age gap between your children is bigger, it’s a good thing to have a craft at hand which can be fun for all of them, regardless of age. Since tearing paper is fun for all kids, they will love making torn paper Christmas wreath!
  • Paper plate crafts are always popular with kids! Invite them to make their own paper plate Santa Claus with very basic crafting supplies.
  • Explore science around Christmas with a variety of scientific experiments provided through free to download e-book. Another way to add magic to Christmas holidays!
  • If you are looking for an easy gift kids can make for under the Christmas tree, we suggest bath bombs! Awesomely scented gift everyone will be happy to receive!

We are curious to know which of listed Christmas crafts you like the most? We love how all of these crafts are easy and inexpensive to make. Use crafting time with kids as a bonding opportunity!

And, if you liked these crafts, you will love a new book by our friend Maggy from Red Ted Art named Easy Paper Projects. She included simple crafts for all seasons and holidays to make sure you are inspired for year round crafting with your family members!

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