Benefits of Paleo Diet in 2021 + Paleo Diet Food List

The many benefits of the Paleo Diet have been thoroughly researched and proven in numerous academic and scientific journals. It is simply amazing how just changing what we eat can cause such dramatic changes in the quality of our time.

The Paleo diet is also known as the Stone Age diet, the hunter-gathering diet, and the caveman diet. Therefore, Paleo for short, the modern diet is an attempt to mimic our ancestor-s diet for optimum health.

benefits of paleo diet

Who created the paleo diet?

The Paleo diet was first popularized by gastroenterologist Walter L. Voegtlin in the 1970s. Our modern diets are full of preservatives, processed sugars, and fried foods. This modern health crisis has to a renewed interest in Voegtlin’s tested approach to a healthy lifestyle.

Benefits of Paleo Diet

  • Weight Loss – Although, the Paleo Diet is not designed for weight loss, people inherently lose weight by adopting it. This is because the foods of this diet are mainly fat burning foods. In fact, the diet allows you to eat large amount of delicious food while still restricting calories. Therefore, is lean and fit body.
  • Disease Fighting – The Paleo Diet has been proven to help prevent diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, cancer, heart disease and strokes.
  • Aids Digestion – Digestive problems such as irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease and indigestion can all be asoided with the Paleo diet.
  • Fights acne – The Paleo Diet restrict the foods that cause acne. Pimples are formed when sebum is overproduced or obstructed, causing the sebaceous glands to enlarge.Foods in the Paleo diet restrict insulin spikes that cause a sebum boost. The result is youcan expect smoother and more attractive skin.
  • Feel Great – The Paleo diet not only helps you become healthier and look younger, additionally also makes you feel better. Paleo supporters swear by this diet because it makes them “feels” right. The only way to experience this energy and confidence is to try it for yourself.

Paleo Diet Basics

Many people assume that the Paleo Diet is complicated and difficult to follow. The fact is that it is really quite simple. Just eat real foods. As a guideline, try to consume 56–65% of your calories from animals and 36–45% from plant-based foods. You should keep your proteins high at 19-35%, carbohydrates at 22-40%, and fat at 28-58%.

Although, I know how to follow all the instructions on the Paleo Diet now, on the beginning, when I was just starting to learn all the basics, I used to mix it with the Keto diet. If you just starting to learn about these diets, you can read more here about the Paleo vs Keto Diet.

Foods to Avoid or Even Eliminate Altogether

The main foods you should avoid or eliminate are processed foods! These are the largest source of toxicity and malnutrition. Grains used for sandwich bread, cereals, and pasta are not part of the Benefits of Paleo Diet. Moreover, the processed fats and vegetable seed oils used in processed foods are counterproductive to our health. Legumes, especially soy, should also be banished from your diet. Therefore is absolutely no room for refined sugars and processed foods in the Paleo diet plan.

When I started following the Paleo Diet, I realized how important is also for kids to have the healthiest, homemade choices. Especially, snacks can be pretty unhealthy. If you struggle to find the perfect ideas you can read more on Paleo Snacks for Kids.

Paleo Diet Food List

benefits of paleo food
Benefits of Paleo Food
Benefits of Paleo Food

Tips for a Paleo Lifestyle

It is really unfortunate that the cheapest and most convenient foods available are usually the least nutritious. Our busy lifestyles have led to our children being raised on a diet of unhealthy processed and fast foods. Popular culture has even made eating healthy foods a rather odd concept. And even after knowing the benefits of Paleo diet, many people never try it simply because they think it is too inconvenient and difficult.

If you strive to live a long, healthy, and fulfilling life, it is well worth making a few small changes. While it may not be as easy as stopping at the nearest drive-through, maintaining a Paleo lifestyle is nonetheless achievable with these few tips.

Be Organized

You always have to be organized, prepared and your meals planed. The challenge is to have Paleo foods stocked up at home. Therefore, you are more likely to eat healthier if these foods are readily available at home.

Rethink How You Shop

Look for the best farmers’ markets and grocery stores near you. Prepare a list of items you plan to buy before going to the grocery. Avoid the aisles that are filled with processed foods. This is difficult at first, but you will get used to it after about a month and you will no longer want to visit the sugar aisles.

Clean Up Your Pantry

Get rid of all the unhealthy cereals, pasta, and processed foods in your pantry and replace them with foods that are much more satisfying, fresher, and healthier.

Learn to Cook

There are so many delicious foods to eat in a Paleo Diet that you will never become bored. The best way to take advantage of this is to learn how to cook. By combining all the diverse flavors nature has to offer, there is an endless number of tasty dishes you can whip up to excite your taste buds.

Dress Up Your Food

Although most of the condiments available on the store shelves are filled with unhealthy
preservatives, you can still enhance the flavor of your foods by making your own condiments. Ketchup, mustard, salad dressings, and sauces of some of the delicious dressings that can be made at home quickly and easily.

Exercise Regularly

Just changing your eating habits to a Paleo Diet will help you to lose weight naturally. By adding
exercise to the mix, you will be amazed at how quickly you achieve your weight loss goals. Your true, toned physique will reveal itself as you start shedding the pounds. You will even notice yourself feeling more energetic than before. Other benefits include feeling stronger, mentally sharper, and
feeling younger.

Join Support Groups

Look for chat groups and forums where people on the Paleo Diet meet. Join a gym where the Paleo
Diet is the recommended choice. It is always nice to exchange ideas and advice on the best Paleo recipes because like that, you can stay easily true on your diet. By joining an online community or in-person will motivate you to learn about how the other members’ lives have improved just by keeping true to the Paleo lifestyle.


Now, that you know more about all this basics and benefits of paleo diet, you are ready to dive in on some delicious recipes that you can transform into your Paleo Diet. My experience with the Paleo Diet is just simply amazing. It changed my life. Literally.

I feel healthier, happier and sexier. 😊 And I know if you choose to follow these steps, your life will change drastically too.

You’re welcome, to write down your thoughts and experience about these informations of Paleo Diet.

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