15 Best Grab-and-Go Keto Snacks For Your Kids

15 Best Grab-and-Go Keto Snacks for your Kids

Are you trying to get your kids to eat Keto with you? But your family is always on-the-go which makes eating at home next to impossible. Don’t worry! I have some of the best grab-and-go Keto snacks for you and your kids to try.

Is it okay for kids to eat keto?

As a teacher, I see more and more kids being diagnosed with obesity, ADHD, epilepsy, Autism, mood disorders, etc. Now I am not a doctor, but the common factor seems to be their diet. Our kids are constantly fed this grab-and-go American diet that is full of sugar and unhealthy fats.

There have been many studies that show the Keto diet can have a significant impacts on kids’ health. To the point of actually correcting ADHD and childhood obesity. Check out The Magic Pill on Netflix or this article  from Diet Doctor with several testimonies from parents to learn about how the Keto diet can help.

Maria Emmerich, a Keto nutritionist, has many clients who believe Keto has helped their child overcome health issues. Check out those stories and the benefits of Keto for children in her article, Keto Kids.

How many carbs does a child need per day?

I’ve done a lot of research on this and have discovered that children need a lot of protein because of their growth rate. The best advice I can give is to focus your child’s 3 meals on protein, then on healthy fat, and then on carb intake.

If a child is full on protein and healthy fat, they aren’t going to be hungry for any carbs. So bottom line, don’t worry about their carb intake if they are eating high amounts of healthy fat and protein.

What are some Keto snacks for kids?

It’s recommended that kids eat 3 meals a day and not snack all day. But when you’re on the go and you need to take “meals” with you, try out these kid friendly, grab-and-go snacks!

  1. Maria Emmerich’s Fruit Snacks

Image credit: Maria Emmerich

I make these for myself as a way to get extra protein into my diet. I highly recommend getting Everly just to make “juice” for your kiddos. You’ll also need unflavored gelatin to make these yummy grab-and-go fruities!

2. Cheese Sticks

Image credit: Horizon Organic

Super easy! Buy it at the store, grab-and-go!

3. “Cheez-its

Image credit: janel-insta

This easy snack could easily be made on a weeknight or over the weekend! Your kids could even do the prep work, breaking the cheese slices into squares and laying them out on the cookie sheet. 30 minutes and done!

4. Olive and cherry tomatoes

Buy a jar of olives at the store and some cherry tomatoes, bag them up, grab and go! This snack is a bit carby so make sure to take a high protein snack with this one.

5. Pepperoni Slices

Image credit: Applegate

This is a great, easy snack to buy and go. Try to buy pepperoni that does not have any nitrites or additives. Such as, Applegate Deli sliced pork pepperoni.

6. Bacon Bites

Image credit: www.becomebetty.com

Pre-cook some bacon and break it into bite sized pieces for an easy grab and go snack! Trader Joe’s uncured bacon is my favorite!

7. Chips and Guac

Image Credit: Simply So Healthy

If you’re short on time, buy some guacamole at the store and then make these quick and easy Keto tortilla chips to grab-and-go!

8. Avocado

Or just cut up some avocado and take as a snack. This healthy fat is packed with antioxidants!

9. Keto Chocolate Chip Cookies

Image credit: A Keto Teacher

Can you even call these cookies? With almonds and butter, this snack is filled with fats!

10. Celery and Almond Butter

Wash and cut up celery and place in to-go containers with some almond butter for a grab-and-go snack!

11. Garlic Cheese Biscuits

Image credit: Kirbie Cravings

These soft, cheesy biscuits melt in your mouth! If you’ve ever had Red Lobster’s cheesy biscuits, this is the ultimate Keto version. You’re kids will love these grab-and-go biscuits.

12. Turkey and Cheese Bites

Buy some deli turkey (no nitrates) and a block of cheese. Slice your turkey very thin and break it up into small pieces. Dice your cheese block into cheese cubes. Throw in a bag so that it’ll be grab-and-go snack!

13. Crackers

Image Credit: Officially Gluten Free

These crackers are delicious and so easy to make ahead of time, maybe 30 minutes. Divide these up into bags and grab-and-go! You could even add cheese or pepperoni to make it even more filling.

14. Blueberry Muffins

I turned this Keto Blueberry Bread into Blueberry muffins to make it more of a grab-and-go snack. They’re delicious even without the frosting!

15. Cheese Whisps

Image credit: Amazon

These are yummy, especially if you’re craving that crunch! You’re kids will be begging you to buys these over and over again. You can find them on Amazon or Trader Joe’s has their own brand of these.

Time to Prep for Grab-and-Go Snacks

There you have it! 15 easy grab-and-go snacks for your kiddos. Remember, Keto kids should be eating mostly protein and healthy fats!

I hope these grab-and-go snack ideas help you and your kiddos stay on track with the Keto lifestyle. I know life can be hectic and we need these easy snacks to make life simpler.

Here’s my challenge for you: choose 2-3 snacks from this list and go prep them right now! If you want more meal prepping tips, check out my post The Best 7 Tips for Keto Meal Planning.

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-Jessica @ A Keto Teacher


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  1. This is an awesome list. Most kids eat way too many carbs so even just cutting down to only having carbs with one meal would probably be a step in the right direction. Thankfully, my kids don’t really like cereal so that’s at least one battle I don’t have to have. They do like crackers though. I’ve played around with keto myself so my kids are familiar with several of these. I’m going to have to try those fruit snacks.

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