Always Tired? Why It’s Healthy For Moms To Nap

Are you Always Tired but Feel a Tad Guilty about Taking a Power Nap?

Finally, you’ve found the right blog post to assure you that it is healthy for moms to take a nap!  If you are always tired, then this post is for you.  Free Printable Guide and Shareable Card below!

Do you feel the mom guilt as a stay at home mom when it comes to taking a nap?  Should you put on your cape and “Power Through” it?  Should you Give into that Tug to go ahead and close both eyes because you are tired of always being tired?  Alright, here are some thoughts from a Mom that has 4 kids entering into full-time school.   Real World, Real Examples of Why Napping should be Guilt Free and Embraced, oh and… how tell your body it is okay!  If you are struggling with sleep at night you will want to read 31 Best Sleep Products to Sleep Better Every Night!

Exhausted Moms Nap

Could it be that we try to convince ourselves that we don’t really need a nap?

Just sayin’ some people are in denial.  The Better Sleep Council conducted a study on that topic- Click Here.

10 Reasons Why You Should Take a Nap:

  1.  Pure Exhaustion over time causes Chronic Illness. Think of it this way:  Naps are like Vitamins for Women!
  2.  Lack of Alertness that you need in the early childhood developmental years of your children, and in the homework years too!
  3.  Work Life Balance and let’s just agree.. Mood Balance too!
  4.  Increased Energy.  Naps are a Natural Energy Boost!
  5.  Supports your Immune System.
  6.  Sets an example for your Children that there is a time to play, learn and rest.
  7.  Helps create Balance and a Schedule in your day
  8.  Culturally speaking we are behind- European & Mediterranean countries support napping.  That does not mean you need to move.  It means you need to embrace the nap!
  9.  Prevents Burn Out and allows you to have a Fresh Perspective.
  10.  Increases Emotional Resilience– that sounds key doesn’t it? 

Exhausted Moms are NO FUN!

Moms Take a Nap

Cleanly Consumed

The National Sleep Foundation (Click Here) recommends a short nap of 20-30 minutes daily.  

10 Nap Promotion Tips!

  1.  Try to nap around the same time each day to stabilize your circadian rhythms.  You know, the same rhythms you taught your newborn!
  2.  Keep it short- if needed set your alarm in another room to hold you accountable then do that.  It works for me!
  3.  Turn out the lights- tell your body it is time to rest.
  4.  Shift your thinking and decide that it is supporting your body and your family is benefiting, rather than feeling guilty or that you must defend your actions.
  5.  Sleep in a room that you find the most relaxing.
  6.  Have sleep promotion tools if you need them- diffuser, white noise, black out curtains, turn of phone ringer and a light blanket.
  7.  Take a nap with your child if it is necessary, but sleeping alone can allow for deeper rest.  Sometimes they are a tad more excited and you spend your nap time saying shhhh go to sleep.  
  8.  Schedule the time in your day.  It is an appointment!
  9.  Look at your schedule in advance and see if there are some days that will require you to get less than 8-9 hours of sleep at night.
  10.  Reward yourself for resting and acknowledge how you feel after so that you are encouraged to continue.

So rest assured that you are not just supporting you, but also your family when you take your guilt free nap!

Exhausted Moms Nap Cleanly Consumed

Click on Card Below and Print out your 10 Ways to Promote a Nap. 

Put this card in your planner!
Guilt Free Nap Cleanly Consumed

Do you have little ones? 

Here is a card to share with a friend that is always tired!  It takes a village to raise kids- take turns to support a nap.

Click Links “front and back” to Print PDF Files.  Nap Pass Front and Back

Cleanly Consumed Kellie Cutsinger

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