10 Baby Boy Nursery Ideas

A little bundle of joy will soon be joining your household. What better way is there to welcome your addition than with a beautifully decorated nursery? There isn’t a nicer way, but how do you do it? What requirements does a beautiful baby boy nursery have? And most importantly, where do you start? Below are tips and ways to decorate with your Baby Boy Nursery Ideas so it is safe, friendly, and soothing to your baby.

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1.To Determine Gender or Not

With the creation of ultrasounds, many expectant parents know the sex of their baby before it is born. Are you one of them? If so, that knowledge can help you design a room specifically for your baby. If not, never fear, there are plenty of gender-neutral themes and designs to use in a nursery.

2.Neutral, Please

Even after knowing the sex of their baby, some parents choose to remain gender-neutral with the theme.

To begin decorating you can go one of two routes. Pick the wall color first and then look for matching bedding or two, pick out the bedding, and then coordinate the paint scheme. The furniture you bring into the room can also factor into the décor, as there are many options now.
Most baby furniture is made of wood that can be stained a light color, painted white, or uses its natural cherry, oak, or even pine colorings.

3.Noah’s Ark

A Noah’s Ark theme incorporates animals in its décor more so than religion. In Noah’s Ark room, the bedding, sheets, curtains, and even rugs can all carry the same motif. The Noah’s Ark theme can be used as the child grows up too since any of the stuffed animals they receive growing up will match! Install a stuffed animal net in the corner for displaying all of the creatures. Paint a window or several windows with animals poking their heads out on the wall in lieu of pictures. Add a rainbow across part of the ceiling and a dove with an olive branch to complete the theme.

4.Winnie the Pooh

This lovable old friend is perfect for anybody! Who doesn’t like a fluffy hug? Winnie the Pooh motifs have many different styles to choose from in of themselves. There are bright colors, pastel colors, color blocks, and beige designs to choose from. Paint a huge tree on one wall and make a sign that says “100 Acre Wood” so it is just like where Pooh lives. Murals or pictures of the rest of the cast along the walls add more color.

baby boy nursery ideas blue and grey

5.Stars and Moons

Many nursery rhymes involve the stars and the moon. And since the stars and moon represent bedtime, there isn’t a better place to use this theme. Little glow-in-the-dark stars can be placed on the ceiling and around the room with the sticky stuff. Make sure when placing the stars that they are not where they can fall into the bed or be pulled off and put into the mouth. If you don’t want sticky residue, paint stars on the ceiling. Be serious and follow the patterns of the constellations.
Be creative, add the planets, and give them all a happy face.

6. ABC

The alphabet will be drilled into their heads as a preschooler, but in the infant years, they can enjoy the pretty pictures of the letters coupled with animals or other objects. A letter theme can be easily carried from the bedding to the walls with wallpaper or a paintbrush. Make posters or paint large letters and spread them all around the room. Add words to the letters or leave them how they are – the baby will learn them quickly and easily from seeing them every day.


Old McDonald had a farm…EIEI…O. Every child loves the song and the images that go along with the farm. Bedding and wallpaper usually have many options depicting farm life for you to choose from. If you can’t find one you like, find the trusty paintbrush and create your own décor. One wall can be painted red to simulate a barn with open stall doors with animal heads peering over the top. If that’s too artistic for you, buy toy tractors and stuffed animals and place them around the room with farm posters.


Life is better, down where it’s wetter…is from the Little Mermaid. Your baby may love to be under the sea, so come up with a nautical room. Sea animal themes can be found in wallpaper and decorations. Use blue bedding to simulate water, regardless if you have a boy or a girl. Hang posters of animals found in the sea and buy stuffed animals to match. If you feel very creative, or have a friend who is, paint a mural along the walls of swimming fish, starfish, and underwater creatures.

baby boy nursery ideas

9. Sports

Sports themes are traditionally saved for a boy’s room. With a sports theme, one sport can be focused on or it can envelop a medley of equipment. Bedding and wallpaper can contain footballs, baseballs, and basketballs. Or you could paint an infield on the floor and only hang major league teams on the wall.


Cars are another fond passion for many a man. The love starts early, and even from the crib for some! Cars can be grouped into an automotive theme or one that uses any kind of vehicle with four tires and is cool. Posters, paintings on the wall, and wallpaper are all ways to flesh out this theme. Add a collection of hot wheel cars, placed up out of baby’s reach, which can add to the car feel. Perfect for baby boy nursery ideas.

Some of these baby boy nursery ideas also match well for a baby girl nursery. Check out Baby Girl Nursery Themes girly ideas and Things You Really Need to Do Before Baby is Born. Also check out my website, One Sweet Harmony for delicious recipes.

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