The Best Burp Cloths for New Moms in 2020

Motherhood is a messy business and burping your baby requires something to catch all that spit-up and drool. Unless you want to spend the day changing and laundering clothes? Yeah, me either. Having these blessings saved me at home and out in public. So I’ve created this list of the best burp cloths for new moms in 2020!

What is the Importance of Burping a Baby?

Burping your baby is a crucial part of ensuring their comfort and digestion after a feeding. It helps get rid of the extra air that babies swallow while eating. So it’s a very important part of parenting.

Consequently, not burping your baby after feedings will trap air bubbles in their tummies. Sadly, this causes gas and discomfort. Which typically results in a fussy and cranky baby. And frustrated and exhausted parents.

Burping your baby allows them to spit up the excess they need, in order to calm their bellies. Also, soothing their systems for sleep. Prevent frequent wardrobe changes. From those nasty, wet burps by placing a cloth over your shoulder to catch the spit-up.

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Tips for Burping a Baby

  • Place the baby in an upright position. Usually, over the shoulder.
  • Keep a burp cloth or bib between you and your clothing to act as a protective barrier.
  • While pats and rubs may burp some infants, other babies need a firmer hand.
  • Direct your attention to the left side. Because it’s where the baby’s stomach is.
  • If the baby doesn’t burp, wait for a few minutes and try again.
  • If the baby becomes fussy during mid-feeding, stop and attempt to burp them.

And if none of that works, check out thirteen more ways to get your baby to burp. The most important part is that you continue to try until you find a successful method. All babies burp differently and many make you work hard for them.

Burping cloths are one of the many essential newborn items moms appreciate. They help millions of parents stay fresh (and sane) throughout their day. Check out this fantastic collection of the best options available.

Best Muslin Burp Cloths

Muslin is a popular material for baby’s gear because it is an incredibly soft and breathable fabric. Here are the two most popular styles of muslin burping cloths.

YOOFOSS Muslin Baby Burp Cloths

Unlike their typical 88*64 density, these six-layer burp cloths are made of 108*84 pure muslin cotton. Providing excellent absorbency and guaranteeing less shrinkage.

These cloths are larger. Measuring at a stretched size is 20 by 10 inches. Providing ample shoulder coverage and protection. 

Furthermore, these eco-friendly solutions are free of dye, bleach, and other harmful chemicals. Making them suitable for your baby’s delicate skin. Even after repeated washings!

These were my favorite and go-to’s for many of motherhood’s messy moments. Their solid white color provides a clean, simple, and minimalistic appeal.

Ziggy Baby Muslin Burp Bib Set

This three-pack of 4-ply,100% cotton muslin burp cloths are contoured to use over-the-shoulder. Also, they snap together and convert to baby drool bibs! Perfect for transiting with teething.

With stylish and trendy patterns. Featuring Chevron, Cross, and Arrow unisex designs. Excellent for gender-neutral nursery themes.

Best Flannel Burp Cloths

Unlike lighter weight alternatives, flannel is a highly absorbable fabric. So you are less likely to experience a soak requiring a change of clothing. Furthermore, flannel ensures the spit-up won’t runoff. As it has been known to do with cotton.

Trend Lab Flannel Baby Burp Cloth Set

This is the Buffalo Check Woodland collection. Featuring a four-pack of 100% cotton flannel cloths.

With a carefully coordinated color palette of black, red, orange, taupe, gray, and white.

Patterns include a buffalo check print. A herringbone print. A mom and baby Moose with mountains and trees print. And a crayon winter woods print. With playful foxes, bears, raccoons, and trees.

These Trend Lab flannel burping cloths are generously oversized (11.5 in x 20 in) and absorbent. Additionally, they are available in six different patterns and color schemes. Prints including Bears, Jungle, Pink Floral, Out of This World, and Unicorns and Flowers.

Hudson Baby Unisex Baby Cotton Flannel Burp Cloths

Made from 100% flannel cotton. These multi-layered fabrics absorb drool, spit-up, and spills. And are gentle on baby’s skin.

Each four-pack comes with three patterned and one solid color burp cloth. Creating an adorable matching set!

The Hudson Baby collection features 35+ different colors and patterns. With an impressive selection of gender-neutral prints. Additionally, there are a few selections available in packages of eight.

Other prints include Airplanes, Black & Pink Floral, Aztec Owls, Linocut Woodland, Peacock, Whales, and much more. Personally, I love the Gray Clouds unisex collection. And find the cloud to be pleasantly happy.

Best Organic Burp Cloths

Organic burp cloths are made from, raised or grown, in compliance with organic agricultural standards. This avoids using harsh and harmful chemicals in the manufacturing process.

Hanna Andersson Moon and Back Baby Burp Cloths

A five-pack of reversible, organic cotton burping cloths. These are incredibly soft and made with a hand-me-down lasting quality.

Certified free from over 100 harmful chemicals by Oeko-Tex Standard 100. These burp cloths have been prewashed for added softness and minimal shrinkage.

Burt’s Bees Baby Organic Cotton Cloths

A five-Pack of extra absorbent 100% organic cotton cloths. With a unisex heather grey pattern.

Stylish and practical. These breathable cotton cloths are ideal for sensitive skin.

Featuring a tri-fold design that gives you 3 layers of over-the-shoulder protection. Thicker, more absorbent 2-ply construction. Ideal for burping babies. As well as, spills, drool, and messes in between!

Best Terry Burp Cloths

Terry cloth is commonly used for towels, robes, headbands, and burp cloths. It’s an extremely absorbent material. Additionally, these are machine washable and long-lasting. Despite repeated washing.

Green Sprouts Stay-Dry Baby Burp Pads

Ultimate protection from drooling and spit-up. They’re absorbent on the outside, front and back. And waterproof on the inside.

Soft and absorbent terry. Featuring two color pallette options and an all-white package.

I love green sprouts! Their company focuses on safety and using natural materials. Always striving to use materials that are renewable, recycled, or recyclable for their baby products.

Earth’s Basics Organic Cotton, Reverse Terry Cloth Burp Pads

Made with 100% cotton with a reverse cotton terry cloth back. A three-layer design that allows for multiple reuses without the concerns of shrinking.

Unisex four-pack assorted design. Featuring teal and grey patterns. Perfectly sized to sling over your shoulder and burp baby wherever you go.

Best Bamboo Burp Cloths

Another eco-friendly option for mothers is bamboo. Organic sustainable bamboo is the new standard in softness. Furthermore, bamboo can take in three times more water than its weight.

Making it extremely absorbent. In fact, bamboo is 40% more absorbent than cotton, muslin, and other fabrics. With a similar softness to silk. Here are two of the softest and most absorbent bamboo options. Both bearing incredible reviews.

Channing & Yates Premium Certified Organic Bamboo Burp Cloths

Boutique quality baby burping cloths. Beautiful, soft, and super absorbent. Two times thicker than their alternatives.

Absorbs 60% more than cotton or muslin and dries fastly. Bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic. Making it perfect for babies and parents with sensitive skin.

These healthy, organic bamboo burp pads are ideal for newborns, infants, and kids with sensitive skin. Including eczema, baby acne, and cradle cap.

Brooklyn Bamboo Baby Burp Cloths

Assorted pack of three. Large coverage, extremely soft, organic bamboo. Naturally, 100% hypoallergenic.

Zero chemicals are added. Increasing softness in the manufacturing process.

Brooklyn Bamboo burp pads are environmentally friendly. Composed of 100% organic bamboo fibers. Materials that are sustainably grown and harvested. While supporting a long-term ecological balance.

Best Patterned Burp Cloths

Who doesn’t love fun prints and colorful patterns? One of the best things about baby gear is all the playful fashion. While pattern beauty rests in the eyes of the beholder, here are a few of my favorite patterned burp cloths for new moms!

ShoppeWatch Muslin Baby Burping Bibs

A five-Pack of 100% organic muslin cotton. Gender-neutral designs. Generously large, six-layers thickness for super absorbency.

Curved design for full coverage during burping sessions. Prewashed to reduce shrinking.

Copper Pearl Premium Absorbent Triple Layer 3 Pack Gift Set “Noah”

These are so adorable! Made from 100% ultra-soft cotton layers on the front, (patterned). And the back, (plain white). The fleece layer, (middle) provides superior absorbency.

A larger size, (21×10 inch) ensuring optimal shoulder coverage for parents. 

Copper Pearl has dozens of adorable patterned burp cloths for newborns. Including their Autumn, Baja, Olive, Chip Set, Enchanted, Varsity, and Scarlet sets.

Cambria Baby Organic Cotton Premium Burp Cloths

Composed of two outer layers of organic cotton. Also, an absorbent inner layer of polyester fleece.

A beautiful six-pack of super absorbent burp cloths. Featured in gender-neutral colors and patterns.

These burp cloths are GOTS Certified organic. Ensuring the organic cotton is meticulously farmed and properly manufactured. Achieving the highest level of environmental and social responsibility obtainable. Meaning they’re free of harmful pesticides and chemicals. So they are safe and gentle enough for baby’s sensitive skin.

Best Baby Girl Burp Cloths

Shopping for newborn baby girls can be a beautiful experience. All of the beautiful pinks and purples speak to the unicorn in my soul! Here are a few of the prettiest baby girl burp cloths.

GERBER Baby Girls’ 8-Pack Flannel Burp Cloth

This assorted pack of eight has adorable prints and colors. Making feeding time fun and fashionable! 

The flannel fabric is soft and super absorbent. Perfect for your baby’s skin. Look at the sweet moon and clouds.

BaeBae Goods Soft and Absorbent Burp Towels

Set of six, super-soft cotton burp towels. Larger size for generous coverage, (21″x10″) and thicker absorbency.

Beautiful quality at an affordable price. Durable and machine washable.

Southern Charm Baby Girl Burp Cloth Set of 5

Five stylishly functional burp towels for baby girls. Look at the adorable patterns and presentation!

This purchase arrives tastefully wrapped in tissue paper. Also, it’s tied with a beautiful, pink ribbon. Making this gift as much fun to give as it is to receive.

Best Baby Boy Burp Cloths

Baby boy burp cloths are just as fun to shop for. Imagine trucks, animals, and woodman prints. Arrows and clouds are in style. Additionally, think way more than blue. Alternately, yellows, mint green, and greys are in. Here are a few of our favorite finds for boys!

GERBER Baby Boys’ 8-Pack Flannel Burp Cloth

Includes eight fashionably assorted burp cloths. Made with soft cotton flannel.

Comfortable and very absorbent. Perfect for spit-up, excessive drooling with teething, and spills.

BaeBae Goods Soft and Absorbent Burp Towels

Set of six adorably printed burp cloths. Incredibly soft and absorbent.

Featuring a generously larger size, (21″x10″) for optimal over the shoulder coverage.

Snuggle Stuffs Baby 5 Pack Minky Dot Burp Cloths

Set of 5 fantastically soft and incredibly absorbent Minky burp cloths.

These soft and fluffy burp cloths are available in five different color coordinations.

Best Gender-Neutral/Unisex Burp Cloths

The year is 2020 and gender-neutral is trending! It’s never been more popular to embrace non-gendered baby gear and nursery items.

Unisex Soft Absorbent Baby Burping Rags

Made from 100% organic cotton. A very soft and breathable fabric. Providing superior absorbency.

Also, contoured shape to provide ample, over the shoulder coverage. Featuring six unique and unisex designs.

Bubby Care Unisex Large Size Baby Burp Cloths

A six-pack of premium quality, 100% organic cotton burp cloths. Breathable cotton with no synthetic fibers.

Beautiful, natural, and neutral tones. Ideal for gender-neutral or minimalistic nurseries.

Elka & Finch Baby Burp Cloths

Package of three. Extra-large, (16 x 22 in) thick and absorbent terry cloth and cotton jersey burping towels. Available in adorable unisex prints

Featuring a role and clip design that compacts the cloth down into an easy to store cylinder. This ensures the cloth will remain germ-free between uses.

So, this concludes this year’s list of the best burp cloths for new moms. Personally, I’m a bamboo loving mama! They have incredible absorption and are most sustainable for the Earth.

Which style do you like the best? Please discuss in the comments below. Also, thank you for sharing.

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