22 Awesome Inspirations for Baby Girl Nursery Themes

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22 Awesome Inspirations for unique Baby Girl Nursery Themes

The birth of a baby girl heralds a new chapter for you and your family. It is an exciting time for everyone, but more so for the parents. The first thing that comes to mind is how to provide a warm, cozy welcome for the baby girl. One way of doing this is by using inspiring baby girl nursery themes. In thinking of a suitable environment for the newborn, you need to consider three key factors. The environment needs to be comfortable, safe and visually stimulating to enhance the development of your bundle of joy.


Baby Girl Bedroom Ideas

There are many themes for a girl’s nursery. These range from girl colors, to soft yellows and pinks and even gender-neutral ones. Others include floral designs, tropic, minimalist, ballerina, space, woodland, monochrome and natural designs. Most of these ideas are simple but adorable, and you can actually DIY.

1. Ideas Based on White and Pink

Ladies love pink, right? It is undeniable that your baby girl will also fall in love with this color. You can use the diverse pink shades to enliven the baby nursery decor. Align this with white to create a nice balance. For even more diversity, you can include some pieces of nursery wall art done in black and white. This fits very well in a room whose main theme is pink. Alternatively,
use gray art pieces to create the perfect balance. Beside the crib, you can add some nice nursery furniture like a sofa for you to lounge on when you would like to be with the baby.

2. unique Themes Based on Royalty

Your baby girl is a princess in her own right. You should treat her like royalty by choosing colors and artwork that show her status. Her room is her castle. Accentuate this by using royal colors for most of the nursery wall art. Ornamental pieces such as the crown can go far to enhance the theme of royalty. The nursery furniture can feature white colors, while other items can be done in gray, pink or gold.

3. Baby Girl Nursery Themes Inspired by Gray

You can enhance the baby nursery decor by highlighting it in gray colors. Gray adds warmth and sophistication to any room, but more especially a girl’s room. Create beautiful nursery wall art to complement the gray. Alternatively, use floral drapes to add a touch of femininity.


4. Themes Inspired by Carnival

You can change your sweet girl’s nursery into a lively carnival-inspired room. Add nursery wall art featuring hot air balloons, vibrant multi-colored stripes, and bold patterns to achieve this effect.

5. Baby Girl Nursery Themes inspired by Safari Animals

Safari animal decorations will provide a great inspiration for your daughter. You can make a layout of the whimsical animals depending on the dimensions of her room. Place the various animals strategically for maximum effect. For example, you can have the giraffe towering over the bookshelf, the tiger pounced above the window and the monkey hanging from the branch of a tree at the corner. Use a strong tape to stick the animals, lest they come loose after some time.

Elephant dolls are a must-have if you want your baby to grow under the inspiration of the biggest mammal on land. Fine images of the elephant can be done on the walls. You can use different colors to show a level of creativity.

6. baby girl bedroom Ideas Based on Sea Vessels

When you add a nautical theme to your baby’s room, it will appear girly, airy, and very enjoyable. Your girl will enjoy unleashing her creativity as she cruises around the room. What’s more, the room will be more comfortable for her as she grows.

7. Nursery Themes Inspired by Woodland

Transform Baby’s Room into a Beautiful Cabin! You can install beautiful tongue-in-groove flooring on a chosen section of the wall to create this effect. Make it more realistic by including details like woodland animals, stuffed cactus, etc. You can opt for red, ocher and green colors to enhance the woodland charm. Consider complementing this with beautiful wallpaper featuring flora and fauna found in forests.

8. Beautiful Reading Corner for Inspiration

Although your girl may not be up to reading right away, you can still include a reading nook in the room. This will provide her with the motivation she needs, as she grows older. Don’t be surprised when she takes to reading in her teens like fish to water!

9. Baby Girl Nursery Themes Based on White

White stimulates a sense of inspiration and creativity. You can feature it on the nursery wall art, nursery furniture, etc. For an even more awesome effect, combine the white with traditional soft pink shades. The combination creates a tranquil environment for your angel.

10. Ideas Inspired by the Mediterranean

Carpets are an integral part of the baby girl nursery themes. They accentuate the perception of the space in the room. Choose vibrant colors for the carpets. This is because the baby will be closer to the floor than any other part of the room most of the time.

11. Scruffy Stylish Design

Use the Scruffy stylish Design to create a sense of warmth and friendliness in the room. As she grows, your girl will like the natural charm that the design exudes in the nursery.

12. Baby Girl Nursery Themes Inspired by Swans

Traditionally, images of owls have been used to decorate babies’ nurseries. However, more recently, swans have come to be used in baby nursery decor. You can create a graceful, peaceful feel in the nursery by using these animals.

13. Use Beautiful Stripes for Decoration

You can opt to do the nursery wall in either the easy stripes or the more sophisticated ones. Whichever you choose, the stripes give you the leeway to use a variety of color, style, and dimensions. You can also use buy blankets, pillows, and rugs that have complementary stripes.

14. Nursery Themes Based on Space Travel

You can use the baby nursery decor to inspire your young one on space travel. All you need is to get the bed linens, lighting and other
designs with the space theme. Also, you can incorporate space themed nursery wall art.

15. bedroom Ideas Based on Art and Craft

Make your baby’s room a lively place by using different art and craft patterns. Make a beautiful wall decor by incorporating patterns, scrapbook paper filler, and handcraft designs.

16. Baby Girl Themes Inspired by Nature

Nature can offer you a lot of inspiration for your baby nursery decoration. Whether it is the stars, the ocean shores or the desert, you can always borrow something from Mother Nature.

17. Baby Girl Nursery Themes Inspired by Luxury

You can design the nursery in a manner that creates a feeling of luxury. You can use lovely drapes with high-end drapes, serene lighting plus huge mirrors to create this effect.

18. Rainbow Inspired Baby Girl Nursery Themes

A rainbow creates vibrancy and warmth to the nursery. You can make your child feel special by doing the nursery wall art in rainbow colors.

19. Floral Themed Room for Baby Girl

Flower prints keep the room looking airy and alive. The flowers can be done in beautiful, water colored tones to accentuate the sense of beauty and balance in the nursery. Do not shy away from doing floral prints on the nursery furniture and other items in the room. Unlike fresh flowers, the flowers on the wallpaper are ever fresh, regardless of the season. Be creative with the colors for more inspiration to your little angel.

20. Monochrome Room for Your Baby

Create a great effect in the nursery by using plain white accents. Enhance this by making mirror frame and soap holder decorations using a gold accent. A monochromatic nursery communicates a sense of purpose and determination. These are qualities you would want your baby girl to grow with.

21. baby girl bedroom Simple Colors

Your Daughter’s Room Color is important in shaping the thinking and perception of a growing mind. Choose simple designs that incorporate a variety of colors. This will stimulate your baby to be creative. At the same time, colors will create a sense of serenity in their minds. They will grow into calm and reasonable girls in their later years.

22. Baby’s Room Inspired by Superheroes

Kids love fairy tales and superheroes. Talk of  Cinderella or Olaf in Frozen and you’ve got their attention. You can start your girl early on the kid’s favorite characters by decorating her room with them. You may create a theme based on one character or a combination of them. Be creative in this DIY project!


The comfort of the baby cannot be taken for granted. Indeed, many entities have taken a keen interest in baby girl nursery themes. Such entities include new parents, artwork companies, and design studios. The above ideas for the room of your girl should provide you with inspiration on what you can do to make the baby’s room more comfortable and lively.


I am Milica, an illustrator and surface pattern designer at kubemstudio.com, in constant search of playful forms and simplicity. I adore working with kids and I am truly happy to help you add joy to your  DIY projects and creative adventures.

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