Coconut Bulletproof Latte: You’ll Go Nuts for this Easy Bulletproof Coffee!

This delicious coconut bulletproof latte recipe yields a rich and creamy treat without any sugar! A sprinkle of cinnamon is all you need to make this frothy drink extra tasty!

bulletproof latte with cinnamon served in white teacup on white marble table

When was the last time you needed to rush out of the door in the morning with no time for breakfast, and barely time for coffee?

If you are like most moms (and students, professionals, and go-getters of all stripes), this is probably a frequent occurrence.

The nice thing about bulletproof coffee is that is provides enough nourishment to hold you over and keep you satisfied until lunch, or whenever you can take the time to eat.

What is bulletproof coffee?

If you’re not familiar with it already, bulletproof coffee is simply coffee blended with fat. This recipe uses coconut oil, which is not uncommon, and other popular fats for this drink include MCT oil, butter, or ghee.

MCT oil is a shorter way of writing medium-chain triglycerides. When you buy MCT oil from the store, it generally comes from coconut oil and/or palm oil.

MCTs are easier to digest than longer chain triglycerides more commonly found in many foods. Your body can directly convert them into energy without breaking them down and storing them as body fat.

For this reason, many people who do intermittent fasting and/or follow a ketogenic diet like bulletproof coffee. They can get the caffeine and fat they want to start their day without bringing their body out of ketosis (as long as they don’t add sugar!).

The fat in bulletproof coffee also slows down your body’s absorption of caffeine, which can benefit those who get shaky from drinking coffee.

In comparison, a bulletproof latte simply includes milk in addition to the coffee and fat. I’m using the term latte loosely here, as my recipe uses drip coffee, but feel free to use espresso, instant coffee, or whatever you have handy. No espresso machine needed!

Can I put Ghee in coffee?

Yes, many people enjoy ghee, or clarified butter, in their coffee and/or tea. For this reason, another name for bulletproof coffee is butter coffee or fatty coffee (or sometimes keto coffee).

Grass-fed ghee is a good option as it is shelf-stable and does not need to be refrigerated, much like coconut oil.

Is bulletproof coffee vegan?

This recipe is vegan since we are only using coconut oil and coconut milk with our coffee. However, if you follow a vegan diet, you will want to avoid bulletproof coffee made with collagen, butter, or ghee.

bulletproof latte ready to blend

Is bulletproof coffee, or bpc, keto?

Yes, it is!

Many people who follow paleo, keto, and low-carb diets enjoy bulletproof coffee.

In addition, as long as you choose non-dairy fats (and non-dairy milks, if you are making a bulletproof latte) that don’t have off-limits additives, bulletproof coffee can be part of a Whole-30 diet as well.

Whole-30 does not allow for any dairy or sugar (so no butter or dairy milk). Other things to avoid include carrageenan and soy lecithin (often found in almond milk), as well as dextrose (often found in collagen).

Can I make bulletproof coffee with collagen?

Yes, many people enjoy the benefits of adding collagen peptides to their bulletproof coffee.

However, one thing to note is that most collagen supplements you can find come from either cows or fish, so if you are following a vegetarian or vegan diet, make sure to skip this ingredient.

coffee, coconut oil, coconut milk, and blender on white marble table

Ingredients Needed for this Coconut Bulletproof Latte

Before you begin, you will need:

  • 8 ounces of hot brewed coffee
  • 3 ounces of coconut milk
  • 1 Tbsp coconut oil
  • Cinnamon, to garnish (optional)
  • A blender
coconut oil in golden measuring spoon on white marble table

How to make a bulletproof latte with coconut oil

  1. To begin, brew your coffee as you normally would. Drip coffee, espresso, instant coffee, and decaf will all work just fine. Set aside 1 8 ounce cup for this recipe, and pour that cup into a blender.
  2. After that, measure out about 3 ounces or so of coconut milk. This is what makes it a latte, so add more for an extra creamy version, or less for a stronger kick. Add the coconut milk to the blender as well.
  3. Next, scoop out 1 Tbsp of coconut oil and add that to the blender. Since the coffee is hot, there is no need to melt it first.
  4. Finally, blend all the ingredients together for about 20-30 seconds, or until it looks frothy and rich. Serve immediately and enjoy!
bulletproof latte served in white mug on white marble table

Variations on this Bulletproof Latte Recipe

People make bulletproof coffee and bulletproof lattes all different ways, so feel free to play around and adapt this recipe to your tastes.

Bulletproof Decaf Coffee

Same as above, just use decaffeinated coffee instead of regular.

Bulletproof mocha

Depending on how chocolatey you’d like it, try adding between 1 -2 tsp of unsweetened cocoa powder to start, and then adjust according to your tastes.

Bulletproof instant coffee

Make your instant coffee like normally, then blend in the fat as above.

Bulletproof Vanilla Latte

Add about 1/2 tsp of vanilla extract to the above recipe. As an alternative, try unsweetened vanilla almond milk if you don’t want the coconut flavor to be as strong.

Adding a sprinkle of salt

Don’t turn your nose up just yet! Surprisingly, while we typically think about counteracting the bitter taste of coffee with sugar, using a little salt instead is actually more effective at neutralizing bitterness. You can learn more here.

In addition, many people choose to add sea salt or Himalayan pink salt to their beverages to provide electrolytes and aid in hydration, as well as improving the pH balance in our bodies.

Since these unprocessed (or less processed) salts can make beverages more alkaline, they can also lessen the effects of heartburn, acid reflux, and or GERD from drinking coffee that is too acidic. You can read more here.

You can read more about homemade electrolyte drinks here, including a Himalayan salt infused water called sole.

For more info specifically regarding the health benefits of pink Himalayan salt, check out this article next.

In Conclusion

If you’ve never tried bulletproof coffee, putting fat in your coffee may sound strange.

However, I hope the next time you know you have a hectic morning upcoming, you’ll give it a try. You may love it! (Especially with coconut and cinnamon!)

Before you go . . .

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I hope you enjoy this coconut bulletproof latte recipe!

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