April 2020

Reading Culture At Home

10 Secrets To Create A Reading Culture At Home

I held my arms tightly around him, forcing his little body to stay seated against his will. I opened up the Cats and Dogs Fingertrail Playbook from Usborne, convinced it was oh-so-vital for his development…but he was not having it. Squirm. Wiggle. Yell.  Just sit still, darn it! Hope was starting to fade. Maybe this …

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Meet Jennifer

Hello Friends!  I’m Jennifer,  the face behind most of the words that you read at Contentment Questing.  I’m so glad you’re here! I started Contentment Questing in November of 2017 (On Black Friday, of all days!)  Blogging was something that had been on my mind for some time, but like most things there came a …

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Meet Liz

It all started in Rome… ITALY – 1991… For many years I worked for the United Nations in Rome. In 1991 I had my second son, Gianluca, in a clinic where babies were massaged shortly after birth. Can you imagine? My tiny bundle was less than one hour old and the nurse was instructing me to put …

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